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Digital Marketing is a Science, and Science Requires Specific Steps for a Successful Result

Successful marketing isn’t simply throwing up a Facebook post and getting what you want. Digital marketing requires a little leg-work(SEO), along with a few step-by-step audience-targeting methods.  

Digital marketing through social media posts, tags, and ads are super important don’t get me wrong! However, it’s only a piece of the pie when it comes to retaining, tracking, and growing your business.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you exactly how to get the rest of your pie by implementing SEO into your marketing plan!

Now, what is it that’s missing from your marketing plan?-  The answer to that is Search Engine Optimization, or (SEO).

So you’ve become a social media boss, have you? You post regularly, you interact with other pages, heck, you even run an ad every once in a while! But you’re still missing something, aren’t you? You just aren’t getting the growth you want, or the lead generation you need right? Digital growth for a business is extremely hard to manage without SEO.

SEO Is a must for any company looking to scale their online presence through avenues such as business websites.

Let’s talk about what SEO is and why it’s a vital tool for any Success-Seeking  Business in 2019Digital marketing plan for 2019

To truly understand the value of SEO, first, you need to know how it works.

The old ways of marketing a business are quickly becoming obsolete due to today’s tech-driven culture. That being said, the journey to success through digital marketing is the best way to scale and maintain a business.

Technology has become such a large part of our lives that most people can’t even go to a restaurant without “checking reviews” first. Today’s consumers strongly prefer to reach businesses digitally first, and sometimes digitally alone.

What does that mean for your business? Get with the times or fall behind.

Today’s number one marketing tool is search engine optimization. This involves many different digital analysis tools, marketing avenues, and targeting angles that a business can use to not only REACH their target customer base but to also convert them into purchasing/returning customers.

Tools of Search Engine Optimization, just to name a few…
  • Keyword Search

Keywords–  Specific terminology or (buzz-words) within a business’s digital content that strongly relate to what they offer.

For Example:

(Let’s say you are an HVAC company. The content of your website should consist of analytically accurate keywords that relate directly to your business and it’s offered services. Such as using words and phrases like AC unit, Air conditioning, AC installation, and HVAC contractors. All of which would be proper content terminology used to rank the relevance of your site, as well as determine the amount of traffic sent to it by search engines such as Google.)

  • The Power of Link Building

Link building is a great way to spread out the digital reach of your website. When the content on your page uses a link to another website or company, this creates what I call a valuable relevancy connection.

Let me explain what this means by referring back to our previous example.

(Let’s say that you are an HVAC company and you are writing a blog on air quality for your webpage. If somewhere within this blog you linked to, say, a Forbes webpage article that also speaks on air quality with information that relates to yours… This would add value and relevance to your page by you offering accurate/useful and related information in addition to your own from an already well-established/credible webpage.)

Using well-established pages as a linking source of information is a sure way to add value to your page’s ranking. That is if the links are accurate and sensible of course.

What do I mean by this? Well, if you are an HVAC company writing about air quality and decide to link your content too low quality or unrelated pages, this would not only be useless for your page but could also affect your SEO ranking negatively.

  • Backlink Tracking

Backlinks are when other pages link to you. This is an even more desirable form of linking. When other webpages (especially well-established pages) link to your content, this tells the search engines like Google, that your content offers value and should rank in their search engine accordingly.

However, there is a catch. If low quality or unrelated/scammy pages link to yours, it is important that you disavow (discredit) these invaluable links so that Google understands that there is no relation between you and that page. Disavowing bad links will keep Google from ranking your page negatively, which can happen if your backlinks go unattended.

  • Content Optimization

Content optimization is a huge part of SEO!

A computer screen showing digital marketing analytics for SEO

Optimizing your content is the process of monitoring, tracking, updating, and improving your web page at all times so that it operates in its most optimal form. This is all done in an effort to rank your page well by search engines, alongside offering a fantastic user experience to your audience.

User experience is a pretty big deal. If your page is slow, hard to navigate, or even hard to read, you are likely to lose your customer base. When your webpages go unoptimized, your site is considered “not user-friendly” and will rank poorly due to bounce rates.

A bounce rate is when someone visits your page in search of information, but upon landing on your webpage take no further action. When this phenomenon occurs, Google is given the impression that your webpage is not providing users with the information they need. Or that it was too hard for them to find on your site.

If your content lack optimization, your bounce rate will continually increase. And search engines will rank your site poorly. Therefore you lose traffic. When this happens, your webpage travels further down the search result list and will render you invisible to your target customer.  

SEO & Tracking- Down to a Technical ScienceA team reviewing their digital marketing plan in an effort to implement SEO

By now you’ve probably read through this blog thinking to yourself “wow, that seems complicated”, and to the untrained eye, it really is. This article is merely a small summary of what goes into the search engine optimization process.

Although complicated and tedious, SEO is an absolute must for any business wanting to stay ahead of their competitors, stay relevant, and successfully scale!

For more information about search engine optimization and the right way to grow your online presence, contact Visibly Connected today!


With nearly 10 years of expert marketing experience and strategizing skills, we know exactly what it takes to get your business ranking and growing the way that it should be. Take advantage of SEO now and start ranking well for 2019, it’s time you stay ahead of the rest!

Audrey Bachman
Audrey works with content creation and SEO. She loves the technical side of growing a business and it's online presence. In her free time, she enjoys music, art, and cooking.
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