marketing- the art of storytelling for businesses
Marketing- The Art of Storytelling for Businesses
August 30, 2019
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September 24, 2019

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SEO 101- A Quick Guide to Content Optimization

Let’s talk about Content optimization! When it comes to growing the ranking status for your business’s webpage, think of your written content as a vessel and SEO as the vital components that keep your vessel strong and afloat.

What exactly does “ranking” mean, and how is it affected by SEO?

Glad you asked!

SEO- Meaning (search engine optimization), is basically, the optimization process that determines how well or how poorly your webpage is judged by search engines like Google and Bing.Content optimization planning

Ranking- has to do with the order in which those search engines deme your site’s relevancy, quality, and authority once it’s SEO quality has been assessed in comparison to your competitors.

If your webpage is properly optimized by search engine standards, it will receive a ranking status accordingly. But what does this mean for you? And why is optimization something to strive for?

Simple, when you have a quality webpage with quality content optimization, your ranking score could put you at the top of the search engine list!

That means when someone types in goods or services in relation to what your business offers, you could be one of the first options that come up ahead of your competitors. As you can see, in this scenario, the smartest bird gets the worm!

In this article, we are going to go over a few pointers that will gain your webpage the right traffic, ranking status, and more importantly conversions from your content!

What kind of Content Should I have on my Webpage?

Make no mistake about it; webpage content optimization matters when it comes to ranking ahead of your competitors. But what kind of content do you need and what makes it optimized or not?

Homepages, services pages, and blogs need to be your main focus areas for content optimization.

  • Your Homepage should be inviting, user-friendly, and cohesive to what you offer as a company. The content should not only showcase what you have to offer but also a little on how what you have to offer is better than the option your competitors provide.Content optimization is a huge pare of building an online presence.
  • Your service pages are extremely important. After all, your services are what your customers come to you for. Each of your service pages must explain (in detail) what you do, your process, and how you meet the needs of your customers as well as exceed their expectations.
  • Blogs are just another great way to add extra content to your website that will help you rank better in search queries relevant to what you do/offer.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention… all of your pages should also be keyword strong (But not too strong, there is such a thing as over-optimizing), consist of correct heading assignments, contain bolding, linking, properly sized images with alt attributes, well thought out and keyword-friendly titles/headings, meta descriptions, categorization, tagging, and the proper use of permalinks. Sounds easy right?

The Difference in Ranking & Converting

Yes, there is a difference!

Just because you get a web page or two in good standing with the ranking process, does not make you the cat’s meow with searchers/potential customers.

This is where bounce rates come into play. A bounce rate is when someone comes across your site in search of something, but they take no further actions past their initial click on your page.

Bounce rates are measured on a percentage scale from 0 to 100% (100 being total irrelevancy in comparison to what you’re ranking for).

Roughly 45% is considered to be a reasonable/average bounce rate for most web pages. There are many different things that can affect your bounce rate, but a score any higher than 45% typically indicates that although your page is getting traffic, its either attracting the wrong traffic or scaring off the right traffic with poor content optimization (both of which aren’t great).

Although you may still get some conversions from your pages, poor content optimization could be causing you to lose valuable business to your competitors without you even realizing it.

So, how do you fix that?content optimization is a vital part of building an online presence.

Well, start by making sure that your website is easy to navigate, easy to comprehend, and clearly translates exactly what you have to offer. Just that alone will help to reduce your page’s bounce rate.

Next, write detailed, accurate, and keyword-strong content that is not only specific to what you do but also clearly shows the solutions you offer that could solve your potential customer’s problems. After all, your content should be written for them.

Being 100% accurate and transparent across the board about what you offer, helps to ensure that your pages are attracting the right people. If you can get the right traffic, the conversions will come naturally.

Search Intent is the Heart of Content Optimization 

When writing/optimizing content for your webpages, it is imperative to focus on searcher’s intent first and keywords/phrases second.

Yes, keywords are huge and extremely important; however, you could potentially use every single high-ranking keyword in the book and still get the wrong traffic depending on how you use them.

I’ll give you an example:

  • Theoretically speaking- Let’s say you own a hair salon that specializes in haircuts for children (haircuts for children) being your keyphrase, but you chose to do your content optimization with the keyword (haircuts) simply because the monthly search volume for that term is 10-100k and (haircuts for children) only gets1-10K. The problem with this is that you’ve completely mistargeted the needs of your business. Yes, you will still get some business for kid’s cuts, but you are also going to have 90,000 people coming to your page for the keyphrase (haircuts), that simply do not fit into your customer persona and will not convert, thus leaving you with a high bounce rate, low conversion rate, and poor authority in your online field of work.
Pro Tip: just because the numbers seem enticing, you should always go into content optimization with your specific customer’s search intent in mind above all else. Ask yourself, what would my customer base be looking for, and how would they phrase it? Once you’ve figured that out, write for them, and you can’t go wrong.

Set Your Website up for Success With Content Optimization 

I’ll be honest with you, content optimization your online business is a lot of work! It’s a full-time job, and if done correctly, can be very tedious and demanding. If you think you’ve got what it takes (and the time to do it) more power to you!

However, if you are like most people, and realize you don’t have the time or know-how to grow your online business, take a peek into the world of digital marketing.building a successful online business requires an experienced marketing team.

Here at Visibly Connected, we specialize in building a successful online presence for our clients. We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest search engine changes and online ranking/optimization requirements.

If you are ready to make your online business successful, you need a team on your side that knows how to get you there! With individual specialists in social media management, website development, content creation, and search engine optimization, we have all of the tools and experience you need!

With Visibly Connected, you can finally sit back and watch your business succeed!
Audrey Bachman
Audrey works with content creation and SEO. She loves the technical side of growing a business and it's online presence. In her free time, she enjoys music, art, and cooking.
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