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[HVAC] Elevate Your Company’s Instagram

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[HVAC] 4 Quick Tips to Elevate Your Company’s Instagram

HVAC Instagram Instagram Helps HVAC Companies Gain Business

Instagram and HVAC? Yes!

Social media, it sure turned out to be a lot bigger than some teenagers posting goofy pictures, didn’t it?

These days, you really aren’t competing with other companies on an even playing field without an adequate social media presence and one of the hottest platforms out there is Instagram.

This should come as no surprise as people love visuals and the ‘gram provides plenty of ways to share, interact with, and consume images and videos.

HVAC companies realize this and are flocking to the site to showcase their hard work to their communities, but how do you build a proper following and gain business from those followers?

What else can HVAC companies do beyond posting a picture with some hashtags that can help boost their content and gain followers for their page?

Stick around, and check out our guide for maximizing your HVAC company’s Instagram page.

The 3 L’s Aren’t Just For Real Estate Anymore

Location, location, location.

Posting a picture or photo?

Tag that location!

Showing people where you are working is a great way to build a presence not only online but within your physical community. Especially with consistent tagging and posting.

By showing your location you are announcing to your community where you physically make a difference in the real world and how you can provide others in the area with HVAC solutions to their needs.

Tell Your Story, Literally


What started on SnapChat has now spread to Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

The power of video cannot be underestimated and the “Stories” feature for Instagram is one of the hottest ways to keep your content fresh and connect with your audience.

Stories are shorter videos that are uploaded to typically showcase something going on during that time period. They are more “in-the-moment” and don’t fall in love because they disappear after 24 hours.

Not to worry though, your stories can be archived and kept in the backend of your Instagram account for access, later on, should you feel a need to look back at it.

Use Alt Text? What the Heck Is That Anyways

Slightly geeky but thankfully not too complicated in its definition.

Alt Text is a description given to images online that help algorithms on search engines, algorithms on social media, users who may experience technical difficulties and fail to load the entire image, and believe it or not they also help the seeing impaired understand the webpage or social media post they are visiting more clearly.

Example: you take a photograph of your crew replacing an air conditioner condenser and post it on Instagram. By going into the “Advanced Settings” while you’re posting, you will find a section labeled “Accessibility” in which under that you’ll see “Write Alt Text”. You’ll want to go ahead and put a small description here labeled something like “(Insert company name here) replacing an air conditioner condenser” or “air conditioning company replacing an air conditioner condenser”.

This small yet powerful step shows Instagram what your content is and most importantly who it is for. This will provide your content with some help of getting in front of the right audience.

Engage With Your Audience

Instagram audience

I’ll be blunt here: HVAC companies can be at a disadvantage in their social media presence.

You’re not Selena Gomez.

You’re not the local foodie influencer who knows the latest mouthwatering bites around town.

But you still have an amazing opportunity to connect with and expand your audience regardless. One of the main components of this is going to be engagement.

Bigger accounts can rely on a lot of factors for their social media strategy but for smaller to medium accounts engaging online is still critical to:

  • Actually being seen by followers and potential followers.
  • Retaining interest from not only your audience but also the algorithms of Instagram.
  • Providing value to your audience and positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Simply put, people will forget you or may never even see you if you aren’t engaging on Instagram.

No, we’re not talking about spamming the world with “Great post! Follow me @(insert handle)”.

Speak to your customers.

Speak to the community.

Provide genuine comments and information to the online world you are communicating with and watch your page flourish.

[idea]Pro TIP: Take Advantage of the Views

Those extra beautiful homes you spend time in?

The perfect photo opportunity. Just be sure to have permission and present the homes in a manner of respect and privacy.

The same is true for any sort of access to interesting or beautiful views such as a commercial building that has a particularly beautiful backdrop or a famous area landmark for a “behind the scenes” view.

HVAC companies go to some pretty interesting places at times and showcasing them to your audience can build excitement and ultimately engagement.[/idea]

Gain your HVAC Company the Right Followers and Leads

Instagram followers

Positioning your HVAC company on social media is a tricky balance of fun and business, but the right combination can have you in front of a host of new clients.

Establishing yourself on social media is a great way to continue conversations with leads and convert them effectively by building relationships.

Nobody understands this more than the experts at Visibly Connected.

Our team’s tools and knowledge of marketing HVAC companies online through social media is unparalleled. If you’re looking for help boosting your presence on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform, give us a call at 281-940-7463.

For more tips & tricks on lead generation for your HVAC company, check out our helpful e-book available to download for free.