As an HVAC contractor in Houston, TX, you are probably very busy!

HVAC systems work hard in this climate, so you must work hard, too. That’s not a bad thing, of course, but how do you work and keep up with the marketing end of your business at the same time?

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Do you know which HVAC marketing strategies work best?

Marketing is as vital to your business as the quality of the products you install. You need to make a connection with your ideal customer to grow your business, and you need to do this consistently.

HVAC marketing ideas and HVAC advertising take time – time which is scarce and valuable to you. You understand there is a method to successful HVAC digital marketing, but not one that you have time to learn.

You want your image to be as professional as the installers and technicians you send to your customers. You also want the dollars you spend on HVAC web design and HVAC marketing to result in new, good customers.

Which will attract your ideal customer?

Web sites, social media platforms, SEO – these all may seem like words in a foreign language to you. That’s not surprising, since you are an expert in HVAC installation and repair, not marketing!

At Visibly Connected, we are the experts in HVAC marketing and advertising. Let the professionals handle your marketing while you focus on the new customers who will be calling.

Finding the Right HVAC Marketing Strategies

Your business is different from the one down the street and the one across town, and you want your customers to know how and why.

When creating HVAC digital marketing strategies, leave it to those familiar in the industry to show you the best advertising techniques.

We know you want customers to find you before your competitor, so we’ll make you stand out from the rest.

133 Key Phrases Ranked #1


Madd Air Heating and Cooling is a HVAC company located in Kingwood, TX. They contacted Visibly Connected back in October 2015 looking to grow their community awareness in the Kingwood, Humble, & Atascocita areas. We started with a website redesign and monthly SEO. As the business grew we continued to add results by adding social media, blogging and eventually Facebook Ads. They have seen an increase of 394% in website traffic, an additional 100 5-Star Reviews in the last 12 months as well as an average of 68 calls per month from their Google My Business Page.
HVAC contractors have two markets to sell to: Consumers and Professionals

Consumers are your homeowners who need HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. Professionals are home builders, contractors, property managers, and business owners who have needs that are different than those of a consumer. How do you economically advertise to both markets and relay the message that each one needs to hear?


Today’s customers, whether homeowners or professionals, no longer look in the Yellow Pages to find products or services, and newspapers are losing subscribers. When there is a need for help, hopping online and doing a search is the way to go.


If you want your customers to find you in an online search, start with a professional HVAC web design. Your website is your digital calling card, so it needs to be constructed to be found at the top of a search. Your site should tell your prospective customer who you are, what you do, how you do it, and who has been happy with your work. It needs to speak directly to your customer.


Don’t forget about reviews, either. Someone needs to be monitoring reviews to help protect your reputation. We doubt you have enough hours in the day to design, create, develop and monitor all the HVAC marketing ideas you need to succeed, so let us do this hard work for you.


Once you’ve established your site, you need to draw people to it. Social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook ads – these are some of the methods of HVAC marketing that will help your customer find their way to your website. Then you can connect with them to start the conversation.

Digital Marketing Ideas for HVAC Companies

Visibly Connected is your HVAC digital marketing company.

We can help your HVAC company connect to your ideal customer, stay in touch with current customers through social media, and monitor your platforms to protect your reputation.


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