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Inbound marketing is about creating value for your clients through content that is both helpful and relevant. Instead of being an outright sales pitch, it is information that your client will want to read. It helps you to build trust and credibility with your client instead of being an outright punt.

So, instead of writing an article about your product, you write about something that your target market would want to read about. Say, for example, you are in the fashion industry. Instead of writing an article about your new fall line, you would write about the top fashion trends for fall.

It is about putting the client first and thinking about what they need, rather than focusing on trying to sell to them. It is a more effective strategy because it allows you to show off your expertise and lets you improve brand awareness.

Whereas people are likely to tune out a straight marketing message, they are not likely to tune out this kind of message. This leads them to seek out your business. Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing is all about giving the client more choice.

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Why Is Inbound Marketing So Important In 2018?

Everyone is being bombarded by sales messages. Your clients open up a video on Facebook, and halfway through an ad starts playing. They click on a link to an article and have to scroll through a thousand adverts to get to read the whole thing.

Okay, so that is a bit of an exaggeration, it is only going to be two or three ads, but you get the idea. Ads are everywhere, and there are many that are invasive. So, it is natural for consumers to want to block them out.

The simple fact is that adverts have become a real nuisance in our lives. And, let’s be honest, most people don’t even bother with them. Everyone says that they have the best product, etc. so there really is little incentive for consumers to read ads or even take them seriously.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is far more effective because it provides useful information, no sales message attached.

Why Every Business Needs Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a way of cutting through all the noise out there. If you provide valuable content, people will not only want to read/ watch it; they will want to share it as well. People like looking good in front of their social circle. Great content allows them to do this.

That means more organic traffic without really trying that hard. People will view the content as a reflection of your company’s professionalism and your commitment to customer service. By providing top quality content, you are helping to boost your company’s profile.

By providing it without expecting anything in return, you are improving your company’s image even more. You are showing that you care about potential clients. That it isn’t all about the money for you. (It might be all about the money, but it isn’t going to seem that way.)

You are doing the person a favor. They might very well want to reciprocate by supporting your business. That could mean purchasing, or it could mean getting the word out about your brand. Either way, it’s a big win.

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Types Of Inbound Marketing

  • Content Marketing

    Content marketing is bound to be a big part of an inbound marketing strategy. This is where you create content that people will consume. It can take various forms – blog posts, articles in industry magazines, videos, podcasts, etc.

    The key to content marketing is to create interesting and polished content. Choose a medium that your target market is most likely to respond to. It is effective because people choose to consume the content. This is not an ad blasted at them.

  • SEO

    Search engine optimization is just another one of the many inbound marketing tools that we have at our disposal. With SEO, you are optimizing the content on your website and blog so that it ranks more highly in search results.

    One of the ways of doing this is by making sure that the content is flawless. The benefit of getting SEO right is that people will be seeking your company out. Again, you are not blasting an advertising message at them.

  • Social Media

    Social media is all about building the relationship with your prospects and so can be a valuable inbound marketing tool. Again, it is the consumer making the decisions here. They can choose to follow your page, or not.

    That is why it is essential to use this more as an opportunity to get clients to interact with your page rather than always trying to sell them something. The power of social media should not be underestimated.

    When someone likes, shares, or comments on your post on Facebook, everyone in their circle is going to see it. The more popular a post becomes, the more valuable Facebook will deem it to be, and the more exposure it will get.

    Social media is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy because it is a lot more interactive and versatile. You can post links to your content, post a quick shout-out, ask questions, etc.

Looking To Get Started? Contact Us Today

There are a lot of ways to get started. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing for businesses. You could, for example, try marketing with Hubspot. This will give you access to a lot of different tools and some ideas for content.

Want to really knock it out of the park? Give us a call, and we can help you come up with the perfect strategy going forward. Not only that, we can help you manage all aspects of your inbound marketing campaign.

So, you don’t have to worry about when to post, or what to post on Facebook, what content to create or even how to manage the SEO on your site. We’ll take care of all that so that you can focus on your business and all the new clients that will come your way.

For a winning strategy from the outset, without all the hassle of actually executing it, contact us today.

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