How is Facebook Marketing Most Effective for Home Services Companies?

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How is Facebook Marketing Most Effective for Home Services Companies?

Facebook Marketing for Home Services is an incredibly effective way to increase brand awareness when used as a delivery method for mini-commercials.

Do you know how many Facebook users own a home?


Well, neither do I. Facebook has become pretty tight-lipped about their user’s private data in recent years and they continue to limit that information as time goes on.

But if we had to guess – it would be a lot.

Don’t let this discourage you. Traditionally, Facebook Ads were powerful because of their targeting abilities which allowed you to craft the perfect audience through different defining metrics such as income, race, sex, location, interests, and more.

As Facebook has been forced to change its transparency standards, we as marketers have adapted our method of operation for the platform.

Let’s take a look at the modern approach to making an impact in your marketing with Facebook Ads…

Facebook is a Highway, and Your Ads are the Billboards

The incredibly important difference between an ad platform such as Facebook compared to one like Google is the intent of its users.

What I mean by this is that a user on Google is searching for a particular keyphrase such as “Plumbers near me” with the intent to find a plumber to fix their issue at that moment.

This is very powerful because you are able to capture the attention of prospective customers at the exact moment they need your services.

On the other hand, users on Facebook aren’t typically searching for anything.

They are scrolling through their newsfeed to read about the latest alien 👽 sighting that our government is all of the sudden admitting to or to see that lame gender reveal video for the baby of that distant cousin who they low-key stalk but never talk to.

Our approach with Facebook Marketing for Home Services companies is to infiltrate unsuspecting users in the moments they least expect it…

Just kidding.

We treat Facebook Ads the same way traditional marketers used to treat highway billboards. We want to expose as many people as possible within your service area to your brand, colors, logo, services, etc.

This gets people familiar with your name and logo and is incredibly effective when done correctly and as part of a large-scale marketing campaign.

We do this by creating short, compelling videos that deliver your brand’s message to the masses.

So Why Not Just Use Google Ads to Target Your Audience at the Right Time?

Well, smartypants – that’s a good question.

For our Home Services clients, we strongly recommend using Google Ads as the primary source for generating new service calls, right after Search Engine Optimization.

But for the sake of total transparency – Google Ads ain’t cheap, my friend.

There is a premium price to pay for the ability to target your ideal market at the ideal time. And Google knows this, which is why they don’t mind charging a pretty penny for each click they send your way.

Facebook, though. They also know that they can’t compete with such a service and their ad costs are much, much more reasonable.

We are generally getting our clients’ videos viewed for less than 0.10¢ per view.

While the person viewing your mini-commercial on Facebook may not need your service right now, they may in the future. They may also have friends and family members who need your service now or in the future. And all those friends and family members have friends and family members who may need your service now or in the future. And all of the friends and family members of all those frien…you get the picture.

Awareness Ads (which is what this type of advertising is called) on Facebook are far more affordable than traditional TV, radio, and billboard ads and they offer one incredibly important edge over their traditional counterparts.


When was the last time that someone shared a TV commercial with you? Or a radio ad?

With Facebook Ads, users can react to, comment on, and share your ads with their social circle.

That’s pretty powerful.

An Important Corner Piece to the Overall Facebook Marketing Puzzle

Facebook Marketing for Home Services CompaniesI say corner piece because it’s a relatively simple concept.

And like a corner piece on a puzzle, there really isn’t too much that you can do to put the piece in the wrong place.

But, also like a corner piece on a puzzle – it’s really not going to give you the whole picture on its own.

Awareness Ads on Facebook for Home Services companies are a great way to bolster your current marketing efforts. You have the ability to expose the masses to your brand at a reasonable cost.

This is best done in tandem with other efforts such as Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads.

Don’t let the ever-changing privacy restrictions and limitations put on these big-tech companies scare you away from digital marketing. You just need to have someone on your side who knows how to actively adapt to those changes in the most appropriate ways.

We have been marketing for Home Services companies like yours for over 10 years and are proud to constantly be evolving with the digital world that we live in.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to talk to one of our home services marketing professionals, don’t hesitate to reach out at 281-940-7463 or shoot us an email. We always love to talk shop.