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March 30, 2017
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As business owners, we know we need to continuously and consciously market our products and services if we are to bring in new and potential customers. We all love the slam dunk feeling of attracting a new customer and quickly closing the deal; however, we also know that the true strength of our business is the maintenance of repeat customers. In order to do this, we must establish a relationship that is beneficial to them as well as us.

In today’s information world, customers are looking for more than a quick trade of money for product. They expect you to also provide relevant and useful content that will help them learn more and solve their issues. This is the function of content marketing. Regardless of what type of marketing tactics you use, content marketing should be part of your process, not something separate.

What if your customers looked forward to receiving your marketing? What if they anticipated it and shared it with their peers? What if they referenced it to answer questions they did not even know they had? You can tell if a piece of content is the sort that could be part of a content marketing campaign if people seek it out, if people want to consume it, rather than avoiding it

Understanding why content marketing is important to your business is key to creating content that customers will anticipate, share, and reference. There are four main areas where content marketing drives customers:

  1. Awareness: Content marketing can create an awareness of a need that the customer did not even know they possessed. Maintenance and care extend the life of nearly all products; however, customers may not know what they need to do or have for proper maintenance. Content marketing that shares proper care and important maintenance strategies will be appreciated and create loyal customers.
  2. Research: With the internet just a click away no matter where we are, customers are far more likely to research before purchase than ever before. A company that provides information and solution options shows that they are knowledgeable about the problems and solutions of their product, but also that they care as much about the customer enjoying the product as they do about selling the product.
  3. Consideration: Eventually, the customer must decide who they will purchase the good or service from. At this point, customers will compare product, price point, and reviews to make the final decision. The more information a business provides, the easier it is for the customer to make the decision.
  4. Buy: Finally, the customer makes their decision. A business that provides ample information about the product, its many uses, how to maintain it, and reviews from customers can demand a little more than a company that just wants to make a sale and get out

While we all love the homerun feeling of a sale, the ultimate goal for our businesses should be to grow better customers who have more loyalty, and the best way to do this is to show them our loyalty by providing relevant and useful content marketing both before and after the sale.

David Cherry
David Cherry is Co-Owner of Visibly Connected which he started in 2010 because of his passion for small businesses. He loves learning the stories behind each business he works with and helping them reach their full growth potential. His passions are fitness, family, and reading, and during the weekends you usually find him out on the golf course!
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