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Most business owners can recognize the need for their business to be active on social media. However, when it comes to how to measure social media success, they are left a bit perplexed. Social media success does not often come in a direct rise in sales or leads. Understanding how to measure social media success is essential to making the most of your social media efforts.

Set and Write Out Goals for Social Media Success

You cannot measure the success of your social media strategy if you do not first know what social media success would look like to you. Clearly defining your social media goals will help solidify in your mind how to measure success. Writing out and elaborating on your goals with social media will also help you to determine whether you are looking to the wrong source for the type of success you would like to see.

So, what should your goals for social media be? Here are a few ideas of specific goals you may wish to see accomplished with social media:

  • Reach new target markets
  • Redirect or reinforce branding of your business
  • Improve or reinforce the reputation of your brand
  • Decrease spending on less successful marketing
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Establish and support brand ambassadors
  • Generate leads
  • Simply increase your brand’s visibility online

There are other goals that can be accomplished with social media, as well, but these are many of the most popular ones.

Honestly Evaluate the Right Metrics

It is tempting to base the “success” of your social media efforts solely on numbers that are of no real value to you. For example, does your Facebook business page have thousands and thousands of followers? That is great! But how many of those followers are engaging with you, passing along your content, or turning into solid leads for your business?

How to measure social media success is sometimes a moving target, depending on your goals. However, it is not impossible to measure success. If you main goal is to improve or reinforce the reputation of your brand, how are you reviews on social media? What is your audience saying about you? social media successWhat is your audience saying to you? Are you sharing and publicizing the positive mentions coming from your audience on social media? When you do share, do others offer support and agreement or try to argue?

If your goal is driving traffic to your website, are you using analytics tools to find out if your traffic is increasing? Are you using blog posts and social media posts to actually direct your audience, or do you just hope that they will magically find your website because of something you posted?

Talk to your Market

When you do receive new leads or even repeat business, ask your customers and clients how they decided to use you. Sometimes the numbers and analytics cannot tell you what your customer base can. Maybe they heard about you from a current client but decided to check out your brand on social media before deciding to use your services or product. Your most reliable metrics come straight from the customer base.

In conclusion, how to measure social media success is something that evades even the best of us. Keep your goals clearly defined and updated as your business changes. Use the appropriate metrics for your current goal. Continue with this plan, and your success should continue to change and grow.

Valerie Effinger
Valerie is a long-time social media and content writer at Visibly Connected with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, which has made her fascinated (and sometimes baffled) by how people think. When not writing, she is unsuccessfully psychoanalyzing her children and laughing most every minute of her crazy life with her hubby Jeremy and hilarious kids Corinne and Grey.
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