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There are always new social media trends to look out for.

Social Media Trends to Watch

Keeping up with the Kardashians seems to be easier than keeping up with the various Social Media trends that come and go.

From apps to new mediums to trends and more, social platforms keep things interesting for marketers and by nature are creatures of change more than habit.

Trying to predict the habits of the humans on the other side of these screens and cipher through the always evolving Social Media landscape is a challenge for even the most seasoned veteran marketer, but it is possible.

Staying on top of the latest and greatest news in Social Media marketing is always only a couple of clicks away with the power of the Internet. Our digital guide will help you and your brand prepare to close out 2019 and start 2020 with some of the hottest current trends to watch on Social Media.

Social Media Influencers are Here to Stay  Youtube logo

People want to buy from people they know, and most importantly, they want to buy from those they trust. Influencers who build trust are finding themselves in a unique position to endorse brands and discovering the payday that comes along with it.

Don’t be fooled though, not all influencers are claiming millions in promotion fees, and that spells good news for small businesses.

A local food chain may not have hundreds of thousands to pay an A-list celebrity, but they can afford a few hundred dollars or a free meal to broadcast through a local influencer with thousands of followers.

Finding influencers’ opportunities in which you can both bring value to each other isn’t limited to conglomerates. Building trust with local influencers can gain you powerful endorsements while exposing your product or service to an audience you may never have had access to otherwise.

TikTok Should not be Ignored  The TikTok app

We aren’t speaking about the party anthem from the summer of ‘09, no, we’re talking about TikTok, the Social Media platform that is filling the void Vine left in our hearts when it tragically left us in 2017.

TikTok is heavily skewed to younger views and is a comparatively young Social Media channel that allows users to link their short-form videos with an impressive library of music to create fun videos.

Brands are starting to realize, however, that this playground of pet videos and lip sync dances is also rising quickly. With over a billion downloads in its short 3-year lifespan, TikTok is positioning itself as a rising star among Social Media platforms.

Time will tell if TikTok can survive along with the likes of the giants known as Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, but there is a lot of opportunity in this space and audiences hunger for content. How will you tell your story?

Privacy is Becoming a Growing Priority

We’re all adults here; we know that if it’s online, it’s no longer private right?

Right?Girl shielding herself with an umbrella for privacy

Well, for those who didn’t realize it, you sure do now.

The fallout from the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco made national headlines, and marketers can still feel the effects to this day.

Social Media companies heard the backlash and have taken action.

A win for privacy but an additional hurdle for marketers.

True, marketing practices should never be invasive, but some of the regulations and features that have been taken away from creating audiences and defining target markets for your brand have had unintended consequences.

Features that can be used to define an audience innocently have been tweaked or removed, and brands would be wise to identify such changes and how it affects their audiences and budget.

Pro Tip: The costs associated with advertising is a trend that marketers are always interested in following. With privacy policies changing the way brands can create audiences, watching your costs and how they are affected due to the broadness of an ad may raise your marketing costs on a platform that has remained relatively the same for the last 4 years.

The Fall of “Likes” and the Rise of “Saves”   Social media likes and saves.

Likes, as we know them, maybe gone for good.

At least on Instagram. 

Instagram has already begun testing this system in certain countries and will still allow users to view content and “like” the posts of their choosing; however, the real difference is that only the publisher will be able to see how many likes his or her post contains.

The idea is a push for quality content and less of a vanity metric being the decider of publishing content and also adding towards the overall likes in the audience.

This can have huge ramifications, especially in the influencer world, but also for brands looking to gain exposure.

Overall, the trend is that “likes” might not help you improve your reach against Instagram’s algorithm like they once would.

Well, what are brands to do?

“Saves” are one of the hottest trends on Instagram and allow users to bookmark content and organize posts into categories for later use and further consumption.

The idea goes back to creating content that adds value instead of only posting to post or for clout or whatever the case may be.

Saves showcase the ability for a producer to create evergreen content and thus ads value to the users which see and save it.

We don’t fully understand the results from Instagram’s testing, but one thing is for sure, the ripple effects that this can send are worth monitoring and adjusting for.

Stay Connected With the Latest Social Media Marketing TrendsStaying connected with social media trends.

Trends come and go, but the one thing that isn’t trendy is the constant status of change.

What we mean is, things in the digital world are always changing, would you like to stay on top of it all?

Then do we have some excellent news for you!

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