Marketing- The Art of Storytelling for Businesses
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marketing- the art of storytelling for businesses

When it comes to marketing your business, story telling plays a key role in connecting your customers to your brand.

The Art of Storytelling for Businesses

Business owners, marketing teams, influencers, and content creators are the modern-day Shakespeare, and the Internet is our stage.

Storytelling is a very real and often overlooked aspect of business and a component of a brand’s marketing campaign.

Telling a good story, a story that accurately conveys your brand is no simple feat, however. Many brands try and are unsuccessful at this very function daily and unfortunately fail to realize the damage this does to their chances of:

  • Gaining trust among customers.
  • Establishing their business as a brand authority.
  • Growing their reach and gaining notoriety.
  • Making sales to customers both old and new.

We can see the importance of good storytelling in your business’s marketing easily. How does a brand implement good storytelling correctly within their marketing strategy?

Our guide will help your business master the art of storytelling and provide practices you can use going forward when communicating with customers.

Avoid Stretching the Truth

Customers can tell when you are not honest whether you realize it or not.

Beyond the distinct points of morality, lying through your story to customers is a bad practice because when customers discover you aren’t who you say you are, you’ve lost all of their trust.

Maybe for good.

Marketing- Tell your story, not your competitions.

Remember, one of the main benefits of good storytelling is the trust you gain and relationships your build with customers for your business.

Everyone is interesting to someone. Tell your story, keep it authentic, and showcase your brand’s value as you build relationships that are genuine and will last.

Present Your Story, Not Your Competition’s

It can be easy to get lost in the identity of your industry or even your competition and tell their story instead of yours.

The problem?

How can you stand out if you are too busy looking and sounding the same as everyone else?

Yes, your story and that of others may have some similarities, they probably should because that is a great way to create a connection; however, by showcasing what makes your brand different, you can separate yourself from your competition and develop unique relationships with customers.

Customers want to feel a connection with the brands they purchase from now more than ever. It is important that your relationship with your customers is unique and real.

Remember That You’re not the Hero in This Story

This isn’t the 1970’s where a list of your product/service’s hottest specs and features will win people over.

Create solutions for your audience but keep the message about them.

Take these content pieces, for example:In marketing, it is important to keep your customer the hero of your story.

Example A, Your Company is the Hero:

“Buy the new (product/service) featuring the quickest service, durable parts, and satisfaction guaranteed.”

Pretty outdated, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s take a look at what happens when we switch the message in this content that puts the customer as the central focus instead of the company or product with example B:

“Tired of (insert customer’s problem/what is causing them pain)? Ease your stress involving (insert problem) with (insert your company’s solution).

Do you see the difference?

Your company isn’t needed, a solution is. Make your customer the hero in your content with your solution as a tool to help them accomplish their goal.

PRO TIP: Orchestrate a Story That fits Your Audience!

You can write the greatest rock album of all time but if your audience idolizes whichever Soundcloud rapper is popular these days and doesn’t have a clue about Nirvana or anyone that plays guitar for that matter, what does it matter?

Don’t create a drama for people who love Friends.

Don’t create a comedy for fans of Saw.

Understanding your audience’s buyer persona can and will go a long way in how you reach customers. It can even help you develop and deliver a more consistent storyline as well connect on a deeper level than others who are unaware of their audience.

Develop and monitor your audiences’ buyer personas to help beat your competition through your company’s storytelling content strategies.

Your Story is Ongoing, so Your Content Should be Also

Marketing your business's story should captivate your customers and create a lasting engagement.

A simple yet overlooked aspect of content creation and storytelling is keeping customers up to date throughout the process of running your business.

No, watching you fill out accounting paperwork for an hour is probably not the best content to be posting on one of the many avenues

afforded through social media, but watching your company perform its service for a customer will be to your audience.

If you have a solution that people are interested in and they have given you their attention such as by following your page or enrolling in email due to your offer, show them.

Stories That Captivate and Convert

Curating the perfect message is, in many ways an unattainable goal that should always be aimed for. Sure, some of your content pieces are going to be home runs right off the bat, but most are the ebb and flow found in daily conversations between business and customers.

Your story doesn’t need to be a pristine, perfect string of sentences but rather an accurate representation of who your brand is, what you can do for others, and how customers can acquire those solutions.

Visibly Connected prides itself on being storytellers for the modern business and has done so for over 9 years.

We understand the nuances of finding the right audience and developing your brand’s voice to resonate with customers and create an engaging dialogue.

If you’re looking to tell your company’s story, engage more customers, and convert more leads through content marketing, contact us today and join us as we write new chapters in our storybooks of business.

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