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3 Tips On How to Build Your Domain Authority, Now!


First of all, what is domain authority and why is it important?


Let’s start by diving into exactly what Domain Authority is and its purpose.

To give a very basic understanding, Domain Authority, or (thought leadership, to some) is the measure of how relevant your site may or may not be in your particular industry, subject, or business.

Web algorithms like Google, for instance, have a very specific analytic system designed to measure your site’s relevance and content accuracy. These specific measurements are taken into account by web algorithms and will affect exactly where your domain will rank in its overall authority score and the amount of traffic it gets. Once your page is ranked, it then comes up in search feeds according to how high or low it was scored. If your page scored poorly for its content relevance and accuracy it will, in turn, get poor traffic and recognition altogether. And obviously… That’s a problem!

Domain Authority Is Business Authority!

Now that you have a general understanding of what domain authority is and how it works, you should also have a good idea of just how important it is to understand how you can control it.

In order to reach a positive domain authority ranking, get the traffic you want, and hit your desired business growth through your page, you need to know exactly how you can contribute to your ranking outcome, right?

Well, I’m going to tell you how!

Here Are 3 Proven Ways To Bring Up Your Domain’s Authority Ranking…improve-your-domain-authority

What do I mean by this?

Well, if your web page is directing traffic to it through keywords for “building a treehouse” then the content of that page needs to be accurate and valuable information on just that!

If your page’s content conflicts with the keywords it’s ranking for, or your pages information is just simply inaccurate, algorithms like google will stop sending you traffic by ranking your domain with a low score for poor content.

That all being said, it is extremely important to closely monitor and continuously improve the content of your page, as algorithm analyzing techniques do tend to change.


We all know by now that content relevancy and accuracy are both strongly factored into the domain ranking process. However, there is another dark knight that unfortunately tends to be overlooked because of its indirect effect.

When content creators for web pages are only striving for instant gratification, content quality seems to get lost.

Although relevancy and accuracy are absolutely part of your domain’s quality, they aren’t all that it consists of.

The segment of content quality I’m referring too is all about UX (user experience). A very large part of your domain’s quality is how positively your users experience it.

For instance, Are your web pages easily navigated?

If your web pages are confusing to navigate, consisting of broken links, slow site speed, and poor formatting, then you can surely expect a high bounce rate.

(Bounce rates are determined by users clicking on your page and then leaving for one reason or another without taking any further action)

After all, can you blame them? You’d probably do the same, rather than continuing to dig through glitchy content for information you can find faster somewhere else.

What is the readability of your content like?

If your web pages (like your blogs for instance) are full of dense and hard to read content with passive sentencing, then users are less likely to continue learning about your product/services.

Insignificant and time-consuming fluff throughout your material may seem like a pretty read, but it isn’t easy to wade through for everyone.

More importantly, your users are less likely to get to your “call to action” causing you to lose valuable business.

So what’s the tip for readability?

Here it is…

keep your content informative, accurate, and easily digested. This will not only improve your user’s experience but will also keep your domain’s reputation positive and hassle-free.

  • Last but not least, keep up to date


Keeping up to date is one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

Let’s face it, digital technology is ever-changing, which, in a way, is fantastic. Technology changes for growth and progress, because of this, we too must adapt accordingly.

To do this, you need to keep up to date with the way web algorithms interact with your pages to ensure that your domain stays relevant and in high ranking. Keeping your head above water with changing technology will keep you relevant and successful.

Bonus tip, let someone else do the work for you!domain-authority-bonus-tip

Improving and maintaining your domain ranking by keeping up to date with changes, staying relevant, and creating accurate content that produces real results is a lot of work.

Do yourself a favor and higher a professional.

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