Social Media, Digital Marketing & Adaptation
Convert Visitors With a Proper Call-to-Action
October 25, 2019
Keywords are the key to a successful Google Ads campaign.
Keywords: The Key to a Successful Google Ads Campaign
November 25, 2019

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Social Media, Digital Marketing & Adaptation

Social Media as a whole has had two constants in its relatively short life span on the Internet:

  • Nothing is constant.
  • Its platforms are usually underestimated in their infancy.The right plan to market your business requires a lot of attention and patience.

Just this year we, have seen these two principles displayed in full force across the Social Media landscape.

Facebook is making changes and conducting tests on both their parent platform and Instagram to dissolve the public’s view of “Likes” among other fundamental changes.

Emerging Social Media platforms such as TikTok are generating steam and providing new channels for content creators, yet there is resistance by some organizations due to the demographic.

The latter is a cycle that, when broken, can bring many long-term benefits for those willing to invest the time into their Content Marketing strategy, and it all comes down to the one thing needed to survive in the long game: adaptation.

A Modest Proposal for new Platforms

Do you remember when Facebook was a website to connect college students to network, party, and meet?

Remember when Social Media was silly altogether, and something children in high school played on after school?

Xanga anyone?

Not all Social Media has survived and thrived; however, the idea of Social Media continues to integrate with a sizable portion of the population and has evolved into a marketing dream.

Advertisers and organizations can now pinpoint audiences based on a variety of metrics, including what they are interested in or searching for using Social Media to present their message directly to customers that are looking to purchase their product or service.

But audiences grow, move, and evolve, which means organizations that fail to do so with them risk losing their attention and their trust.

MySpace, once the pinnacle of Social Media, is now basically non-existant and has lost a lot (A LOT) of data…forever.

Nostalgia aside, why does this matter?

What happens to your business if Facebook loses it all tomorrow?

What if Instagram is hacked and erased?

How does your business reach its audience if YouTube goes down?

Adapting and using new platforms provide additional places in which your audience can reach your brand and allows a bit of a safety net should another platform fail.

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Diversifying your channels, even beyond Social Media, for content to be distributed is always a best practice for any Content Marketing strategy.

First Mover’s Advantage

An overlooked aspect of why brands benefit from moving to newer Social Media platforms is that their content has less competition.

Imagine having a way to directly reach people who love sneakers and provide them with sneakers while the more prominent players such as Nike or Adidas were unable to reach them. Wouldn’t that give your company a bit of an advantage?

Of course, it would!

The truth is, in the beginning, you may gain nothing, you may gain everything, but the entire process allows you an advantage and an opportunity to provide content for your audience, without other distractions from competitors, and establish trust with that audience.

All it takes is a Content Marketing plan and the faith to make a move.

Pro tip: Schedule and cycle your content. You will get more out of your content, utilize more channels, and have your message reach more of your target audience if you find ways to reuse content on different channels. For example, if text works best through one channel, provide it there but then record yourself and provide an audio option through a different channel to reach more people.

Adaptation Doesn’t Stop With Social Media

Identifying opportunities is beneficial in business, so why do so many firms struggle when presented with opportunities in their marketing functions?

When we look at businesses that took advantage of online trends such as Amazon investing heavily in Google Ads or Wish investing heavily in Facebook Ads, we can see that utilizing Digital Marketing tools when they are new can pay off mightily in the long run.

No, I’m not saying to follow every trend blindly.

And again, I’m not promising the world on a platter overnight when your business does use practical steps to grow their reach online.

The point is simple, taking advantage of growing, sustainable online platforms when they are young can position your brand ahead of the competition and in an area for growth over the long-term.

So, how does one stay ahead of the curve and tapped into the trends taking place in the Digital Marketing world?Setting goals for branding.

Partnering with a reputable Digital Marketing firm, like Visibly Connected, can help your brand stay in touch with the ebbs and flows of the Digital Marketing landscape, elevate your Content Marketing efforts, expand your reach, and help your brand explore Online Marketing in new and exciting ways.

From pinpointing your message and audience through Social Media campaigns to creating Conversions through advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Visibly Connected has been helping brands reach their potential for almost a decade.

Contact Us Today and begin developing a marketing plan that tells your brand’s story and takes advantage of digital spaces you may have otherwise overlooked.

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