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December 4, 2017
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Video marketing is popular, and it is no secret why. We could provide many, many reasons why video marketing will help your business. However, today we will concentrate on a few. Video marketing is essential to your business in today’s market. The days of static advertisement are drawing to a close. Video marketing is the best and fastest way to boost your online visibility.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos in any or all aspects of your various marketing campaigns. This includes product and service videos, videos on your website, videos used in social media, and videos used in advertising. Video marketing is not only a video specifically showing a product or video marketingservice. It includes any videos used to brand your company, video testimonials, customer-created videos, live event videos, videos provided for entertainment, and much more.

Why Should I be Using Videos?

Search Engines Love Videos.

It’s true. Using embedded videos on your website increases your search engine ranking. You can leverage your videos in many ways for search engine optimization. Google now owns YouTube. This means that when you tag, title, and describe your videos well on YouTube, it will help your overall search engine ranking.

Videos also help to increase your click-through rates, open rates, and conversions. All of these contribute to a better SEO ranking.

Video Marketing Boosts Retention.

The retention rate is high for information both seen and heard. Studies show retention is 80 percent when info is seen and heard. However, the rate drops to just 20 percent for information seen only and 10 percent for information heard only. Video is the best way to combine audio and visual information into one!

Video is Optimized for Mobile use.

YouTube reports that mobile video consumption increases over 100% percent each year. Most consumers use mobile devices to watch videos. When you incorporate video marketing into your strategy, mobile users engage more and stay video marketing

Videos Help Boost Conversion Rates.

Consumers interested in purchasing a product are much more likely to purchase after seeing a demo or explanation video. Therefore, video marketing builds trust between you and your consumer when he or she sees the product or service in action. If your product or service is more complicated, a video explains it in a way that never quite comes through in just text.

Videos are Emotional.

Finally, videos appeal to the emotions of the consumer, even when it might just be a product demo. As a result, appealing to emotion of the consumer will spark more engagement, shares, and viral potential.

In conclusion, there are so many reasons video marketing can help your business. Videos are the future of marketing and social media, and it is time for your business to be involved.


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