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August 2, 2018
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August 9, 2018
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Web Security

The SEO environment depends upon the creation of secure environments where potential and existing customers can be contacted with minimal security risk.

Out of the many options that offer security for transactions and data exchanges online, none perform as well as the SSL certificate.

These digital certificates boost customer trust and offer high levels of data protection, among other various benefits.

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates, also called Secure Socket Layer certificates, are small cryptographic keys consisting of small data files that organizations or websites use to protect login sessions and the information provided.

The SSL certificate is also called a digital certificate, and it depends on a set of digital keys that consist of randomly generated numbers. There are two types of keys involved in most SSL certificate services and each party uses their own. The public key is available at the server and also to the public domain.

However, each access to this same server depends on the possession of both the public key and another private key that each user possesses during a particular time of access.

Such keys are usually long and very difficult to crack or hack, even when using supercomputing facilities.

Therefore, SSL certificates are highly secure cyber security technologies used for protecting credit card transactions, secure data transfers, and even secure website and portal logins.

Here are our Top 3 reasons you should be using a SSL Certificate on your website;

1. Improves Customer Trust

SSL certificates offer websites and organizations engaged in e-commerce with a high level of security.

Customers are very keen on the level of security that websites and e-commerce platforms offer them when transacting. Therefore, using SSL certificates could greatly improve customer trust in a number of ways.

The first is ensuring that your website always uses a valid SSL certificate from reputable vendors.

Due to their high security features that protect both website users and the organizational servers, these certificates ensure that all customer’s data is safe and easily accessible to them if necessary.

Many cyber-security resources operate invisibly meaning that customers get online with the belief that their data and login sessions are safe. However, many cyber-attacks utilize this ignorance to target login sessions using spam and phishing methods.

SSL certificates always indicate their status on the screen for the customer to see.

The moment there is a security breach, the SSL resources not only indicate the same, they initiate protection protocols to ensure the customer’s data and their finances are safe. Such openness is important for the preservation of customer trust.

SSL certificates come in different varieties to serve various business and organizational needs.

Depending on whether the main drive for using these certificates is encryption, discretion, or just cyber security, customers know their every need is met the moment they see an SSL certificate icon on their login page.

Such resources boost their confidence and trust.

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2. Best Practice for SEO

There is an increasingly close connection between search ranking performance and the presence of SSL certificate use.

Most users will abandon the top search engine result pages if they lack the HTTPS mark indicating an absence of an SSL certificate.

It seems that most of the activity related to SEO involves sharing sensitive information or some form of financial commitment both of which rely on utmost security. Therefore, SEO depends on the existence of SSL certificate to a great extent especially if the same is intended for e-commerce.

An important factor that determines the effectiveness of many of the current SEO strategies is the page’s ability to load quickly once the algorithms have been chosen.

However, a modern practice of Google and other major search engines of prioritizing HTTPS-enabled websites faster by default, may have distinct impacts on the SEO outcomes of websites.

Regardless of whether your website or web page was optimized perfectly or not, the lack of a reputable SSL certificate on it slows it down during searches.

Such effects could adversely impact SEO.

3. Protects Data

SSL certificates protect many scenarios that involve multiple users accessing a small group of organizational or single-user servers.

They protect the data involved in online transactions which are becoming more common as more people embrace e-commerce.

Credit card transaction and even mobile phone wallets use highly encrypted methods of securing the customers’ credentials making SSL certificates an ideal method.

Some e-commerce environments and interaction depend more on the exchange of information than cash. These communications rely on the safety protocols in place to ensure that no third party eavesdrops on their sessions.

Social media is one such application where user data protection is an essential component of the platforms. SSL certificates coupled with high level encryption keys ensure that users can interact without risking their data.

Certain environments demand the collection and relay of information under the most secure conditions over the internet. Scientific and industrial test facilities rely on SSL certificates and complex encryption technology to relay such sensitive or proprietary information to safe servers.

Therefore, SSL certificates also offer data protection for organizations and individuals afraid of intellectual property theft or security breach.

The Global Standard for Internet Security

SSL certificates are complex encryption keys consisting of small data files that protect login and data exchanges between organizational servers and user logins. These certificates rely on two keys which ensure that only one user with the right prerequisite key gains secure access to a login session and certain data from the target server. Such cyber security features are useful for the SEO environment because they improve customer trust through visible security features and proven data security.

SSL certificates are best practice for SEO based on the increasingly close relationship between search ranking and HTTPS-enabled web pages. Almost all users benefiting from SEO practices seem to trust web pages that have SSL certificates too. Such pages offer vast security features over traditional anti-virus software based cyber security solutions.

Digital certificates are receiving increased attention from other domains out of the SEO realm. Their ability to offer high levels of cyber security for user data makes them common in industrial and scientific testing facilities. Such organizations need to send their data using networks that are susceptible to interference and hacking making SSL certificates useful in preventing theft of intellectual property and against corporate espionage.

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