Agency or In-House: How Should You Market Your Brand?
June 13, 2019
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Win More HVAC Leads
June 27, 2019

A business meeting at a law firm

Stating Your Law Firm’s Case

Marketing your law firm has never been of more importance than it is today.

According to the American Bar Association, the industry has had an increase of over 15% over the last decade.

  • How do you present your law firm in a growing sea of attorneys?
  • Bus benches?
  • Billboards?
  • Those corny commercials you never remember but can’t seem to forget?

Thankfully there are better methods.

A scale to represent justice in marketing for the legal system

Using digital marketing as a tool for marketing your law firm can present clear messages that target your specific audiences for your services.

The problem with many forms of traditional marketing is that the media it is presented cannot ensure the actual audience we are attempting to reach will be met with our message. Using the Internet and marketing though it can provide real results that are:

  • Measurable in the results provided through your law firm’s goals.
  • Trackable and able to implement retargeting to your audience.
  • Autonomous through its communication and reach.
  • Precise in its ability to define and communicate with your specific target market.

Whether you are just starting off or have been in the legal system for decades, we can show you how using digital marketing tools can benefit your practice and increase the number of clients you can acquire.

Websites and Social Presence Visibly Connected building a marketing plan for a law company

Simply existing on both social media and the Internet is a great step forward but they won’t put you ahead of the game.

Consider this, for every attorney in your area, chances are many if not all of them are already on the Internet. Competing with them for clients is a very real prospect in the modern marketplace because many potential clients have access to the Internet and use it to find services with legal services being no difference.


Search engines run the Internet and an overwhelming majority of online experiences begin with an inquiry of Google, Bing, or some other engine. People are searching for solutions and when your brand is presented as a solution for their problems, they can become a lead or even a client.

Websites rely on what is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO to present themselves to those who are searching for the content that they provide. Don’t be fooled, Google has algorithms and digital bots whose entire existences are hinged on the fact that they can hunt the web to determine which content matters and which does not.

Creating the correct content and literally stating the correct words can have your webpage at the top of the search results or buried under millions of other options. Considering most users never make it to the second page of a search result much less the third or fourth, ensuring your website ranking can compete with neighboring attorneys is of utmost importance for attracting new clients.

While your website will require some work in terms of content and monitoring, it is also powerful in that it is always available to clients or potential clients as a way to inform them of the services you provide. The same can be said for social media.

Social media is a wonderful tool for marketing your law firm by showcasing your services and even interacting with the audience you’re working to gain and keep. Using social media as a business tool but mixing in some of the personal sides of you or your firm is a great way to engage with your audience and create a more personable approach.

Precise Ads for the Right AudienceA digital marketing company running ads for a lawyer

Advertisements have evolved into much more than they were even a decade ago.

The modern advertisement campaign, when done correctly, goes far beyond the basis of demographics and can be used on various platforms within the Internet.

For example, on Facebook or Instagram, users can be specifically targeted and monitored based on the interests they actively participate in. The ads can also be strategically presented to this audience in the areas in which they occupy digitally based off of those interests to communicate your services and influence a sale.

Advertisements can also be used throughout the Internet based on what people are searching for. Exceeding the previously mentioned efforts through a website for your practice, customers who search for your services can find you through ads that appear as a result of a consumer’s search engine results for the services they seek.

Both ad types allow your practice to retarget those who have not hired or have previously hired your services and present additional points of contact to further encourage positive action.

Monitor Your Digital Reputation and Present Your Best Work

That big case you just won?

The Internet is the perfect place to show exactly what your services can do for clients through past results and ongoing cases. A properly designed website can provide potential clients with a wealth of information on what your law firm can provide for them and so much more.

Gain an even better reputation and more credibility from potential clients by encouraging and receiving reviews of your services. It is also a good idea to monitor and resolve any negative reviews that may harm your practice. Legitimate critiques are one thing but having your name ruined online by false claims (libel is it?) can obviously harm your practice when people read those statements. Fight back by being present and aware of how your practice is being perceived in the digital world.

In the Case of Marketing Your Law Firm, You Have the Right to a Partnership

Visibly Connected shaking hands with a lawyer over a signed deal.

Any man can defend him or herself in a court of law, wisely most exercise their right to an attorney.

Attorneys are experts in their specific practices and know far more than the average person would when it comes to strategically communicating an argument and in the same way, digital marketing firms are experts in their prospective fields.

Pro tip- Hiring a marketing firm to partner with your practice’s digital marketing efforts allows you to:

  • Have access to industry experts in a constantly changing field.
  • An extra partnership to assist with creative ideas.
  • Content creation that leads to clients.
  • Website development and monitoring to optimize your pages and protect against misinformation or attacks.
  • Expert advertisers who can pinpoint your audience and position advertising dollars in the best place to maximize a budget.

If you are looking to start from scratch or simply boost your marketing efforts, then entrust the digital marketing firm with over four decades of combined experience and a track record for propelling law practices forward, Visibly Connected. Contact us today and see the difference our expert team of marketers can do to boost your law practice.

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