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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website or social media pages to have the furthest audience reach. This process is through using “organic” or “free” methods of reach, as opposed to paid advertising. It includes using keywords, descriptive URLs, titles, tags and descriptions on your website, which will allow search engines to find your business easily. It also includes making sure your site is mobile friendly, using social media links, optimizing page speed, and creating links in other media that point to your website.


Why is SEO necessary?

With most internet users taking advantage of search engines to find needed information, and over 6 billion search engine queries a day, it’s obvious that website owners must utilize some form of SEO to ensure visibility. Consider the following reasons:

  • SEO is an investment. The money you put into optimizing your website and social media pages, should be seen as an investment that will pay out over time and is certainly a cost-effective one. With targeted SEO marketing, you can increase your business visibility exponentially over time.  It is a powerful growth process with long-lasting results.
  • SEO leverages social media sharing. Using the power of social media networking, smart business owners will utilize professional SEO to help solidify their brand recognition, message and story across many social media platforms. The more times your SEO-enhanced content (such as a blog) is shared, the greater number of backlinks (links from other sources pointing to your site) are created, and the greater your reach.
  • SEO increases your popularity in the ultimate popularity contest. “Search engine rankings are similar. The top spot on Google SERPs gets 36.4% of all clicks, the #2 spot gets 12.5%, #3 takes 9.5%, and from there it declines quickly. Being at the top of the heap wins you ‘front of mind’ recall and brand awareness and wins you more sales.” *
  • SEO builds trust among your targeted consumers/clients. The more visibility your company brand and story have, the more credibility you gain in the eyes of your audience. The more your business is seen, the more the consumers believe you deserve to be in the top spot.


Can I do SEO myself?

There are certain things every business owner can and should be doing to help improve their SEO. Understanding your target audience, building your brand and telling your story with public relations, utilizing and learning all relevant social media platforms for your audience, and writing your own blog posts are all good practices. Hiring a professional SEO expert may seem costly at first, but it can help you save money in the end. SEO professionals create a consistent online campaign with every single one of your website pages, help keep track of data and any needed changes, and save you time.


How can I tell if the SEO is working?

Your SEO agency will be tracking keyword rankings, website and social media engagement, return visitors and direct traffic, the number of backlinks to your pages, page load speed, and mobile traffic. They will also be able to adjust your website as needed, to improve these analytics. You’ll be provided with periodic reports, so you can see exactly what kind of reach you’re getting, and what improvements are being made as your campaign progresses.


What should I expect to pay for SEO for my website?

The cost of SEO can vary widely, depending on your business objectives. You will need to determine how fast you want to improve your reach, how much of a reach you currently have, and what your success potential is. Current research shows that businesses utilizing SEO providers pay anywhere between $500-$10k a month, depending on the size of their companies, their growth objectives, and how much competition there is for their product/services.


Search Engine Optimization is a necessity for the growth of your business. Visibly Connected is a leading expert in SEO, and can help you find a customized solution to expand your audience reach. Give us a call today at 281-940-7463.


*Data sourced from: Search Engine Land, “The Ultimate List of Reasons…,” Author Trond Lyngbø on May 17, 2012.



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