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The Power of Google Ads for Pool Service Companies

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The Power of Google Ads for Pool Service Companies

Are you ready to take advantage of Google Ads and get results for your pool service company?

Although marketing tools like SEO are incredibly powerful, they take time to build value and see results, whereas Google Ads can get you results at a more rapid pace!

Securing top spot visibility on SERPs requires continuous work with strategies like SEO and tends to fluctuate depending on your competition and work efforts.

With Google Ads, staking your claim in the top spot is a paid service.

You may be asking yourself- “Google allows businesses to purchase real estate on their result pages, why?”

Creating successful google ads

Of course, they do…and here’s why.

At the end of the day, Google is a business.

Over the years, Google has completely changed how it’s searchers find businesses and how they display information.

For companies willing to invest in paid advertising, you can earn yourself a very cozy spot above all of your competitors.

Let’s dive right into those crystal clear results you’ve been dreaming about!

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Building Business for Pool Service Pros: How it Works

Jumping into the pool

Google Ads is an advertising platform designed to generate leads for companies that bid on the use of specific keywords within their clickable ads (which appear at the top of Google’s search result pages).

The team here at Visibly Connected has garnered some incredible results with the right Pool Service ad campaigns. One of our most recent pool maintenance & repair clients was able to capture 43 leads in just 18 days.

But that doesn’t matter if they were low-quality leads, does it?

That’s the thing…we were able to provide leads at a whopping 60% close rate – that’s massive.

Keep in mind, not everybody gets results like that right away and your mileage may vary. However, if you follow a few key steps when creating your campaigns, that success is not so far fetched.

To create a successful ad, you’ll need to formulate and launch a strategically planned out AdWords campaign.

To launch your campaign, you will need to determine a few things:

Ad targeting & Call to actions

  • Choose a campaign type & name
  • Choose your ad display location
  • Determine & set your daily budget
  • Select your keywords
  • Create a very specific call to action
  • Create the ad
  • Create a landing page that reflects only your chosen call to action
  • Lastly, set up thorough tracking to monitor your ROI

Once you’ve successfully set up and launched your Google Ads campaign, it is crucial that you monitor your ads success very carefully and adjust accordingly.

Creating the best ad for your target audience and turning them from a click into a conversion may take some perfecting.

Once you find your system and learn how to adjust your ads for greater success as you go, just sit back and watch the leads make a splash, and if the waves aren’t big enough, adjust a little more.

So What Does All This Mean for Your Pool Service Company?

Well, that depends.

You really need to sit down, map out your goals, and inventory your capabilities and resources to help you achieve those goals.

Is this something you can do on your own? Sure it is.

Many small businesses have been able to achieve success with Google Ads on their own with plenty of research and practice.

If your plan is to go it alone, just be patient and don’t get discouraged if you don’t get perfect results right away.Google ads

There are plenty of resources available online which can help you map out the perfect Google Ads campaign. The real work comes when it’s time to analyze your results and make minor changes based on the metrics you choose to track.

Most often, the key metrics we track on Google Ads campaigns are Cost-per-click, Conversion Rate, and Cost-per-lead.

For instance, according to Wordstream, the average conversion rate across all industries on Google Ads is 3.75%. This should be your standard when tracking your results.

Ready for some inspiration?

Between all of our different clients’ Pool Maintenance & Repair ads, we yield anywhere between 8% and 19% conversion rates. Way above the average.


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Impactful Perks of Google Ads for Pool Service Companies

  • Harness the power of Google’s massive reach
    Google is the number one search engine used everywhere, no question about it. Through Google Ads, you have the ability to harness some of that powerful reach and generate incredible profit for your own business.
  • Gain a diverse range of targeting capabilitiesSearch Intent
    With the unique Google Ads platform, you gain a wide range of targeting capabilities, all designed to capture the attention of your target audience ahead of your competitors and present you with any relevant business opportunities first.
  • Take advantage of search intent and top-tier positioning
    With the right ad, you can be placed directly in front of your target customer on a daily basis. Once you’ve got their attention, all you have to do is take advantage of your search result position and entice them to click your ad before they scroll further.
  • Gain complete campaign control with easy adjustment capabilities
    With Google’s paid ads, YOU are in full control. Your ad campaign remains completely customizable throughout the entire process. Google’s ad campaigns make testing and perfecting your advertising efforts a breeze.
  • Choose your budget
    The Google Ads campaign platform allows you to select your exact budget, closely monitor performance in relation to that budget, and adjust it whenever needed.
  • Expand your brand awarenessBrand awareness
    Because Google Ads can put your business at the top of search result pages, your potential for brand awareness and service area domination skyrocket in comparison to other advertisement avenues!
  • Rake in more conversions
    With the use of well-optimized ads, you have the ability to target and acquire the exact conversions you need when you want them. Through keen search intent planning and successful campaign development, the conversions will keep pouring in.
  • Maximize ROI with your choice in bidding strategy
    By testing and implementing different Google Ad bidding strategies and finding what works best for your campaign, you have the ability to fully maximize your ROI, all while quickly growing a loyal customer base.

Get Your Pool Service Leads Now with Google Ads

As a pool service provider in today’s digital market, finding new and effective ways to reach your customer base ahead of your competition is a must. Our team of ad campaign specialists has developed proven methods for capturing your target audience and helping you rake in the conversions.

If you are ready to take over the Google Ad space for your service area and start getting reliable leads, call us today at 281-940-7463– Why wait for success when you can have it now?