Research shows that successful businesses spend 6% of their monthly revenue on marketing.

Business owners are particularly aware of the value of investing. You invest in your company, your employees, your clients. You’ve seen first-hand how a wise, well-planned investment can return ten-fold the amount you dedicate to it. And your experience with investing has probably proven the old adage true: “you get what you pay for.”

For an investment to be truly successful, you have to look for a quality investment and devote a healthy quantity towards its success. Online marketing is no exception. Lackluster, low-quality marketing will yield little to no results for your business in the long run, and may even end up hurting more than helping. Expert marketing, on the other hand, can yield an exponential return on your investment. Research has shown that successful businesses spend an average of 6% of their monthly revenue on marketing. Are you investing enough in quality marketing to get the results your business needs?

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People BUY Products and Services
from people they CONNECT with!

People can only connect with businesses through the people behind the business

Marketing is all about creating connections between clients and businesses. Connections like familiarity, trust, and loyalty. Online marketing is one way to take the first step in reaching out to create those connections. What story is your online marketing portraying? One that establishes a sincere, personal connection? Or one that seems distant, disconnected, or—even worse—desperate to sell?

At Visibly Connected we believe that your business’s story, what defines you as a unique group of individuals, is the most valuable asset you have to connect with your clientele. We can help you construct and convey a marketing message that will set you apart from the crowd and start attracting, and keeping, your perfect audience.

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