Money Left in Your Yearly Budget? Invest in Marketing! (Learn Why)
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Invest In Marketing

As the end of the calendar year gets nearer, do you find yourself with some wiggle room in your business’s yearly budget? Wondering what to spend it on to best benefit your business and to take advantage of end-of-year tax breaks? A little boost to the marketing budget may be exactly what your company needs! Online marketing is the best way to increase your business’s visibility and audience reach. Here are a few benefits of investing in quality digital marketing, especially at this time of year:

Get a Solid Return on Your Investment

There are always plenty of options of what to do with surplus funds in the budget. Sure, you could spend the rest of your budget on a lavish company party or expensive new office furniture, but those types of perks will lose value quickly. Make sure your surplus budget is not thrown away carelessly but invested into a channel that will bring long-term growth and return on investment to your company. Research has shown that successful businesses spend an average of 6% of monthly revenue on marketing. Evaluate your current budget; if you’re spending less than 6% on marketing, it’s time to give your marketing budget a boost. A solid digital marketing investment with an experienced online marketing company will bring long-term growth, relevance, and success to your business.

The Holidays Are the Best Time for Marketing

People are simply in the buying mood this time of year. Businesses have traditionally used end-of-year sales, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, to boost their income to make sure their yearly budget is “in the black” (indicating a profitable business). No matter what it is your business sells, whether services or products, now is the best time to advertise to potential clients. Invest in digital marketing to get your brand in front of your audience, using social media, your website, or email, at this crucial time of year. Offer special promotions or sales if you wish in order to gain attention and bring in new customers, or simply increase your marketing budget to take advantage of the positive mood of the holiday season and get your brand in front of clients.

Start the New Year with Momentum

As the current year winds to a close, it’s tempting to coast through the holidays and let your business dwindle in energy and purpose. The mindset of “we’ll deal with that after the holidays,” or “we’ll pick things back up in the new year” is very common. However, this mentality can lead to regrets when the new year starts and it’s difficult to pick up momentum. Think about how you want the next year to be for your business, and take steps NOW to make sure the new year will start on the right foot for your company. Do you want 2018 to be a year of technological advancement, growth in client-base, and image rebranding? Adding or raising your marketing budget now, and finding a quality digital marketing company, is the best way to start working towards those goals so that they’re already in place and building momentum for the start of the new year. Your employees and customers will also pick up on that fresh energy at the start of the year, which will set your business up for an exciting new year of growth and progress!

There is no better time to give your marketing budget the boost it needs to bring change and success to your business. We at Visibly Connected are here to help you make the most of your budget and bring you the return of investment from online marketing that your company needs!

Kati Crump
Kati is a content writer for Visibly Connected. She enjoys creating a unique voice and personality for each business that she represents, and establishing effective communication between that business and its customers.
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