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Agency or In-House: How Should You Market Your Brand?

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Looking to Market Your Brand? It Takes Dedication… 


The prospect of how to market your brand can be daunting for most, but there are many who face the challenge head-on.
Marketing your brand is an extensive job:

  • Developing your company’s story.
  • Reaching out to customers.
  • Finding and qualifying leads.
  • Communicating your company’s messages in a world filled with competing messages.
  • Informing customers and potential customers about products or services.
  • Advertising your current offerings to customers.
  • Consumer research, organization, and testing.
  • Building sales funnels and flywheels.
  • I could continue this list and have it go on for a very long time

…but you get the point.

Yes, marketing is a great way to grow your business but it takes a lot of time, dedication, and work.

Add in the relatively new prospect of the digital world and you have a behemoth of a normal work task that has developed.

Digital marketing is a broad field covering many different areas that all meet at the crossroads of business growth and communication. Taking the time to properly market your brand digitally is becoming more and more intensive and passive means are less likely to produce positive results.

Some firms are granted in-house opportunities from a team of creatives and an eclectic group of communicators. Others, specifically smaller businesses, may find it difficult to ensure their marketing goals are met by current employees.

So what are some of the benefits of hiring a marketing firm?

Specifically, how can partnering with a digital marketing firm create long-term value for your business all while producing leads?

If your brand is serious and ready to take your online business efforts to the next level, see how hiring a home services digital marketing agency to partner with your team can lead to a successful marketing plan and growth within your business.

Research & Additional Perspective


One of the biggest benefits that can be seen almost immediately by hiring a digital marketing agency is the amount of time and effort that can be dedicated to researching your target market and the perspective in which they can be observed.


Furthermore, your brand’s own message is also being researched and taken on from potentially differing perspectives simultaneously.

Dedicating the time and energy to do this thoroughly and properly can be a challenge for many smaller businesses as employees typically already wear many hats all at once. Many companies allow one of the most important marketing fundamentals slip through the cracks because they are already too busy fulfilling other main business processes.

Defining your audience and setting up a message that can be tracked, measured, modified, and perfected as time goes by is a surefire way to reach more customers and improve your marketing endeavors. Having the right team that knows how to properly achieve these definitions will help you avoid marketing to the wrong people and produce better results from your digital marketing investment.

Specialized Experts with the Proper Tools

In the same manner that your roofing company may hire a firm to handle payroll or taxes or employee healthcare because of those functions, while very important, don’t align with the everyday business tasks, partnering with a digital marketing firm can help fulfill your marketing tasks with experts in their field.

Many businesses fail to take into consideration the many aspects, as we have previously mentioned, that go into marketing a company. Beyond that, they fail to recognize the various tools that are needed to properly complete those tasks. Tools and technical expertise such as designing content and logos in Adobe Photoshop or analyzing data in Google Analytics.

Your business is equipped to provide solutions to your customers and digital marketing firms are equipped to find your audience and communicate your message with professionalism and effectiveness.

Missed Chances for Collaboration


Content creation from an employee point of view is one of the greatest advantages that come from in house marketing efforts; however, many businesses may find that the final product can leave more to be desired and ultimately have the content falling flat with your audience if not missing them altogether.

Partnering with a digital marketing firm allows your company to tell their story with a more polished presentation.

Digital marketing may not be the first method in which content marketing is implemented but it is the biggest tool for reaching the correct target market that has ever been seen. Providing material so that additional content can be edited and presented correctly by the firm you partner with can provide exponential benefits for your brand.

[idea]Pro tip- Having a talented team member to help market your brand is an asset for anyone but combining these efforts with that of a marketing firm is a partnership that places your brand at the cusp of successful marketing.[/idea]

Pay For Someone to Market your brand and Gain the Benefits of Hiring a Team


Haven’t we gone over this?

Maybe, but in this instance, we mean things a bit more literally.

Rather than spending the money you would in-house to provide your company with people who can:

  • Create content: print, audio, video, etc.
  • Research and produce findings from the data.
  • Handle social media management and customer service/engagement.
  • Design digital advertising campaigns.
  • Provide logo design and branding.
  • Develop web pages and maintain them.

Employees who are spread too thin will only hinder your brand in the long run. A proper team of experts can help set a system of people working collectively to achieve your company’s goals.


To market your brand, you will need a partnership built for success!


Ready to market your brand?

Like almost anything in life, marketing firms aren’t free. Brands looking to save a bit of money and those with creative resources are wise to work from within; however, the benefits of hiring a digital marketing firm are simply unmatched.

Proving this statement for over 9 years has been Visibly Connected from Humble, TX.

Our team with over 45 combined years of experience are ready to provide your brand with a unique identity and tell your story through the world of digital marketing.

Combining our creative passion and technical expertise, Visibly Connected takes pride in partnering with businesses and helping them grow and reach their marketing goals.

If you are looking to reach more customers and expand your business, contact us today to begin expanding your digital presence.