Marketing, It’s More Than Just Logos and Branding
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July 16, 2019
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Marketing, it's more than just logos and branding.

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[Marketing] More Than Just Logos and Branding

As far as business functions go, marketing is one of the coolest services out there.

Creativity abounds but business growth is still paramount.

It can be easy to get caught up in the “sexy” side of marketing your business and not realize the real work, the work that produces results for your business is a lot less glamorous.

Designing logos, thinking of funny taglines, they’re all great parts of the process, but for your business to see results, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty.Digital marketing requires much more than logo creations and branding.

Analyzing data, trying new things, researching various techniques, finding your audience…there is a lot more than meets the eyes.

Take a look at our guide on some of the everyday things businesses overlook when creating their marketing campaign.

Marketing Requires Attention

The most misunderstood concept in marketing is the attention to detail this vital business function requires.

What I mean by this is that many companies believe they can put together catchy tagline, throw it under a professional logo, and then send out whichever media of their choosing fully decked out with their branded images asking prospects to buy their product or service.

In the ’80s, this may have worked to some degree, but while Marty McFly’s shoes will stand the test of time, marketing techniques have changed over time.

Keeping up with your audience, speaking with them on a personal level, providing up-to-date content and value to them, adjusting your campaign…the list goes on and on.

Google Ads is a perfect example.

Your brand comes together and after doing some research you decide to launch an ad campaign for your products. Your products for this example could be anything, but we’re going to go with shoes — specifically, women’s high-end designer boots. Press “Create Ad” and then presto! You’re done!

Hold up a minute my friend.Digital marketing success requires a lot of research and attention.

Have you considered the maintenance that is required to keep your campaign afloat and profitable?

What happens when your ad keeps showing up, costing you money, for searches on “men’s work boots”?

Are you checking your online reviews that are being posted by customers and prospects?

You’ve set your posts up on Social Media to be scheduled. Are you monitoring them to ensure they get posted and are glitch-free?


You see, marketing requires attention because it is an ongoing and “in-the-moment” business function that can reap in many benefits for your brand when monitored.


It also Requires Research

Setting up your business’s marketing campaign, creating an ad on Facebook to sell your services, heck, even a single post on Twitter all require one key element: research.

Marketing requires research on who you’re talking to, why you’re talking to them, and just as important, why do they want to hear from you?

Knowing your audience is key because in marketing, thinking you are marketing to everyone is probably the biggest rookie mistake there is. If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one!

Learn your market.

Learn who they are, what they like, and watch your message become far more received than before.

Pro tip- When you research your audience and find out their passions, their interests, and most importantly, their problems, you can not only locate them but also help them.

If you are in business, then you are in the business of problem-solving. Customers have a need, and it is your business’s job to provide the solution. This provides value. This creates an audience that doesn’t go running when you bombard them with messages they have no interest in but instead cultivates a relationship and conversation that produces trust.

Research is the backbone of what marketing agencies do, and businesses would be wise to implement this critical step into their process. After all, no one wants their efforts to go in vain, and finding out the most you can about providing a relevant message for your audience prevents that.

Successful Marketing Requires Testing and Patience

Research is an important step when narrowing down and locating your audience, but the research doesn’t end there.

Even if you have a great idea of your ideal customer, we call this your Buyer Persona, trust us, things change and casting a larger net will always catch more fish. What we mean here is that testing out multiple versions of your marketing messages will go a long way in your long-term strategy.

The right plan to market your business requires a lot of attention and patience. This is known as A/B testing, basically creating two versions of the same message with a single variable changed.

Posting the same content on Facebook, once as a video and the other as an image can help you see what kind of media your audience responds better to.

Additionally, posting one Google Ad may be fine; however, posting a couple of different ads that change up the wording in the headlines can provide data that tells you which ads and keywords work best with your audience.

Testing your research, theories, and ideas will help you formulate an effective strategy, but the key is patience.

Chances are, you’re going to be wrong early and often. Fall forward and use those failures for additional testing and a more educated hypothesis. Over time you will develop a more precise understanding and will be able to reach more people and create better conversions.

Digital Marketing Involves Technical Expertise

If time is money, get ready to pay a bit extra if your business is unfamiliar with some of the technical sides of digital marketing.

Interfaces of tools such as Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads Manager, to name a few, are going to throw some potential curveballs at users looking to implement these tools into their marketing plan…don’t even get me started on Adobe Photoshop.

No, nothing is impossible, and many of these interfaces and steps are, in fact, user-friendly. Using resources such as YouTube or one of the many free online classes offered by sites like Google will help you navigate these tools in the beginning.

However, when embarking on this journey alone, be aware that there is typically a notable if not significant learning curve associated with this side of marketing.

Digital Marketing Firms Save You Time and Make You Money

The most significant factor when deciding to hire a marketing firm is typically money when most brands neglect to factor in time.

Unlike money, time is a finite resource. Your business has many functions and is only allotted a specific amount of time each day to accomplish those tasks.When you're ready to market your business properly, an experienced firm can save you time and money.

Small businesses may soon realize that to execute their marketing strategy properly, they may need to outsource at least some of the functions to a marketing firm who can be a resource from specializing in this field.

Visibly Connected is that resource.

Founded over 9 years ago, the team at Visibly Connected has been at the heart of the digital marketing movement over the last decade and understands how to help clients succeed in a constantly changing world.

Contact Visibly Connected today if you are ready to take your online marketing efforts a step further and reach your company’s full potential.

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