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Google Ads: Beyond Creating an Ad

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Google Ads: Beyond Creating an Ad   

Using Google Ads for your brand’s marketing platform can provide your Home Services business with tremendous opportunity and a great return on investment.

Google ads, Creating more than just an ad.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a user-friendly ad platform that allows Home Services businesses the opportunity to market to customers searching for their products and services.

But don’t be fooled, user-friendly is the last thing you’ll be saying about this platform if you are unprepared for what is in store. Beyond learning the interface, which we highly recommend taking one of several free classes offered by Google through their Google Academy, advertising on Google is a lot more than merely setting up your ad and watching the leads come in.

Home Services Ads take time, planning, nurturing, and research. They are ever-changing, and so too is your audience.

You Must Plan Your Keywords

Keywords are the words used to trigger your ad.

An example of this would be if you are an Electrician and wanted to run advertisements that would showcase your Electrical Repair services. You would need to fill your ad with the words, organically, of course, that would trigger when searches for “Electrical Repair” were done.

We won’t get too technical here but as simple as that sounds, you have to consider a few things:Mapping out your keywords is extremely important.

  • What if they are looking for Electrical repairs but for their automobiles instead of their homes?
  • Is “Electrical” the best term or should you have used “Electrician”? Does it matter?
  • How do you ensure your ads are being viewed in a serviceable area?

These are but a few of the reasons why planning your keywords and researching the trends in your target market are so important. You must research and implement the words your customers are searching to reach the right customers.

Create strategies that find your target market while withholding your ad from unwanted search results to save you money and generate leads.

Creating Professional Ad Content

No matter which platform within the Google Ads network you are choosing to use, one thing rings true, you’re going to need professional content that converts and follows Google’s guidelines.

Forget about Home Services leads; you won’t even show up if your content is unprofessional, breaks guideline standards, or isn’t optimized to trigger searches.

This function is also not a “set and forget” function because over time, your audience can change and you’ll need to readjust.

From professional ad copy for the Google Search Network to perfectly cropped pictures to showcase your services on the Google Display Network and more, professionalism counts each and every time.

Monitoring Your Google Ads and the Competition’s

Search volumes change, and competitors adjust.

Just because you have the highest-ranking Home Services ad, for now, doesn’t mean you will next quarter or next month.

Competitors are watching you, and you should be watching them as well.

Use forecasting tools to project how your ads will perform against the competition in the future and always monitor your ad’s performance to see which tweaks need to be made.

If you fail to monitor those behind you, you will find yourself slipping in Ad Rank and may find yourself off of your target market’s radar. Things change constantly online; be sure to stay up to date so that you can chart your course for the future.

A/B testing takes time.

A/B Testing Takes Time

A/B Testing is essential to your Home Services marketing efforts so that you can find what works and what doesn’t but don’t forget; this will take time and patience.

Creating these tests and waiting for their results is a true test of one’s patience. It can be easy to find yourself switching things here or there without realizing you haven’t given the current models adequate time to track their performance.

Develop tests and stick to timelines that can help you produce accurate results and deduct which changes need to be made for your long-term marketing strategy.

[idea] Pro Tip: Monitor Where Your Ads Are Being Shown-

Be careful when setting up and monitoring your account that your ads aren’t being shown to any and everyone. What good is an advertisement for New Roof Installation if it’s reaching an audience outside of your service area? [/idea]

Listen to Google

One of the more interesting features that Google Ads has unveiled is its “Recommendations” section.

This section will send you notifications and give customized suggestions on changes you can make to your campaign so that you can adjust accordingly and create ads that are better optimized.

This feature isn’t a 100% end all be all of the fixes that need to be made; however, Google has released this helpful tool as a great way to help marketers of all levels get the most out of their ads and help them spot errors they otherwise may have missed.

Save the Hassle and Outsource Your Google Ads

Out sourcing your ad management can save you a lot of hassle.

Everyday business functions that make your Home Services company run and grow can be stifled when other functions get in the way. We here at Visibly Connected offer a solution to that obstacle.

We understand the time and efforts that are associated with running Home Services advertisements and how that can affect your business negatively if things are not monitored and strategized.

Are you looking to gain more Home Services leads using the Internet?

Contact us today and see how we can help your digital presence and advertisements optimized and generating your company qualified leads.