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Differentiating Among Marketing Techniques

Change is inevitable in all areas of life, but this is especially true in marketing.

Specifically, digital marketing.

Sales, customer reach, CRMs, algorithms, etc. are all constantly evolving for better or worse as marketers and consumers continue to engage in the social and commercial corners of the web. These changes continue to force innovation and force businesses into creating relevant content for consumers. Simply creating a webpage or a blog and leaving your business’s web presence to be determined by fate won’t cut it anymore. This leads to the questions business owners struggle with today:

  • Where can potential customers from my business’s relevant target market find me on the Internet?
  • What content do I need to produce to help my business grow?
  • How do I create leads and convert them?

All relevant and important questions. Piecing together the puzzle of online marketing takes time, but through its process, with guidance, you can put together the story of your business, valid content that will entice and help customers, and use your platform to retarget potential leads that ultimately convert into sales.

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Content Was King, Now It’s a Pillar

If you were to take a daily snapshot of the data uploaded online, according to Domo, it would ring to the tune of 2.5 quintillion bytes a day.


Not a year, not a month or a week, no this is one day.

The point here is that content becoming available at an almost unfathomable level. The challenge with this is that data overload is already being adjusted.

Engines such as Google are getting better and better at sifting out duplicated or irrelevant content. Posting a blog that has been done and redone 3,000 times may help boost some of your website’s SEO, but it can also hurt you should the algorithm determine your content marketing efforts unnecessary because previous businesses have already provided the Internet with the same content.

Reaching customers, and additionally filtering out those who aren’t potential customer, through content is at a major crossroad and it is important that businesses present themselves as an active resource to solve the needs of customers rather than simply an entity that exists to sell to them.

Trust and credible information are becoming the pillar in which online marketing rests upon, literally.

Pillar content is the foundation of inbound marketing and the future of content.

By providing customers with quality information they are actively searching for and interested in, you gain more people who are actually seeking out your services via search engines and also develop trust with the individuals as an expert on a single page connected by various hyperlinks.

An example of this would be designing a page for your sporting goods store, and instead of posting only pages that would list the products or services your business had to offer, you would actually post a page only showcasing trends, tips, techniques, etc. that involve a specific topic that can be produced in a broad manner and then using hyperlinks throughout the content to redirect customers to areas in which they can possibly convert.

Creating single pieces of content at random or within a smaller purpose may gain your business a few hits in the short term, but the key to long-term business growth and returns through online marketing is to provide meaningful pillar content and pillar pages that puts helping the consumer’s needs before your own.

Social Distribution

One of the most popular areas of the Internet for users to consume content are social media pages. Social media provide marketers, influencers, and consumers all a common meeting point and allow for content to spread rapidly and effortlessly.

Using sites such as Facebook as a tool for your business goes far beyond creating a page and simply posting a status once every three weeks.

Again, the problem facing businesses and search engines alike, is that there is simply an absolute influx of content being created, duplicated, and uploaded everyday.

If a business is to stay relevant on social media, active engagement of its users and the community as a whole is paramount for the success of a business’s social presence. More-so, this is a prime example of how providing quality content and staying active online will build your audience.

The freedom of the Internet is a beautiful thing; however, businesses should take note to use responsibility with these freedoms. While it’s true that not every single post should be a sales pitch or strictly business-related post, again people want relevant content to help with their needs, your social media platform should be uniformed enough to provide your followers with the information they seek.

Once you have created your blog, pillar page, a downloadable PDF, etc., you can use social media as the place to promote this content through simply posting it and with advertisements to then steer traffic from the social sites and onto your web page.

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Maximizing Inbound Content

Okay so you’ve created the content, distributed it through social media, you’ve become a resource for your target marketing so...when do the sales come in?

At the end of the day, you’re a business. Businesses need sales to survive and so no matter how many followers, retweets, link clicks, or views a page gets, it is understandable that a business owner is rightfully concerned on how to gain meaningful conversions through sales from the Internet.

Combining your pillar content, social presence, and the continuation of quality content are all what encompasses the idea of inbound marketing.

By using data collected by those who click on links and download content and are directed to your website, marketers can decipher who is a cold lead and unlikely to convert, and who is a warm or hot lead. Using a digital sales funnel, marketers can retarget the leads who are actually likely to convert into a sale with your business by using data to remove leads that will probably never convert. This allows you to market specifically to your audience by providing the content they seek and convert leads at a higher efficiency rate.

Inbound marketing allows you to lead prospects to a sale, while taking away some of the sales blow.

The Team That Brings It All Together

With over 8 years of experience, the team at Visibly Connected have been expertly providing businesses in the Houston area with time tested, quality solutions to their digital marketing needs.

A leading digital marketing agency that possesses the knowledge, expertise, and skill to provide your business with a formidable, effective online presence. Contact us today and see how we can help you grow your business and convert more customers digitally.

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