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Treat! Gourmet Cupcakes

Hi Page, just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the two session tutorial on Facebook. Treat! has always had someone else work on our Facebook but as we grow there are always things going on that I felt our customers would like to know. Having someone do our Facebook that is not physically in the shop was not doing justice to our business. I learned so much just in the two one/one lessons with you…I also realize the more I know the less I know and want to learn. I feel more confident having you answer all those ’silly’ beginner questions that someone 70 and been In business for 7 years should have known. I will be calling for another appointment next week..I appreciate your patience in teaching this old ‘dog’ some new tricks. Best wishes

Kim Spurlock

Spurlock Law

I have worked with Visibly Connected for a few years. They have been very helpful in creating and maintaining my law firm’s online presence, as well as helping to re-vamp and modernize my firm’s website. They are always very responsive to my needs and questions, and help to solve any issues in short order. I would, and have, highly recommend them for all of your online needs.

Millie Garrison

Humble Area Ministries

Since Visibly Connected has taken over our social media, we have more exposure than ever. They are creative and always giving great ideas between our three sites. I really appreciate their communication and dedication no matter what time of the day or night. If we need them (and we have) they are there! Thank you Visibly Connected!

KM Solutions Specialists

“Over the years we have used SEO as a way to build our ranking within the worldwide web. David and the team at Visibly Connected have played an instrumental role in those efforts. Visibly Connected strategically works behind the scenes to ensure that we are consistently at the top of all major search engines. The results have been amazing!”

Erik Skarbovig

Furniture Traditions

“We have been working with David and his staff and any request in developing our site has been outstanding. We meet once a week to make changes and improvements. It takes dedication and communication to get your site the way you want it.Updating with new and taking off what does not work is important. I would recommend Visibly Connected to any business associate.”

Michael Jenkins

Accurate Home Services

“Since Visibly Connected has taken over our social media, our business has way more exposure than ever before. Society sees us in the community with different projects that we conduct. We credit the success of our website, Facebook, and other social media to Visibly Connected. They are always giving great ideas with their marketing team. Always eager to represent who we are as a business. We would definitely recommend this company to anyone and everyone!”

Anita Cooper

Kingwood Promotions

“David and Page Cherry, owners of Visibly Connected are fantastic! I participated in their online marketing class; teaching techniques to promote my business. I really enjoyed the class, the information is very valuable and they are true leaders in the business! I recommend their online marketing class to anyone!”

Martha Serna

Serna Insurance

“Visibly Connected handles my website, twitter and facebook page and they are incredible. I don’t do anything with my website without discussing it with them first and getting their feedback. Thank you Visibly Connected!”

Gwen Key

Key Realtors, Inc.

“I have been working with Visibly connected as my social media manager for several months now. I knew the importance of having a social presence but didn’t really know how to do what they do or have the time to do it. Since Visibly Connected has started managing my sites, I have seen my presence grow. As I scroll through my personal page, I will come across my business posts and am very impressed with the posts made and the interaction going on.I get updates on how things are doing and that helps me to see the value. The writers are great to work with and really take time to understand me and what I am about.”

Tiffany Avila

The Hometown Chef

Our company, the hometown Chef catering co., wants to sing the praises of our social media experts, visibly connected! Our target market is the millennials since we do A great deal of wedding catering. Visibly connected has done an amazing job with keeping our content on our social media posts fresh, interesting, and relevant to our target market. Most of the purchasing decisions our clients make come after research on social media so having a strong company like Visibly Connected do this for us is so valuable! We know we capture a great deal of business from our social media exposure because our clients tell us they see us on social media and that's what leads them to us. We have also developed strong business partnerships due to the engaging that visibly connected has done for us. This has definitely led to increased profits. Our corporate clients find us as well on our beautiful website which was also done by Visibly Connected. We highly recommend this amazing, professional company to catapult your business.

Jason Waggoner

ACUTRAQ Background Screening

“David and his team helped us tremendously, not only do they provide top notch service they help you understand the different areas your company is represented online. If you are not familiar with Social Media and that type of Marketing, or you are but don’t have time to manage it, I recommend the Visibly Connected to team every time. They literally cover everything from managing social media to helping you build the right website. We have learned so much about twitter, facebook, and google + with their help. I hope you’ll give them an opportunity to share their solutions with you.”

Steven Parrish

Wild Magnolia Landscaping

“We used David to design our website and he is very knowledgeable and knows what consumers are looking for. We have continued to use him to do small updates and continued improvements over time.”

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