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How Landing Pages Land You More Business

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Landing Pages 101

Outside of landing pages, it’s important to understand that websites are a powerful tool for any business. And at this point, it’s less of a fancy advertising piece and more of a bare essential.

Modern businesses without a website are simply not competing on the same playing field and maybe not even the same league at this point.

Yes, Facebook and Instagram are wonderful ways to present your brand online and dominate target markets that your product or service desperately wish to reach; however, there is no substitute for a proper website, but how do businesses take even this increasingly necessary step to the next level?

The answer? Landing pages. landing-page-content-web-design

A landing page is basically the part of a website a user lands on from clicking a link on another website or part of your own website or an ad of some sort.

What makes them so special?:

  • Landing pages can heavily affect your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Landing pages provide a clear path of direction for the visitor. One that points in the direction of a preferred conversion for your business at that.
  • Landing pages produce useful data for your brand.

A properly positioned and formatted landing page can be the difference between having potential leads that merely end up as site visitors and having potential leads which end up as customers or potential customers at a later date.

This helpful article will help expand upon the importance of a landing page, mistakes to avoid when creating one, and how exactly a simple webpage can amplify your business and provide more conversions.

Convert More Leads With a Proper Landing Page

Great landing pages are one of those trends we have seen gain traction in the digital marketing realm and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Now that we know what landing pages are, another question may be swirling, what’s the difference between a landing page and a website’s homepage?

We’re so glad you asked.


The Differences Between a Landing Page and a Homepage

A website’s initial page where all other pages and features converge through links is known as its homepage.

Here visitors can see just about everything from a wide overview of what your website has to offer and is usually further broken down within the initial, broad sections that are presented on this page.

The key difference between the two and the ultimate reason they should be distinguished between is that while homepages are broad and subject the visitor to a wide variety of information and options, a good landing page does quite the opposite.

Landing pages are designed to be narrow pages that direct the visitor into one or two areas of specific actions.


How Landing Pages Affect Search Engine Optimization

Analysis results


Narrow page designs from a landing page are all part of the multiple reasons a landing page can help your business grow. One of the potentially most overlooked features, however, is the part it plays in visitors even finding your website at all.


Say for example that you own a salon and wanted to draw more business through your website. Owning a salon on the surface may seem streamlined and direct in what one may offer their customers but we both know this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Customers who wish to purchase a simple trim of their hair versus someone who is looking for a completely different look that involves dyes and chemicals will require vastly different solutions. Throw in a customer who is simply looking to purchase a certain brand of conditioner and you already have three different specific customer purchasing actions that can take place.

Creating appropriate landing pages that are specific for a haircut, a separate landing page for chemical work, and a third for your online store of products will help your customers find what they are looking for quicker and more directly.

This pleases Google.

Google makes up the heavy majority of search engine searches by a long shot and has algorithms that allow its engines to know what pages are relevant for incoming searching both broadly and local.

Providing potential readers with precise answers establishes trust and proves your brand to be an authority within your industry.

Considering 9 out of 10 online activities begin by the user asking a search engine, establishing importance on Google and other search engines are of dire importance to your brand’s SEO.


Good SEO Helps Customers Find Solutions          seo-business-solutions

Going back to the salon example, visitors who enter a homepage that sees every option, service, and product offered by the company but are only interested in fulfilling a single problem they are currently facing may leave your website altogether if they feel as if they are experiencing information overload.

Even homepages with fewer options can be difficult to navigate and cost businesses, potential customers, because they will simply leave the website rather than deal with frustrating misdirection.

Proper landing pages should present the visitor with the specific subject matter they are currently seeking. Presenting too much within these pages will reproduce the same issues that can be faced when visiting a homepage.

A great landing page will provide one, maybe two areas in which a customer is given the opportunity to perform a business conversion that also helps by providing value to their solution process, such as:

  • Purchasing a good or service.
  • Signing up for a newsletter.
  • Downloading a piece of content.

Provide solutions and defined landing pages and your business will see exponential growth among a sea of information.


Landing Pages Are Perfect For Collecting Data and Information

Long gone are the old ways of marketing and sales as we once knew them and with the passing of time, businesses must also adapt.

This also ushers in an era of opportunity and by creating quality landing pages, your business can view and monitor the solutions you are offering your customers to see which are performing and which simply aren’t.

Take the time to monitor what the data tells you about your customer and implement it within your business. You may be surprised and can use this information to better market your products and services or potentially cut off ineffective offerings. Landing pages are the perfect arena to experiment and learn more about your customers.


Land More Clients With Confidence


The value of landing pages are already being seen by companies who properly structure and implement them across the web and the future is bright for this wonderful tool.

If your business is interested in building landing pages, connecting customers with your products or services, and capture more audience data, download our 27 Greatest Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Home Services and then contact the team at Visibly Connected. A local company in Humble, TX with a global reach, offering digital solutions for modern businesses.