How to Generate Leads Using Facebook Messenger
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May 3, 2019
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May 9, 2019

Facebook Messenger: In the DM’s of Leads

It is no secret that while the heart and soul of Facebook are the social aspects that bring the social media giant life, marketing is its backbone.

Businesses use the data that is collected by the powers that be and are gifted with many different methods of directing where and who their marketing efforts should go to.

That’s where Facebook Messenger comes in. using-messenger-for-marketing

Once seen as only a tool for private conversation, the truth is this portion of the platform quickly outgrew its humble beginnings and back in 2014, for mobile users, Facebook Messenger became its own app entirely.

With billions of online users, Facebook and Facebook Messenger are key tools in a business’s online brand development, but is your business using both?

Sure, we’re all pretty aware that when using social media for your business, one should look at Facebook to truly make a difference; however, a growing trend is the rise of Facebook Messenger becoming a platform for advertising your business.

Not sure how it all works?

Together, we will take a detailed look at how your business could be missing out on lead generation, more closed deals, and brand engagement by missing the opportunities that are provided through Facebook Messenger.

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Direct Messages to Your Specific Audience


Reading a headline like that may have the wheels in your head turning.
“Okay, so this is similar to email campaigns or cold calling.”


“Hey wait a minute, we’ve tried this before. It doesn’t work. People are annoyed, they don’t want salesmen randomly messaging them, we will just get blocked.”

Times have changed my friend and while sales is a numbers game and you can choose to implement those strategies for your business, we’re here to talk about our expertise: digital marketing.

Facebook Messenger has been updated and developed and when the team at Facebook is in charge, you can bet your last dollar that the end product revolves around business. Without further ado, here are some modern techniques to help your business grow using the powerful tool of Facebook Messenger.

With the users on messaging apps across the board overtaking the number of users that participate on social media platforms, the trend of development and implementation of messaging avenues being used for digital advertisements is only going to grow. This growth is a continued opportunity for businesses to reach their customers with an evolving, engaging method.

Chatbots Aren’t the Future, They Are the Now

bot-messengerTechnology is an incredibly fascinating tool. Even now, algorithms and technological miracles are running rampant reading these very words to decipher its relevance to the world.

Sooner than later, we will have safe, affordable transportation into outer space and sooner still, self-driving cars.

Technology stops for no one.
And so it should come as no surprise that in an increasingly smaller world, that customer service and sales are being advanced with the latest and greatest tech as well.

If you have been on social media promoting your business you may have some experience setting up an ad on their platform. If not, you have surely been targeted by many. These ads with the tools that Facebook provides allows us to target exactly who we believe to be our target market; however, ads have limited interaction. This is where the chatbots come in.

Chatbots have been around for decades but believe us, have they come a long way. Long gone are the days of spammy, non-coherent bots that filled chatrooms and messaging platforms. No, the new generation of chatbots is a more sophisticated, humanized version that allows the entity that uses them to have greater control and direct potential customers through a conversation with ease.

By using chatbots, marketing efforts can be produced into a more human format and developed in many ways to create engagement.

Companies have the opportunity in which to combine the element of engagement and a sales funnel in one tool that can result in leads gained and sales converted.

How Facebook Messenger Ads Workmarketing-with-facebook-ads

Facebook Messenger ads have a few different avenues in which businesses can reach customers. The goals can be similar or even the same; however, the methods take different approaches:

  • Destination Ads– Using this method, potential customers will be targeted with a typical ad via their timeline; however, the difference here is that instead of the button or call-to-action simply encouraging an action such as shopping, it will provide an avenue in which your audience can send a message and initiate a conversation.
  • Sponsored Ads– Once you’ve initiated engagement with your lead, they are now eligible for a sponsored ad in which your brand can directly send a retargeted message, more on that later, to your lead’s inbox. These advertisements allow for instant communication and an extended timeframe beyond the typical 24 hours in which to engage your audience and potentially capture their conversion while interest is high.
  • Messenger Home Ads– Less of a new method to advertise and more of a new location in which to do so. Advertisements that show up on the news feeds of Facebook and Instagram are now additionally showcased within the home page of Facebook Messenger.

Each path can lead your potential client to your business’s desired goal, but the journey will be different and different audiences will require different methods.

The key is to use these tools in conjunction with the tools you already use for your Facebook marketing campaigns, and target/retarget your specific market with your brand’s offer.

Retargeting Your Audience With Pixels and Chatbots



Tying it all together is how your business can truly benefit from the new wave of Facebook Messenger advertising. Presenting your audience with an ad that leads to a chatbot will, of course, provide the engagement and potentially, if programmed correctly and there is genuine interest, covert the lead, but what if additional follow up is required?

By using Pixels, basically the Facebook version of cookies, advertisers can track and retarget audiences that interact with a destination ad or a messenger home ad and produce sponsored ads or follow up messaging from their chatbot and have them reconsider the good or service.
Audiences that have been targeted correctly, interacted with your brand, and are further considering the offer can be pinpointed like never before and present your business with the perfect audience to retarget and convert.

Beyond the use of chatbots, once audiences respond to your messages, Facebook then recognizes them as “your audience”. This allows your sales team to reach out via Messenger and retarget the same leads on a truly personal level and can additionally save you money. The costs associated with gaining leads and responses versus a traditional Facebook Display Ad are cheaper per engagement.

inbound marketing checklist

Engaging Ads Built to Target the Right Audience

Facebook Messenger advertisements may be the latest trend but when used correctly, they can be a powerful tool, targeting specific audiences.

For all things, social media, digital marketing, SEO, and more be sure to check out our blogs and if you’re looking to implement a stronger social media presence that produces results, contact Visibly Connected for all of your digital marketing needs.

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