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Paid Advertising, Do You Really Need It?

The prevailing opinion is that you don’t need to use paid advertising when you’re already paying money for content marketing. In reality, you need organic and paid marketing because they work together exceedingly well. Of course, paid advertising is far from cheap which means you have to be selective and only utilize top advertising platforms for your campaign.

There are dozens of options but in our experience, clients get the best reach and ROI by focusing on these five:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Use the Top Advertising Platforms for Success

The best option depends on your business strategy and industry. For example, fashion companies should focus on Instagram because this social media platform is all about sharing photos and videos. It is also one of the fastest growing social media sites as it is heading towards 1 billion active users!

Twitter is a different animal entirely and requires kid gloves to avoid ruining your reputation (it only takes one tweet). When you get it right, the payoff is enormous. According to one survey, an incredible 94% of Twitter users plan to purchase something from a small or medium-sized business they follow.

Although the recent issues with user privacy have hurt the brand, Facebook advertising should still be a key component of your paid advertising plans. Almost 96% of social media managers say that Facebook ads provide them with the highest ROI of any social platform. It has a huge array of options and the Visibly Connected team can help you decide how you want to tackle Facebook ads.

For example, do you want to place your ads in the audience network, or in newsfeeds? Are you looking to use images, text, slideshows, or videos? We will sit down with you and determine your best course of action. For the record, Facebook is probably the best option for targeting specific demographic groups.

Google AdWords may be old-school but it is still incredibly popular even though the cost per click is on the high side. To use AdWords, choose the keywords you believe your target audience is most likely to search for and bid on placing your ad as one of the sponsored search results on the top of Google’s page. Over time, AdWords has become more advanced and now you can utilize dynamic search ads which customize your ads based on what is on your site and what people are searching for.

We believe that LinkedIn is the best option for companies in the B2B market. The site’s native ads enable you to target visitors to your website, or else you can target by account, industry, title or geography. On the downside, LinkedIn’s paid network operates on a cost-per-click basis and it is rather expensive.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Since we started helping clients in Houston by implementing CRO principles in their ad campaigns, it has been normal to see conversion rates increase by over 100%. Our team knows the importance of different forms of testing; it takes the guesswork out of optimization and allows your business to make decisions based on hard evidence.

When trying to increase paid ad conversion rates, it is crucial to make sure that your landing pages match the ads. CRO is a nuanced field with seemingly simple changes making the world of difference. For example, did you know that merely adding an arrow pointing to a landing page’s headline can increase conversions by over 25%?

Specific Calls-To-Action are also crucial and we have also found that when you remove elements of uncertainty, conversion rates skyrocket. For instance, just adding the term “No Credit Card Required” can boost your conversion rate by an incredible 80%.

The amusing aspect of this particular statistic is that when we have seen this phrase used on landing pages, the terms and conditions of the company stated that no credit card was necessary in any case! However, if you fail to illustrate this fact clearly, you will lose possible customers due to lack of communication.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule your LEAD ACQUISITION STRATEGY SESSION with one of Visibly Connected’s Lead Advisors.

Why You Need Ad Management

As useful as organic marketing has been over the years, its reach on social media has plummeted. In fact, a HubSpot study from 2017 showed that Facebook users see just 2% of organic pages they follow on their feed! While organic content is still a viable marketing tactic for creating brand awareness, paid advertising guarantees greater reach and helps elevate your brand.

Without proper ad management, you’re in danger of wasting time and effort on organic marketing when paid advertising is the right tactic. If you elect to go down the paid ad route without the guidance of an online advertising company, there is a good chance that you’ll waste money by choosing the wrong kind of paid ads for your business.

Not only will we provide you with our expertise, but we also ensure that you use affordable and measurable ads. For example, if you’re interested in brand awareness, you must pay for Cost Per 1,000 Impressions. However, if you want increased web traffic, you will pay on a cost-per-click basis.

Custom Landing Page Design

In our experience as a leading online advertising company in Houston, a custom landing page has a massive impact on conversion rates. After all, a landing page is the first page that a prospect sees after he has clicked on your Pay-Per-Click ad. When he arrives at the landing page, it is essential that you continue with the message conveyed in the original ad.

At Visibly Connected, we create landing pages to your specifications and make sure they are optimized for specific keywords and phrases related to your industry. These pages are designed with your target audience in mind and contain several compelling calls to action. Ultimately, visitors will be provoked into action which ultimately increases your company’s overall sales.

In the end, paid advertising is the next step for your company’s sales and marketing funnel. We help you choose the right platform and campaign type to suit all budgets. Contrary to what you may believe, paid ads are not always expensive and with Visibly Connected, you get much more than what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the benefits of PPC advertising?
Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is a specific type of marketing that drives traffic to your website by employing specific keywords. The advantage of this type of advertising is that your product will appear at the top of the search results page, but you only have to pay for the service when the ad is clicked on. This makes PPC advertising an affordable option for small businesses.
2What are some of the sites that offer PPC advertising?
Some of the most popular websites that offer PPC advertising are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Ads and Bing Ads. If you are looking to get started in the complex world of PPC advertising, these sites should be at the top of your list.
3How much is the PPC management charge?
Unlike some agencies, we charge a fixed fee based on work completed rather than % of advertising spend. We believe this is more appropriate because it gives us the flexibility to suggest a decrease in advertising spend without our decision being influenced by our own earnings. See our pricing below.
4What is real-time bid PPC management?
Real time bid management involves using automated systems which adjust bids every once in awhile. This allows the client accounts to be run at a low cost while it is on autopilot. At the same time, we use manual optimization as well which enables our accounts to perform much better.
5How often should you market your website content on your Facebook page?
The most important thing is to avoid spamming your subscribers with content. Instead of constantly publishing content, it might be a better idea to focus on creating and posting quality content every once in awhile. You should post new content as soon as you have something available — if you have an online blog for instance, it might be a good idea to link it to your Facebook page. This way, your subscribers will constantly be in contact with your Facebook page.
6Is there any value to creating and using Facebook groups as a marketing strategy?
Facebook groups can be an excellent way to share your expertise with people and firms in your industry. By showing that you have knowledge and experience in your field, you are establishing your reputation and building important relationships. Facebook groups can be a great addition to your existing online marketing strategy.
7How much does an ad on Facebook cost?
Facebook ads are very affordable. The cost of the ad ultimately depends on the industry you are in as well as how many clicks you are looking to pay for. In general,though, $50 can get your ad nearly 100 clicks.
8What methods do you use to track my campaigns on Facebook?
We use a range of criteria to determine how many people are interacting with your content. For instance, we use likes and visits to determine how many people are visiting your page over time, while we use clicks as a good indicator of how people are interacting with your posts. On top of all of this, you will be able to see what demographics are interacting with your content the most.
9Should Facebook ads be used in a campaign? What is it that makes them effective?
Facebook ads are a great way to complement your existing marketing strategy. The way they work is by allowing you to target specific audiences (age groups, geographic locations, etc.). In this way, you are marketing your product/service to the right target market at an affordable price.

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