The Correlation Between Big Data & Digital Marketing
Keywords are the key to a successful Google Ads campaign.
Keywords: The Key to a Successful Google Ads Campaign
November 25, 2019
Optimizing Your Social Media
Optimizing Your Social Media
November 30, 2019
The Correlation Between Big Data & Digital Marketing

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Big Data & Digital Marketing

As technology advances and continues to become interwoven into our lives like never before, Digital Marketing is no exception.

Heck, it has digital in the name, so this should come as no surprise.

What might be a surprise is how rapidly technology is increasing to not only collect data on the past but use that data to predict the future.

Of course, from the beginning of time itself to the infomercials of the 90s to the French Quarter of present-day New Orleans, many have proclaimed the ability to predict the future, but few have presented evidence that they actually could.

Enters Big Data, large, complex collections of data that are generally gathered from a variety of sources and can help predict future behavior.

The end of the 10s and beginning of the 20s can be bookmarked as an analytics-driven society, and recently, we have seen remarkable and horrifying things come from the use of personal data through machines.

Regardless of our personal feelings towards it, Big Data is here to stay, and with this information, advertisers are given a plethora of tools and options when it comes to planning and executing their marketing plan.

Machines Can Learn Too

Machine learning is a huge trend that is set to continue and grow stronger as Artificial Intelligence (AI) only improves.

Digital Marketing with big data

In the Digital Marketing world, this allows advertisers to let computers do the heavy lifting and output measurable, simplified data once performing complicated calculations.

The result?

Organized data that is digestible yet insightful enough to deliver results when dissected and utilized.

Complex Actions and Understandings, Simplified

A simple example of some of the complex actions that are available to marketers would be the various tools that Google allows under its platform, Google Ads.

Here, advertisers have the chance to see Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI come together as one.

Advertisers are afforded the opportunity to predict future outcomes based on past data and results, automate time-consuming tasks such as bidding, and analyze data points that are collected with suggestions from the program to help optimize your campaign further.

Talk about intuitive!

These are but a few of the examples in which Big Data can be used to help get the most out of your marketing efforts, and as technology grows and updates appear, we are beginning to gather more and more tools at our fingertips.

Analytics continue to gift us with a variety of data points and learning which to follow and how to implement them will help forge more effective marketing decisions today and for your future.

Pro Tip:

Automatic does not mean autonomous. Your data and programs still require guidelines, monitoring, and assistance if they are going to succeed and provide valuable insight.

Govern Your Campaign With Expert Care

As Big Data continues to collect data, and Machine Learning continues to improve its abilities, campaigns will be able to be further optimized, and target markets reached with greater efficiency.

Traditionally, Big Data has been categorized by Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity, and when monitoring your campaign, it can be important to keep these principals in mind when sifting through data points.


Massive amounts of data at once.Big data options

Is your campaign reaching tens of thousands or even millions of viewers within your audience?

How do you make sense of a volume of said proportion, and where do you begin?


Are you collecting data from only one source or various sources?

Is the data collected simplified already, or do you have multiple data points that can be sorted, assessed, and viewed together to create an inference about what lays before you?


Remember the first “V’ we spoke about, Volume?

How fast are those thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, etc., data points coming in?

Since there is also the Variety factor to consider, how many additional data points are coming in at that speed that is thereby multiplied because of the sheer amount of data being collected?


What and more importantly, who are the sources of your data?

Is it accurate?

Can it be verified?

As we can see, it doesn’t take much for Big Data to become a bit convoluted and quickly complicated.

For many small businesses, utilizing these data points can yield many positive outcomes; however, it can be costly and time-consuming to sort through, and even then

The right plan to market your business requires a lot of attention and patience.

, you have to ensure you are performing this function correctly or it is back to square one.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your marketing plan through a data-driven, optimized strategy, save the time and hassle by contacting the Digital Marketing experts of Visibly Connected.

Our trained experts have the knowledge and techniques to cut to the heart of the data points and find which pieces fit your goals and budget.

Grow your brand with a customized strategy created to help you reach your goals, Contact Us Today!

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