Over the past decade, social media has become one of the most important channels for promoting your business and keeping in touch with your customer base. However, social media management is no easy task. Navigating the different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can be a daunting task — each requires specific knowledge as well as an ability to keep up with constant changes and developments. Many companies profess to have excellent social media skills, but few have the knowledge and experience to actually produce results for your business.



Hiring someone with superficial knowledge of social media or someone who does not pay attention to your business’ specific needs can cause many problems down the road. Apart from failing to produce the results that you expected, inexperienced consultants will also provide low-quality social media analytics and treat your business’ needs superficially. Rather than helping you, the service you receive will end up costing you both time and money.



At Visibly Connected, we have a team of social media consultants with years of experience who know the ins and outs of each social media platform. In addition to our knowledge and expertise, our experience assisting a range of different businesses has allowed us to acquire in-depth knowledge of the specificities and needs of each industry. As a result, our team at Visibly Connected has the necessary experience and qualifications to give your social media platforms a much-needed boost.


Will social media be useful for my specific business?
In this day in age, social media is a useful and increasingly necessary tool for any company. The opportunities that social media offers in establishing connections with new clients cannot be replicated in any advertising channel. Apart from allowing you to reach customers you might not have been able to before, social media might also be a useful customer relations tool, allowing you to keep track of what your customers are (un)happy with.
How much does a social media management service cost?
We offer a range of different social media services, so the cost will depend on the type of package you select. If you are interested in receiving more information about the types of services we offer, as well as their individual pricing, take a look at our packages below or feel free to contact us at
Why is it better to hire an agency for social media management rather than someone in-house?
It is much better to hire a specialized agency for your social media marketing. While it might be tempting to hire an in-house professional for social media optimization, we believe one individual cannot keep track of all of the changes occurring in social media on a regular basis. An agency like Visibly Connected has years of experience specializing in social media marketing for a wide range of different clients so it has the necessary expertise to conduct your social media optimization successfully.
Can you help me determine whether I will be able to achieve my online marketing goals using social media marketing?
Yes, of course. One of the main (and most important) aspects of our social media consultancy services is working closely with you to determine the types of social media campaigns and strategies that are best suited for your business.
Do you do social media tracking?
Yes! we do. We are happy to provide you with a detailed report at the end of each month regarding your social media activity. We believe this is an important part of our social media marketing services because it allows you to track the changes in your social media over time, thereby seeing the effects of each campaign. Also, tweaking and adapting your social media marketing strategy is sometimes important due to the changing social media landscape.

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