The Three Most Insightful Features of Facebook Insights
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Facebook Insights

Facebook is a powerful, and often under-utilized, social media marketing platform. There’s so much more to it than posting every once in a while and trying to grow your “likes.” It’s a platform for connecting with customers authentically, memorably, and frequently. Facebook’s business page features also offer a goldmine of insightful data for businesses. The sheer amount of information can seem overwhelming, which means it’s often ignored. Here are a few simple aspects of your Facebook business page that you should focus on and learn from.

These features are best viewed on a desktop. On your business’s Facebook page, click “Insights,” the fourth tab along the top left-hand side.

1) Your Recent Posts

In the middle of the “overview” page, you’ll see a list of your five most recent posts. To see further back, you can click “See All Posts.” From here you can see a snapshot of how each post performed: its overall reach (the number of people who have seen it) and the amount of engagement (clicks, likes, comments, shares) it received. But don’t stop there, click on the link to each post to get specific stats. How many people clicked to view this photo or follow the link? These numbers are significant. Just because not everyone “liked” the post, doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t interested in its content. Also, pay attention to the “negative feedback” section. Did anyone click on this post to unlike your page or hide your future posts? If so, they found this content annoying or uninteresting.

Use this data to inform your future decisions about what to post. No matter how interesting you find certain information, if your audience is telling you they are disinterested, listen to them. Create the kinds of posts your audience cares about.

2) When Your Fans are Online

Now that you know what your fans like to see, we need data that tells us the best time to post. One often-overlooked feature of Facebook Insights is a timeline that shows you when your fans are online. (Your “fans” are the individuals on Facebook who have liked and followed your page).

Along the left-hand side of “Insights,” click on “Posts.” The first data chart to appear is “When Your Fans are Online.” You’ll notice a list of days showing the total number of fans who were online that day. Click on a day, and below there’s a graph chart showing the number of fans online at specific times during that day. Typically, online presence peaks in the evenings, but it varies day-to-day and is slightly different for each company. Use this data to decide when to post. The best time to post is about an hour before your fan presence peaks. Remember you can schedule your posts ahead of time, which makes it easy to target a specific time frame.

3) Your Fans

The last feature of Insights that you should be aware of is in the “People” link. You’ll see two tabs here, “Fans” and “People Reached.” This section provides detailed demographic data about your Facebook fan base. You can see percentages showing the male/female ratio, average age, and even a breakdown of where your fans are based geographically. This defines your target audience for you, which you can use to tailor your posts and content to their preferences and interests.


Kati Crump
Kati is a content writer for Visibly Connected. She enjoys creating a unique voice and personality for each business that she represents, and establishing effective communication between that business and its customers.
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