How To Manage Social Media From Your Kid’s Baseball Game
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Managing your social media for your business is a time-consuming effort. You may be working to come up with ways to use down time to get that little bit of engagement in. Or perhaps you are struck with a brilliant idea and need to get some content cranked out before your inspiration leaves you. Most social media platforms now make it more simple than in the past to manage social media when mobile.

Manage Social Media with Dashboard Apps

If you are managing your own social media, you may have multiple platforms you are using. For example, if your business uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, manage social media appsPinterest, and SnapChat, you could use all your time monitoring, posting, and engaging on social media. You can’t afford to spend all your time on social media if you are also busy running a business or doing another full-time job. Whether managing your brand on multiple platforms or managing multiple platforms for multiple businesses, dashboard apps may be the best time management tool for you. There are multiple apps available, including Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and many others. Find the one that will work for your situation, and make full use of its capabilities.

Why Dashboard Apps Help Manage Social Media

Dashboard apps allow you to schedule posts, look at analytics, and even interact with your audience, all in one place. Once you have downloaded the app you plan to use, be sure to connect all your social media networks to the app. After connecting all your accounts with your app, be sure to turn on push notifications. You will get notifications right away on your mobile device when something needs your attention. It can all come from one app so that you do not receive multiple notifications for the same action requiring attention.

Managing Facebook at Kids Baseball GameWill Dashboard Apps Solve All My Time Management Problems?

Managing your social media, whether done on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop, can absorb all of your time if you let it. These mobile apps and devices are helpful in many ways to manage all aspects of a business. The truth of the matter, though, is this: Do you really want to be managing your social media from your kid’s baseball game?

No. You don’t, and we don’t want you to. Perhaps instead of trying to manage your social media from your kid’s baseball game, snap a pic of him or her in the uniform before the game, post it to your social media and let your followers know you’re taking a “time out” to focus on life. In fact, you’ll likely get a better reach and engagement rate on that post than anything else you post that week. Don’t let social media make you antisocial.

You may not have time at all to manage social media. Lucky for you, not only is there an app for that…there is a solution for that.

Valerie Effinger
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