The Importance of Providing Quality Content In 2018 (Updated)
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Why It’s Important to Provide Quality Content in a Timely Manner

As you run a business, your priority is to provide quality services to your clients. When it comes to marketing, the quality of the content that you distribute reflects the overall quality of your business and its products and services. Marketing isn’t just about putting your name out there in ads; the most effective marketing occurs when clients or potential clients begin to create positive associations with your business. One effective way to build these positive connections with clients is by providing content, free to your clients, through marketing avenues such as your website and social media pages. Let’s explore a few tips on how to provide quality content to your clients in a timely manner, and the benefits of doing so.

Ways of Providing Content to Clients

  • A blog on your website is an ideal platform for distributing content regularly. Blog posts designed with optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) topics and keywords will improve your website’s ranking in search engines. People may not be searching for “Financial Advisor in Houston,” but they may search online for an answer to a question they have about a financial investment. This could lead them to your business’s blog post about that topic, and now they’re on your website and have been exposed to your business, your expertise, and your contact information.
  • A social media business page is a great place to regularly post quality content that your audience will find interesting and engaging. Not every post should be “salesy,” as long as it is quality content appropriate for your industry. Quick tips in your business’s subject area, updates about your employees and the work they’re doing, reviews from customers, and even fun trivia questions or uplifting quotations are all great ways to get quality content in front of potential clients. A great perk of social media marketing is that if it’s done correctly, it doesn’t come across as marketing at all.
  • Email newsletters are another option for providing clients with regular, expert content that they can benefit from. Creating an email database of your clients and potential clients allows you to keep them updated on your business and send them current, relevant tips and news from your industry. These updates remind clients of your services, show them that you care about them, and establish you as the expert in your industry.

Benefits of Providing Quality Content

  • Quality Content Creates Familiarity. Not every potential client who sees your blog or social media post will become a customer immediately. But if the content they see is memorable and well-designed, they will create a positive association with your business that will come to mind later when they find themselves in need of your services. The more often clients are exposed to quality content from your brand, the more your business will create a lasting, memorable impression on them.
  • Quality Content Builds Trust. Not only does frequent exposure to your brand create familiarity with clients, if the content your brand distributes is well made, then it will also cause clients to develop a sense of trust and respect for your company. By writing expert blog posts on current, important issues in your industry, you show customers that you’re an expert in the area of service that you provide. By posting tips and advice on social media, you show clients that you care about them and have their best interest at heart. This creates a bond of trust and appreciation with customers, who will remember you as a source of reliable and helpful information.
  • Timely Content Shows Dependability. The timing of post blog updates, social media posts, and email newsletters is somewhat of a balancing act. Too often, and clients may feel bombarded. Not often enough, and clients forget about your business or come to see you as scattered and inconsistent. In general, the more frequently you distribute quality content, the better. This allows you to stay on top of current news and issues in your industry, and to maintain a consistent presence in your clients’ lives. The key is to make sure you are maintaining quality content, and not just distributing something for the sake of posting frequently. Once you choose a schedule, stick with it. People appreciate consistency and predictability in businesses. In general, this is a good timeline to follow:

Blog Posts:

1-3 times per week

Social Media:

Once a day

Email Newsletters:

Once or twice a month

Kati Crump
Kati is a content writer for Visibly Connected. She enjoys creating a unique voice and personality for each business that she represents, and establishing effective communication between that business and its customers.
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