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Whether your business is brand new, or well established, it’s imperative that you know your target audience to be successful. It can be a challenge to reach your ideal demographic, but here are 5 of the best ways to do so.

Step 1

Identify and develop a very specific profile of your ideal customer/client. Who shops at your store or uses your services? Is he a suburban dad who makes all the decisions about the home utilities/repairs, and grills on the weekends? Is she a high-level executive, who wears expensive clothing and accessories, and travels often? It’s necessary to think about your customer/client interests beyond the products/services you offer, to understand and empathize with the things that will grab their attention. If you know that your ideal client golfs every weekend, you can create posts and articles that reference or relate to that sport, even if it has little to do with your business.

Step 2

Determine which social media platforms will grow your reach the fastest and easiest. Access to research about general social media demographics is plentiful. For instance, ask Google who uses Instagram the most, and the top offering says, “The Pew Research Center found last year that Facebook remained the most popular social media platform. Seventy-nine percent of adults who are online used the service, 32 percent Instagram, 31 percent Pinterest, 29 percent LinkedIn and just 24 percent for Twitter.” – Newsweek article.  Dig a little, and discover where your target demographic hangs out the most often, and make it a priority to utilize that platform to its full extent.

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Step 3

Utilize the Facebook Groups. You can start or grow a group sponsored by your Facebook business page, which will allow you to market more freely than from your business page alone. You will be able to escape the restrictive Facebook algorithm which limits visibility of your business posts to a small percentage of your followers. Just be careful not to over-promote your business in a group, as they are mainly for community interaction. They are also a great place to learn about and ask polling questions of your target audience.

Step 4

Find Influencers. Identifying and wooing influencers to promote your business, has now become a crucial part of strong business growth. This idea is basically about finding other individuals or businesses in your field, to partner with. You can look for bloggers, popular social media personalities, and wide-reaching business reviewers. There are platforms such as, that will allow you to pay a small fee to influencers to share your posts. Or you can concentrate on organic growth by utilizing your existing customers/clients. To do this, make sure your Google Business profile is current and filled in completely, as it will generate keywords for customer/client searches. You can also offer encouragement or incentives within the groups you run or belong to, for followers to share or repost.

Step 5

Research and listen. The ways of learning about your target audience are endless in this digital age where information flows nonstop. From Twitter searches to Quora questions to online surveys and polls, you have easy access to all the information you need to target a well-planned marketing campaign. Interacting with your existing audience is key. Engaging in conversations through social media interactions, calls to action through your email campaigns, or simple in-person conversations with your target audience, are all fantastic methods.

Once you’ve identified and studied the ideal target audience for your business, it will be time to revive, strengthen or create your ideal marketing campaign. Give Visibly Connected a call at 281-940-7463, and we can help you determine the best path for your marketing needs.Visibly Connected Logo

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