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What Your HVAC Company Should Be Posting

[HVAC] Making the Connection

There is a problem plaguing HVAC business pages on social media: they’re…so…boring…

It’s sad but true as many HVAC companies are strictly business and continuously asking for the sale.

Listen, you’re an HVAC company and a darn good one but when someone’s AC is blowing cold and they’ve jumped online after a hard day’s work, they don’t care about your sales pitch.

Asking for business is always encouraged on social media; however, there must be a balance and people want to know about what makes your company unique besides what you sell.

They want to know your why.

Why should they purchase from you?

Why are you any different from the competition?

And most importantly, why should they trust you?

Social media is all about making a connection.

This is social media after all so let’s get social.

Balance out those sales posts with some of these great ideas to add content to your social media strategy.


Post Things Happening In Your Community

One of the biggest opportunities missed by air conditioning companies is that they aren’t posting, tagging, and showcasing their community.

Customers can’t find you if they don’t know where you are and reminding them of your location can help bring more traffic to you.

A couple of ways business pages can showcase their community:

  • Post and share events being produced by other local businesses.
  • Attend events and post a picture or status with your location being shared.
  • Hashtag the name of the community you are in.
  • Create an “Area Served” section on your various online media to let customers know if they are able to be serviced.
  • Co-host events you are helping put on with other businesses and promote them on social media.

These are just a few of the many ways to communicate with your community via social media and a great way to add content to your marketing strategy for free.

Food Is Always a Crowd Pleaser

Food posts are a great way to reach and engage with your social media following.

Does your business have a secret Gordon Ramsey?

Highlight them!

People love recipes and tasty photos are almost as good as the real thing.

Even if your team aren’t the best of cooks, the Internet has so many recipes available to be shared via link or video that you can add these to your social media campaigns seamlessly.

Tips & Tricks Are a Must

Providing value to your customers and audience is not a choice.

If people don’t love what you are posting, there are so many alternatives nowadays you really won’t have a chance to capture and keep their attention from your competitors.

Every day people aren’t engulfed in the world of HVAC like the fine men and women of your air conditioning company. Show them tips & tricks that can help them save time and money and watch your following grow.

Provide enough value, and you can even slip in a few lighter calls-to-action within these types of posts. Instead of asking for a sale upfront, provide value, and leave your company as a resource in which to purchase a solution.

Industry Lingo and Terms

In the same manner that many people may be unaware of things to do or look out for regarding their air conditioning units, they also don’t know the lingo.

If you walk up to a random person on the street and asked them about the SEER rating on their HVAC unit and asked their opinion on their home’s IAQ, they’d probably give you a look of confusion so great it could be a meme.

Help them out by using acronym only after explaining to your audience what they mean.Get your social media following familiar with your company lingo.

You can also create additional content by providing your audience with definitions and meanings behind various terms to help them if there is ever an issue or they decide to research equipment for replacement or installation.

This is a great way in which your company has the opportunity to provide value by becoming a resource and add to your social media content.

[idea]PRO TIP: Show Up to Date Images & Videos of “The Process”

Life as an HVAC tech is pretty interesting and by showcasing that side of things to your audience, you have a fun way to interact, provide content, and continue to stay in your brand’s specific industry.

Showing scenarios of what can go wrong, how your company can fix it, and giving tips to look out for can go a long way in establishing trust with your audience.

The next time you’re on a job, take a few minutes and share with the world the solutions you are providing your customers. Go “Live” or post a Story” and watch the views add up![/idea]

Show Things That Go Against the Grain of the Mundane

Maybe someone in the office decided to treat the company to an impromptu juggling act.

Perhaps you met the world’s cutest kitten or friendliest dog on the job site.

Either way, the world wants to know and by showing fun company trips or things that show a human side to your business, you will connect with your audience in a more authentic way.

Success Stories & Reviews

Success stories and reviews really showcase a company's quality.

Reviews matter if you want new HVAC business.

It’s no secret that businesses want to build a good reputation and receive positive word-of-mouth from their previous customers; however, did you know that over 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase?

This isn’t just including those Amazon reviews, no, this also rings true for local businesses such as yourself.

Use the power of reviews on your side and ask satisfied customers for recommendations, positive reviews, or even testimonials, heck go one step further and ask for a video testimonial!

Including these types of endorsements can paint your company in a positive light and show the level of service you can provide your audience.

Add-Ons & Additional Offers for HVAC Customers

Possibly the most sales-oriented post we will mention here but nonetheless an important one.

Educating your audience in an informative way with calls-to-action that similarly to the Tips & Tricks section will position your company as a resource and can produce increased revenue.

If your air conditioning company also does things like:

  • Home inspections
  • Furnace repairs
  • Mold testing
  • Maintenance plans
  • Electrical work

But your customers never know about it, how can they know to purchase these goods or services from you? Just remember to limit these types of posts as it is SOCIAL media not SALES media!!

Let customers know about the various things you have to offer them and the other solutions your company can provide aside from your core offer.

A Resource for HVAC Companies and Their Online Marketing NeedsA marketing company can be a huge recourse for any HVAC company

For nearly a decade, Visibly Connected has positioned itself to provide businesses with online marketing solutions that show real results.

Everything from Search Engine Optimization to providing an ongoing social media presence that positions them above the competition is in our toolbox and we don’t rest until you see results.

Contact us today to get started improving your air conditioning company’s online marketing strategy!

[HVAC] Elevate Your Company’s Instagram

[HVAC] 4 Quick Tips to Elevate Your Company’s Instagram

HVAC Instagram Instagram Helps HVAC Companies Gain Business

Instagram and HVAC? Yes!

Social media, it sure turned out to be a lot bigger than some teenagers posting goofy pictures, didn’t it?

These days, you really aren’t competing with other companies on an even playing field without an adequate social media presence and one of the hottest platforms out there is Instagram.

This should come as no surprise as people love visuals and the ‘gram provides plenty of ways to share, interact with, and consume images and videos.

HVAC companies realize this and are flocking to the site to showcase their hard work to their communities, but how do you build a proper following and gain business from those followers?

What else can HVAC companies do beyond posting a picture with some hashtags that can help boost their content and gain followers for their page?

Stick around, and check out our guide for maximizing your HVAC company’s Instagram page.

The 3 L’s Aren’t Just For Real Estate Anymore

Location, location, location.

Posting a picture or photo?

Tag that location!

Showing people where you are working is a great way to build a presence not only online but within your physical community. Especially with consistent tagging and posting.

By showing your location you are announcing to your community where you physically make a difference in the real world and how you can provide others in the area with HVAC solutions to their needs.

Tell Your Story, Literally


What started on SnapChat has now spread to Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

The power of video cannot be underestimated and the “Stories” feature for Instagram is one of the hottest ways to keep your content fresh and connect with your audience.

Stories are shorter videos that are uploaded to typically showcase something going on during that time period. They are more “in-the-moment” and don’t fall in love because they disappear after 24 hours.

Not to worry though, your stories can be archived and kept in the backend of your Instagram account for access, later on, should you feel a need to look back at it.

Use Alt Text? What the Heck Is That Anyways

Slightly geeky but thankfully not too complicated in its definition.

Alt Text is a description given to images online that help algorithms on search engines, algorithms on social media, users who may experience technical difficulties and fail to load the entire image, and believe it or not they also help the seeing impaired understand the webpage or social media post they are visiting more clearly.

Example: you take a photograph of your crew replacing an air conditioner condenser and post it on Instagram. By going into the “Advanced Settings” while you’re posting, you will find a section labeled “Accessibility” in which under that you’ll see “Write Alt Text”. You’ll want to go ahead and put a small description here labeled something like “(Insert company name here) replacing an air conditioner condenser” or “air conditioning company replacing an air conditioner condenser”.

This small yet powerful step shows Instagram what your content is and most importantly who it is for. This will provide your content with some help of getting in front of the right audience.

Engage With Your Audience

Instagram audience

I’ll be blunt here: HVAC companies can be at a disadvantage in their social media presence.

You’re not Selena Gomez.

You’re not the local foodie influencer who knows the latest mouthwatering bites around town.

But you still have an amazing opportunity to connect with and expand your audience regardless. One of the main components of this is going to be engagement.

Bigger accounts can rely on a lot of factors for their social media strategy but for smaller to medium accounts engaging online is still critical to:

  • Actually being seen by followers and potential followers.
  • Retaining interest from not only your audience but also the algorithms of Instagram.
  • Providing value to your audience and positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Simply put, people will forget you or may never even see you if you aren’t engaging on Instagram.

No, we’re not talking about spamming the world with “Great post! Follow me @(insert handle)”.

Speak to your customers.

Speak to the community.

Provide genuine comments and information to the online world you are communicating with and watch your page flourish.

[idea]Pro TIP: Take Advantage of the Views

Those extra beautiful homes you spend time in?

The perfect photo opportunity. Just be sure to have permission and present the homes in a manner of respect and privacy.

The same is true for any sort of access to interesting or beautiful views such as a commercial building that has a particularly beautiful backdrop or a famous area landmark for a “behind the scenes” view.

HVAC companies go to some pretty interesting places at times and showcasing them to your audience can build excitement and ultimately engagement.[/idea]

Gain your HVAC Company the Right Followers and Leads

Instagram followers

Positioning your HVAC company on social media is a tricky balance of fun and business, but the right combination can have you in front of a host of new clients.

Establishing yourself on social media is a great way to continue conversations with leads and convert them effectively by building relationships.

Nobody understands this more than the experts at Visibly Connected.

Our team’s tools and knowledge of marketing HVAC companies online through social media is unparalleled. If you’re looking for help boosting your presence on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform, give us a call at 281-940-7463.

For more tips & tricks on lead generation for your HVAC company, check out our helpful e-book available to download for free.

Win More HVAC Leads

Win More HVAC Leads With High Converting Landing Pages

The Benefits of Landing Pages for Your HVAC Company

Landing page with more HVAC leads

Let’s talk HVAC. The Internet is amazing. An ocean filled with waves and waves of content, information, and opportunity.

It can also be an ocean filled with distractions.

As an HVAC business owner, this can present a real problem when you are trying to convert leads into sales.

Consider for a moment most HVAC websites, including your own. Your home page, the first, main page of your website probably has sections that go something like this:

  • About Us
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Heating Services
  • Installation Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Contact Us
  • Chat/Additional Contact Links
  • Testimonials
  • etc.

If you throw in all of the offers and other services and information about awards and your company, it really starts to add up.

Of course, these links go deeper down still into other areas of your website and can present a bit of information overload, especially if you are dealing with a lead who is simply ready to convert and looking for an offer.

The good news is that there is another way…landing pages.

Your home page and service pages all serve a distinct purpose; however, through the power of a landing page, we’ll show you 7 tips on creating an HVAC landing page that converts leads and produces revenue for your company.

#1 Effective Pieces for Your HVAC Landing Page          puzzle pieces

Your HVAC company’s landing page or “Lead Capture Page” needs to consist of a few different parts to enhance your closing rate and create a more effective page:

  • Headline/Sub-headline– Inform your leads and capture their attention with a headline and when appropriate, a sub-headline. Attention-grabbing yet informative. Balanced.
  • Supporting Image– Visuals sell! A proper, professional photo related to your offer is critical and creates an aesthetically pleasing page without an overload of distractions.
  • Description of the Offer– People want to know what they are getting and what they are giving. A brief description will help encourage your target market to complete the next and most important landing page component.
  • Information Form– This is the most critical component of your landing page. Capturing additional information is the difference between success and failure here. Whether your offer will simply add additional contacts into your pipeline or close on a hard sell, you’ll need the information of your leads to complete the action and gain the desired result.
  • Supporting Elements– This is optional for your page but can go a long way. Adding testimonials, awards, or certifications helps to build trust and adds authenticity to your offer by giving a little extra push to those leads who may be on the fence about completing your form.

#2 Remove Distracting Links from your HVAC Website

This is not the time to have leads moving about your website. Get rid of links to your homepage or other areas of the website.

Keep your leads here and capture the information or book the appointment you are looking for. A simple yet highly important step, considering the entire point of the landing page is to provide your leads with a distraction-free page featuring an HVAC offer to benefit your company and provide them with value.

#3 Match Your HVAC Landing Page and Call-to-Action Headlines

Reduce confusion and keep your pages looking uniform.

Inconsistency reduces trust.

Losing customer trust costs you money.

The last thing you want is for a lead to go from willing and ready to purchase only to skip out because they feel that the offer they clicked on was not the offer they were then completing once they arrive at your landing page.

Furthermore, if your headlines don’t match, it could result in confusion from the lead as they may believe the webpages are mixed up or that they clicked the wrong link.

Keep things organized and diminish these risks.

#4 Showcase the Benefits of Your HVAC Offers

“Finance a Trane XR14 with the new Climatuff® compressor today!”

“See how the new Trane XR14 can help you keep your temperatures low and your energy bills lower, today!”

The second one sounds a little more appealing don’t you think?

By putting the needs of the customer first and showcasing your product or service to provide value by solving your customer’s problem, you’re building trust and increasing interest at the same time.

Be clear, concise, and remember to make it about what your lead will gain rather than your company.

#5 Social Media for HVAC: Provide an Opportunity for Sharing

Social media on a mobile phone

It’s simple really, the more people your page is shared in front of, the more potential HVAC leads you can gain.

Throw in some social media widgets that showcase the various platforms your company is on and have customers and leads spread your marketing message for you!


#6 Create More Than One HVAC Landing Page

You’ve heard the saying that the first rule of investment is diversification, so invest in your marketing efforts by mixing it up.

The general rule of thumb: more landing pages means more HVAC leads generated.

By providing differing landing pages that each hold on their own, your company will gain the benefits of:

  • Reaching far more customers.
  • Showcasing various products/services in their own right.
  • Distinctly targeting various similar yet unconnected markets.
  • Devise campaigns for potential clients that are different stages of the buying process (i.e. a New System Install versus a Spring Tune-Up).

Multiple landing pages give your business a chance to shine in different ways and create more traffic in which to capture a lead or complete a sale.

[idea] PRO TIP:

Proper HVAC landing pages don’t only help you gain leads through collecting data and closing deals. Your HVAC company can benefit from landing pages by ranking higher on search engines like Google due to their ability to enhance your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is basically a marketing term for measuring how well your HVAC website can be found by people searching for your services online.

To learn more about landing pages click here and review some of what we’ve spoken on, but also how to take it to the next level and improve your company’s SEO. [/idea]

#7 A/B Testing: Track your HVAC Success With Science

A/B testing is a great way to test and measure what works for your landing pages.

In fact, one of the main benefits of creating multiple pages isn’t necessarily the opportunity to create an entirely different offer but rather to create the same offer in an entirely different way.

Presentation counts and how people perceive your company’s offer will go a long way in converting your leads.

Small changes are the key to A/B testing.  Divide your traffic among 3 landing pages, each with a change to the same element (e.g. Change the title of the landing page), and analyze different metrics from each page such as time spent on the page, conversions, scroll depth, etc.

Be sure to play around a bit and fine tune what works for your specific market.

Getting Started on Your HVAC Company’s Landing Page

HVAC web page

If you’re ready to start building landing pages for your HVAC company, we highly recommend using Unbounce, and by clicking here you’ll receive 20% off your first 3 months of use.

Unbounce is a wonderful tool that makes creating and maintaining landing pages a breeze.

Don’t have the time? That’s okay too!

Contact the experts at Visibly Connected, a team specializing in lead generation for HVAC companies.

Our creative team possesses the tools and techniques to help increase your lead captures, maximize your advertising budget, and locate customers that are in need of your services.

Learn more by Downloading our free Ebook, The 27 Greatest HVAC Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas or give us a call today at 281-940-7463 to start getting the most out of your online marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategies Your HVAC Company Needs

5 Simple Marketing Strategies Your HVAC Company Can Start Implementing Today!

Are your HVAC marketing efforts paying off as well as you had hoped or are you ready to throw in the towel? HVAC advertising requires a multi-pronged approach to be as successful as possible. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five simple strategies that you can use to market your company.

There are other methods that you can use as well, like social media marketing. What we’ve done, though, is to find the top five strategies that get maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Check through this article and see whether or not these strategies might work for you. They are all simple enough that you can get started straight away. All you need to do is to implement the strategy of your choice, and then monitor its effects on your results.

From there on, you can easily tweak it for even better results.

Download our free ebook, The 27 GREATEST HVAC LEAD GENERATION Tips, Tricks & Ideas., and start creating your own irresistible offers now.

Mobile Website With Lead Conversions

Mobile is the way of the future. According to the latest stats, 57% of site visits to HVAC companies originate on mobile. That’s a lot of business that you might be losing if your site is not displaying well on mobile.

The first step is to ensure that your site works well on a smaller screen. This might mean a pared-down version of the main site because the site must load fast. (And by fast, we mean three seconds or less.) Also, check that the fonts are easy to read and that the site is designed impeccably.

Once the visuals are sorted out, it’s time to add in some simple touches to ensure that you get maximum lead generation and conversion.

The following tips will help you with this:

  • First off, make subscribing as easy as possible. Make it a one-step process as far as possible and keep the information required to a minimum. The simpler, the better.
  • Create a really compelling offer. One that will make people jump at subscribing to your newsletter. Spend some time creating a catchy headline that people will take notice of.
  • Use good CRM software, like InfusionSoft, Active Campaign or HubSpot to automate the process of lead generation on your site. These programs are great for getting results and allow you to manage leads and monitor the progress of them.

A Referral Program

There are several forms that a referral program can take. It could be:

  • Referrals from clients
  • B2B referrals
  • Affiliate referrals

The key to getting this kind of marketing right is to make it worthwhile for the referrers. Some companies do this by offering a monetary reward for successful referrals. Others offer discounts, or free products when they sign someone else up.

You’ll need to gauge what will work best for your referral network. For example, you could offer a free basic service if a client refers five new clients. How much of an incentive that would be is going to depend on how badly the referrer needs the service.

If it’s a personal client, and they’ve just had this done themselves, they won’t be quite as motivated. As a result, a voucher for a local shopping mall might provide a better incentive.

Referrals have to be good ones that bring your business. It’s very easy to scroll through your email directory and find a lot of leads if you get a reward on just the lead. It’s harder if the reward is based on actual sales. Cut back on bad leads by using this tip.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still ranked as one of the best ways to reach out to clients by many marketers. It offers a cost-effective way to send out your marketing message. Is it the best marketing tool? That depends on how you use it. Below we have some tips on getting email marketing right.

  • Make sure that the email will display well on mobile
  • Keep it short and to the point – people don’t like having their time wasted
  • Segment your subscriber list. There are many ways to do this. You could, for example, sort them by the type of HVAC system they have installed, or by geographical area. You want to do this so that you can create targeted emails that are relevant to that segment.
  • Work on getting creative with the subject line. What terms are more likely to get people to open the email? How will you make your email stand out amongst all the spam out there? Some companies, for example, use emojis in the subject line to stand out more.
  • Never spam your clients, no matter how relevant the email might be to your service. If they sign up for a weekly newsletter, that’s what they should get. You can add in the occasional marketing email every now and again but never become a bother, or you’ll get blocked.
  • Always make it easy to unsubscribe. People will find a way to do this anyway, and if you make it harder, you risk alienating them.

Video Marketing

If you haven’t gotten on board with using video as one of your HVAC marketing ideas, here are some stats that you need to consider.

  • 90% of the information that ends up being sent to your brain is visual. Visuals are easier for the brain to process. Our brains can process them 60 000 times faster than they can written content.
  • When watching a video, we’ll retain about 95% of the information. For text, this figure is reduced to just 10%.
  • With videos, you get to show people what is going on. They get to see for themselves what a mucky HVAC filter is. You can teach them the basic home maintenance tips in a few seconds.

Create some great video content. Make it interesting and engaging, and people are a lot more likely to consider reading the content that you do have. Use video as a great way to get your marketing message across.

Review Program

Good reviews don’t just impress prospective clients; they also impress Google. The more good reviews that you have, the better chance you have of landing in the Google Three-Pack. The Three-Pack lists the top three businesses in the area related to the search term.

Getting clients to leave reviews is marketing for HVAC Companies 101. It’s a step that a lot of businesses feel awkward about, but it is an important one. Let’s face it unless your service was exceptionally good, or exceptionally bad; most people won’t think of leaving a review at all.

But it doesn’t hurt to ask people. Many will be only too glad to help you out in this area. Just make it as easy as possible for them. Send an email with a link to the review page so that all they have to do is to click straight through.

Leave them to write whatever they like – unscripted reviews are always a lot more convincing.

8 Things To Include On Your HVAC Website To Get More Leads

What Your HVAC Website Needs And Why

You’ve set up shop installing and repairing HVAC. You’ve found your premises, have hired your team, and now want to drum up some business. Where do you start? Networking is an excellent way to get to know people who might become clients, but it is only going to get you so far.

You also need to have a killer website so that you can reach a much wider range of people a lot more easily. A great website acts as your representative online 24/7 and is an essential part of your HVAC marketing. Done right, it will become your most valuable “employee.”

But what makes for great HVAC web design?

What elements are essential for a great site?

What will optimize your chances of getting some excellent business leads?

In this post, we will analyze that question. We’re not going to focus on the actual design elements or talk about including images; you know all that already. Instead, we’ll look at what your HVAC website needs and why.

Download our free ebook, The 27 Greatest Tips, Tricks & Ideas for Home Services, and start generating your own home services leads today.

List Of 8 Things Needed

Are you ready to learn what content to consider for web design for HVAC companies? Let’s take a look.

1. Clear Contact Info That Is Clickable

First and foremost, make your contact information big and bold so that people can find it easily. In order to contact you, all someone should have to do is to click on a link so that they can go through to the contact page.

Do include this button and the Appointment setting button we’ll talk about later on every page on the site.

2. Mobile Responsive

If your site is not mobile responsive, it is dead in the water. According to Statista, 59% of Google visits in the USA, for the second quarter of 2018 were on mobile. The figure for Yahoo was a little lower at 50%, but that’s still a lot of mobile searches being conducted.

That means that people are increasingly likely to search for information on their mobile phones. If your site doesn’t display well on the small screen, you stand to lose up to 59% of the traffic that you might receive.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Google prioritizes sites that are mobile-friendly when it comes to search results.

3. List Of Services

Don’t assume that everyone automatically understands what services your company offers. Give them a list of services to refer to and then a brief explanation of each of those services. This could be a good sales tactic in itself – how many people know what maintenance their HVAC system needs?

By providing a quick description for them, you could spark the all-important, “I need to get that done” moment.

4. Customer Reviews

Why bother? Who believes those reviews anyway? Well, according to Statista, 87% of people would trust, or consider trusting online reviews. For those that said they would trust an online review, many specified that they would have to appear authentic, or there had to be a few reviews.

So encouraging your clients to leave a review for you on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, etc. is a good policy. You can even offer them a small reward for doing so – like a discount on their next service, or a chance to win a prize.

Get the links all set up and then ask the clients nicely to leave an honest review. Pick the best of the lot to display on your site.

5. Why Choose Us Section

Here’s where you get to brag a bit about your company and what you have achieved. You can also tell them a bit more about your team and how the service that you offer is better than that of your competitors.

6. Awards – Affiliations

Have you received any awards? Put these on the website, especially if they relate to customer service. Is your company a member of any professional associations? By listing these on the site, you give the client extra reassurance that they are dealing with the right company.

7. Short Call To Action To Get Email

You do want to build your subscriber list. That way, even if the person is not ready to use your service just yet, you don’t completely lose all contact with them. Make it a short and sweet call to action and give them an incentive to hand over their email address.

It doesn’t have to be anything way out there – a simple checklist or article would work well.

8. Appointment Setting Feature

This is convenient for both your clients and yourself. You can tie it into scheduling software, and the whole process can be automated. Why go to the expense?

Clients won’t need to phone in at all. They’ll be able to see what appointments are open and book a slot that suits them without having to leave your site.

Your clients can set their appointments at any time, night or day.

Your staff don’t waste time answering calls and making mistakes with addresses, times, etc.

Because it’s automated, there is a lot less confusion and potential for errors like double booking.

Other HVAC Web Ideas

Now that you know what basics have to be put in place, here are some ideas for optional extras that can boost sales.

Blog Section

There are any number of reasons to create a blog for your site.

A blog can:

  • Boost SEO results
  • Establish your credibility and showcase your expertise in the field
  • Provide valuable non-sales-related content that your clients should enjoy

Why include a blog section on your site? This showcases and gives people access to your latest blog posts. It also ensures that there is some form of updated content on your site.

List Brands That You Service

This would seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at how many HVAC sites do not include these details. Listing the brands that you have expertise in fixing can help to establish your credibility further. Very few companies will be able to work on every possible system.

By listing those that you can work with, you save the client with other models time and frustration. You don’t want to have them call you out only to find that you can’t do anything.


Visual content can convey a lot more information in a smaller space of time than the written word can. Why not add a short video to the site explaining a bit more about the company and what it is that you do? That gives you a range of different media on your site and makes it more interesting.

Consider this strategy when it comes to your blog as well. Change up the content by putting in the odd video tutorial, or explaining how an HVAC system works, etc.

With video, you get a chance to be a bit more creative. Videos are very popular because there is literally no work that the viewer needs to do to get the information.