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January 30, 2018
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Google My Business Questions

We previously discussed some basics of using your Google My Business posting to your advantage. However, we really just scratched the surface. With so many possibilities, we want to help you really utilize your Google My Business (a FREE tool) to grow your business and improve your ranking through search engine optimization (SEO).

Google My Business Posts

Did you know you can put temporary posts on your Google My Business Listing? They appear like mini-ads. You can use these posts in a variety of ways. Advertise for an upcoming webinar or event. Post a call to action. You can even let those searching know of any specials or sales happening. Use the post to feature a new product or service, or even just wish them a happy holiday. The Google My Business posts are a great way to keep current, relevant information at the forefront for your customers.

These posts stay live for seven days, or if you are advertising an event, you can set it up to pull down after the event! Google will even remind you when it is time to create a new post for your listing. Always use a striking image but be sure to preview your post to be sure the image is showing correctly.

Booking through Google My Business

If your business relies on customers making appointments, the “Booking” feature of Google My Business can be an awesome tool for you. Using integrated scheduling software from one of Google’s supported providers, you can set up your listing to allow your customers to schedule straight from your listing. This is particularly helpful in gaining new customers, as you can simplify the process for them.


Allow Questions through Google My BusinessGoogle My Business Questions

This feature is exactly as it sounds. Google My Business allows interested parties to ask questions about your business straight from your listing. The more articulate and informative answers you provide to the questions, the better your business will look! This is one of the features that require regular log-ins to your dashboard to see if you have questions waiting to be answered. Just like edits to your listing, anyone can answer the questions, so it is important to stay on top of the questions to be able to answer them correctly and fully yourself.


Your Google My Business listing has so much to offer for increasing your business’s online visibility, and it is a free tool. If you invest a little bit of time each week into keeping your listing updated with informative and interesting posts and relevant information, you will see the payoff in your business.


Valerie Effinger
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