How You’re Destroying Your Social Media Marketing Campaign
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July 12, 2019
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July 16, 2019
How you're destroying your social media marketing campaign

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Social Platforms Might be Changing… but They Aren’t Going Anywhere

And neither is social media marketing. Society has embraced the platform for decades now and in recent years, things have gone to an entirely different level.

Long gone are the days in which a few kids from high school went online to post lyrics and repost *~50 iNtErEsTiNg FaCtS aBoUt Me~* to their classmates.

No, social media is a behemoth and the way in which the Internet and the real world merge into one very active and very real space.

Here, we can interact with each other but the interesting component that continues to evolve is the way brands and businesses continue to use the platforms to communicate with their customers.

With your customers.

You see, your business is probably using social media marketing like many others; however, not all businesses are doing so on a level playing field.

Just like many other practices within an industry, social media marketing contains its own set of processes for best practices and many businesses are either oblivious or nonchalant to this always changing battleground for attention.

Not reaching your target audience with your social media marketing?

Content creation is difficult to get right and there are many ways businesses can hinder themselves from effectively reaching their audience.

Here are several, innocent ways your brand is destroying your own social media marketing campaign.

Never Engaging Your Followers

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Your followers want to hear from you.

Your community needs to know you’re there.

Speaking with your community will not only reinforce these issues of concern, but it can also help your posts, get your business name out there and be seen by more people than your initial audience.

If you want to be successful, engaging with your audience is not just a great idea it’s an essential component of your social media marketing campaign.

Posting Everything at Once…Then, Nothing for Weeks/Months

You’ve just had a fantastic event.

You’ve just gotten a large number of new exciting items in your store.

Let’s post all 10, 20, 500 (I promise you, we’ve seen it) items all at the same time then stay off of social for an extended period of time!

Man, I can’t think of a faster way to get blocked by not only your followers but also whichever social media channel you are using.

Your audience is not in an exclusive relationship with you. They want to view other’s content also. By spamming, intentionally or not, you are going to lose credibility and followers faster than you know.

Furthermore, long absences will have a similar effect as social platforms will stifle your reach and prevent some of your audience from seeing most of your posts.

Break down content, keep it valuable, and keep it consistent. This will allow you to present what you are posting in a professional yet interactive manner. Your followers will thank you and so will your marketing strategy.

Asking Your Followers to Contact You With No Info

You need to have a variety of content for your brand’s page but at the end of the day, this is still a business.

Posting that you are asking for business is a great way to gain new clients or repeat business; however, far too often brands make the mistake of encouraging their audience to contact them…without providing actual contact information.

Yes, your contact information is only a few clicks away, but so are your competitors. Providing this information upfront will give your customers the tools to contact you immediately and prevent losing their attention.

Phone numbers, emails, addresses (a great time to post your location FYI), etc. give the customer a way to reach you.

You’re Not Using Multiple Channels   Using multiple social media marketing platforms to connect with people offers the best results.

Different subsets of your audience will have their own preferred method of interacting online. It is up to you to make sure you are present to relay your message in the appropriate format.

Some prefer Facebook, others Instagram, and then still others prefer Twitter and so on.

Find the social media channels that your audience is using and present your brand on a variety of platforms.

You’re Using Multiple Social Media Channels But Incorrectly

Oh, so you’re already on multiple social media channels?

What’s that? You’re posting the exact same thing in the exact same way?

Swing and a miss my friend!

You see, while this may work for some, it surely won’t work for all.

Taking a business-oriented post and repurposing it from Facebook to LinkedIn may work well but your audience on Pinterest or Twitter will probably not appreciate it as much.

In the same way, you can post content to YouTube that may do wonders but not move much on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Make sure you are sending the right message through the right platforms to effectively reach your audience.

PRO TIP: Avoid Keeping the Same Profile Photo Forever

Remember our time spent on engagement?

One of the best ways to gain a “bonus opportunity” for reach and engagement is by updating your profile picture and anything else that’s appropriate for your profile.

When you update a cover photo or profile picture, it pops up on your audience’s feed in a way that is not only acceptable but intriguing.

Update your page periodically and watch your reach and engagement grow naturally all while providing your viewers with more content.

You’re Posting Without Photos or Videos

Although uncommon it is not rare to find brands still posting in 2019 without an image or video to accompany their message.

It just doesn’t work guys.

People are visual. This is why platforms like Instagram and YouTube are so popular, content is consumed visually through pictures and video rather than just the written word.

Posting a related photo helps people become intrigued and encourages them to read more.

The same goes for video content and don’t feel you’re alone, anxiety around creating video content is extremely common.

Remember, you’re not going for an Oscar, you’d be surprised what a positive attitude and a smartphone can produce. Even sharing a video from YouTube or Vimeo will do.

Keep it relevant and watch your audience consume your words like never before.

Social Media Marketing Made Simple  A green check mark to represent simplicity in social media marketing

Continuing to put your brand in front of customers on social media is going to be a game plan for marketers for the foreseeable future.

Technological advances are providing more ways to connect with each other from all sides of the globe socially and collaborate our efforts and demonstrate our interests through a variety of channels.

The team at Visibly Connected understand this because we’ve been doing it for over 9 years.

Long before the thoughts of truly using social media as a legitimate platform to market your business, we helped companies and pioneered techniques to help boost brands’ online presence.

Feeling a little lost on your social media campaign?

Contact the experts by clicking here and schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your social media marketing needs.

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