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Search Engine Optimization:
SEO That Actually Works

What is SEO?

"SEO" is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. You hear so-called ‘experts’ use the term ‘SEO’ without understanding what it really means. In a nutshell, SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic (number of visitors) to your website. Although we are SEO experts, we like to keep things simple so let’s break things down a little more.

  • Traffic Quality: This is more important than quantity. If you’re an apple seller but Google and other search engines tell visitors that you sell Apple laptops, it is low-quality, useless traffic. Clearly, you need people who are interested in your products and services.
  • Traffic Quantity: Once you get the right visitors, then you can focus on quantity. More visitors = More views = More sales.
  • Organic Search Engine Results: This is a fancy term for traffic you don’t pay for.

In the modern era, ‘local’ search engine traffic matters more than ever. Approximately 75% of search engine users never go beyond page one of the results. The thing about local SEO is that it helps you get found by prospective customers in your area. If you live in Houston Texas, for example, SEO in Houston involves a focus on keywords related to the city. Instead of ‘bakery’, you want to be ranked for ‘bakery in Houston’.

Why We Are the Best SEO Company in Houston

We understand that SEO involves a myriad of factors. While some of them will work alone, a combination of them, used correctly, all but guarantee your position near the top of the first page of search engines.

All search engines have ‘crawlers’ which go out and gather information about the Internet’s content. These crawlers return with the data which is used to build an index. This index is put through an algorithm which tries to match all data within the query. Google, in particular, updates their algorithm regularly which means SEO services in Houston, and other locations, sometimes have to change tactics to keep up.

At Visibly Connected, our expert team keeps up to date with SEO changes because when our finger is on the pulse, so is yours. For example, here are five ranking factors your website must focus on today:

  1. Content-based and page-level keyword metrics.
  2. Long click (dwell time) metrics.
  3. The quality of company information on your site.
  4. Mobile optimization.
  5. Content uniqueness.
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Here’s How Our SEO Services Can Help Your Business

When our clients get in touch, they are usually struggling to rank well for practically any search terms. Our first move is to conduct a thorough analysis of your company which involves a look at your existing on-site and off-site SEO tactics. Believe it or not, even if your current strategy is poor, it can help us create winning strategies.

When our SEO experts look at your business, we don’t just analyze the font, color scheme, and basic keyword information that most other firms in the city look at, we go off the beaten path, to the crucial minutiae dismissed by many of our rivals. This means we check the following, amongst other things:

  • Website navigation structure.
  • Content uniqueness; even a slight level of duplication can hammer your ranking.
  • URL structure.
  • Page title, meta tags, title tags.
  • A detailed review of your backlinking strategy.

Our SEO Services in Houston have helped thousands of small, medium, and large organizations. For example, we have a very detailed and successful way to introduce backlinking to your website.

Even today, it is one of the biggest ranking factors but most SEO experts make a mess of it. Rather than sucking up an enormous amount of time and resources by either doing it yourself or hiring amateurs, allow the Visibly Connected team to take your business forward.

Most importantly, we are proud of our reputation for using only ‘white hat’ or ‘legal’ SEO techniques. Sadly, there are a host of disreputable firms happy to use ‘black hat’ or ‘spam’ SEO tactics to provide you with a short-term boost. However, search engines WILL find out and your website’s ranking will tumble; you may even get banned! Our SEO techniques are tried, trusted, proven, and long-term.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule your LEAD ACQUISITION STRATEGY SESSION with one of Visibly Connected’s Lead Advisors.

What Can Our Search Engine Optimization Experts Do for You?

It is crucial to understand that some SEO factors are more important than others. Our team knows the factors to focus on which include Content, Architecture, HTML, and Mobile Optimization. ‘Black hat’ tactics such as Spam and Cloaking will result in the most severe penalties.

Remember, Google alone has at least 200 important ranking signals and thousands of sub-signals. As a result, our SEO experts know what to focus on and what must be avoided lest we end up down the SEO rabbit hole! As a consequence, our clients understand that their dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently.

When it comes to Local SEO, we know that consumers are searching for things such as company information and business hours. As you probably know by now, if you live in Houston and type in a generic term such as ‘restaurants’, the first page will feature a list of eateries in the city. If you use Visibly Connected, we’ll make sure your business features on this list.

Around half of all Google searches are local so don’t waste your time with a company using tactics that ensure you’re better known in Kazakhstan than in America! Choose Visibly Connected and attract the traffic that counts; traffic that turns visitors into customers.

Visibly Connected – SEO In Houston That Actually Works

We have worked with firms of all sizes and rather than using the one-size fits all strategies of other so-called experts, we develop SEO strategies tailor-made for your business, your location, your target audience, and your industry. Whether you want to be seen around the world, or merely become the best-known business in town, our SEO team will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are local SEO services one-time or ongoing services?
Our SEO services are billed at an hourly rate. We require a minimum of 7 hours a month which will provide you the manual work of our SEO Specialists, regular content updates, unlimited keyword targeting and more. Each month you will receive an SEO report, showing the progress of keyword rankings, website analytics and more.
2Do you guarantee that purchasing all Local SEO Services will put me on the first page of the local search results?
We are unable to guarantee that you will be on the first page of the search results. This is due to search engine rankings depending on a range of different factors. However, our experience so far is that our Local SEO Service Package most often succeeds in placing our customers’ business on the first page of search engine results.
3How long does it take to see the results?
As a rule of thumb we tell our clients to give SEO 6 months to see results. This is because it can take a long time for the SEO work done to actually start being reflected in search engine page results. At times SEO results can be sooner, however, it’s better to be in the frame of mind that Local SEO is for long-term gains and not instant results. Learn more here! If you need immediate search engine ranking results than our Paid Advertising, such as Google Adwords may be a better fit for your business.
4Will you be able to implement your on-page recommendations on our website?
Yes, our initial “service page audit” is designed specifically for this task, we assess the content and website structure to look for opportunities where we can improve. Keyword research, onpage updates and correcting technical errors are all dealt with from our comprehensive audit.
5Does the Local SEO service encompass a more traditional link building campaign?
Yes, we are able to offer a more traditional link building. Instead of focusing on building lots of low quality links (which usually ends up hurting your rankings rather than helping them), we look for link building opportunities that will actually bring in relevant traffic to your website while helping to increase your search engine rankings. If you would like more details about the strategies that we employ, feel free to contact us at 281-940-7463.
6In addition to the cost of the service, what else am I investing into this process?
In order to make this entire process as effective as possible it’s absolutely necessary that there is good communication. You will find initially there will be some feedback and approvals required from us. This will usually focus around content, phone verification's for citations along with other requirements and confirmations. This will settle down eventually but the quicker we can get the information or approvals we need the quicker we can get the important work completed, meaning faster results and more visibility for your business.
7What are NAP listings and how can they help Local SEO?
NAP stands for “Name, Address, and Phone Number.” Generally speaking, NAP listings operate by utilizing your organization’s details to place you in a certain location, giving you an advantage over bigger corporations and competitors that aren’t local. Google will look to these Citation Sources to confirm its own data of the business. The more consistency Google sees with the NAP across the main listings the more trust Google has that you have a genuine physical location. This results in a greater chance of visibility in Google Maps and Google search in general.

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