Impactful Ways to Spend Remaining Marketing Budget
Optimizing Your Social Media
Optimizing Your Social Media
November 30, 2019
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January 31, 2020
2019 Marketing Budget

2019's remaining marketing budget!


7 Impactful Ways to Spend Your Remaining 2019 Marketing Budget!

Another year, no, decade, gone right before our eyes!

It’s incredible how time flies and can make you think that before we all watch that giant ball drop this January, how can we end 2019 on a high note?

Take a look at this guide on ways to truly make an impact within your target audience and end your year the right way!

1. New Year, New Brand

Use your left over marketing budget to redesign your website.

Perhaps the most extensive on the list, if you’re looking to end 2019 with a bang, nothing says new opportunities like a rebrand.

This is a great way to spend your marketing budget in a manner than reinvests in your brand.

Rebranding your business can help you tell your story in new and interesting ways.

2. Redesign Your Website with the Remaining Marketing Budget

Looking for something not as drastic but just as bold?

Redesigning your company’s online presence with new logos, a fresh, modern layout, and updated navigation can lead to a better User Experience (UX) and establish better trust with visitors.

3. Do Something Unexpected

Never send your clients a Christmas card?

Start a new tradition!

Didn’t make it passed a week of posting for the company Social Media channels?

You should start posting consistently and begin building your profiles and engaging with your audience.

When something is new or unexpected, it is bound to stand out. You may be surprised by the reaction and attention you can generate from a simple additional marketing action.

Define Your Online Audience.

4. Define Your Online Audiences

No matter how content is distributed, someone is always being reached; however, as a brand, do you know who you are actually reaching?

Are you aware of who you should be reaching?

Audiences change, and even if you’ve taken the time to get an idea of your Buyer Persona, it’s always a good idea to revisit and redefine.

Be sure to utilize tools such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, which allow you a direct path to market to both specific and broad audiences.

Pro Tip: Don’t be too specific or too broad, find your niche and grow from there.

5. Purchase Industry Data for Your Business

Acquiring industry data can help you define your Buyer Persona and learn traits and trends that can help you succeed above the competition.

The key here is to ensure the data you acquire is valuable for your team.

Metrics that feel good but don’t help your company learn about your customers or how to reach them should be avoided.

6. Learn More, Take a Class or Two Related to Marketing

There are scams, but the truth is, in the modern era of business, there are many opportunities for companies looking to learn the latest trends and techniques.

Many reputable marketing experts provide classes both online and in-person that can help businesses learn applicable skills on a variety of topics.Utilize Your Digital Marketing company.

7. Skip the Hassle and Hire a Marketing Partner

Ultimately, spending the remainder of your marketing budget can go down many avenues but often overlooked is outsourcing some, if not all, of your brand’s activities to a marketing firm.

Marketing firms can provide powerful resources and expert care.

Visibly Connected has been providing companies with Digital Marketing solutions for nearly a decade and is equipped to help brands grow as 2019 comes to a close.

Contact Us Today to discuss ways we can help you alleviate stress and maximize your marketing budget to close your year strong!

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