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March 26, 2019
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The End of Facebook. Time to Panic?running-in-panic

While Facebook shutting down might seem like the epitome of #FirstWorldProblems in the grand scheme of things, the fact of the matter is that for many individuals and businesses, Facebook and social media as a whole are a huge part of our lives and livelihoods.

Your favorite mom and pop restaurant with the best bar food in town doesn’t have the conglomerate advertising budget of a Buffalo Wild Wings or a Chili’s. Sure, word-of-mouth is great and ultimately the product or service needs to be finely tuned for a business to truly make it; however, companies aren’t still spending millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads or hundreds of thousands to the Kardashian-Jenner empire for a simple Instagram post because marketing doesn’t work. Marketing is a huge piece of the successful business puzzle and in the digital era, possibly nothing personifies this more than social media.

Relax, your minor heart attack can rest now because as of this writing we have no reason to believe Facebook is going away.

But it is constantly changing and quickly.

We see more and more that the freedom, emphasis on FREE, that Facebook provided many users at one point through organic reach is being reduced and taken away. Algorithm changes, monetary structures, user activity, etc. You can blame it on whatever you’d like but the fact remains that it is harder than ever to reach your audience among the noise without shelling out cash on Facebook. So this makes us wonder, what should companies do?

What would your business do if Facebook did go out of business or simply crashed?

How do you reach your customers?

If you’re still with us and can forgive me for the clickbait, we’ll show you exactly what your brand should do to protect against the prospect of losing Facebook altogether.

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The First Rule of Investmentweb-design-investment-growth

Ask any investor what the fundamental backbone of a good investment strategy is and they will tell you it is diversification. Diversity is key because it provides the investor with multiple avenues in which to profit from. It is also a way to protect the investor against channels of profit that fail to produce one. Not everything is going to be a winner and most importantly, things are not going to always remain the same. Change is an evergrowing part of our lives and it is no different for social media marketing.

Seriously, when was the last time you checked your MySpace account? (We also hope you didn’t need anything from it.)

It’s easy to sit here and believe that Facebook will always be here and their story may just be getting started; however, your business can help themselves prepare for an unfortunate doomsday situation by implementing these tactics into your company’s digital marketing strategy.

Gain Followers on Instagram. Or YouTube. Or LinkedIn. Or Pinterest. Or…

It’s no secret that there are plenty of social media outlets available beyond the behemoth of Facebook and that’s a great thing. Companies are afforded opportunities to create and share content with their audiences on a wider scale than every humanly possible and it’s only getting bigger. Utilizing additional channels will allow your business to:

  • Retarget customers/potential customers.
  • Create and engage in different ways to keep customers interested.
  • Find new audiences.
  • Create different aesthetics across different platforms that can work together for your brand.
  • Expand your brand’s presence in search engines.

Different businesses can also benefit from the core of the social media they are pursuing an audience in that may better align with their goals. Facebook is a great place to share videos and blogs but YouTube is king. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine only falling to parent company Alphabet’s sister website Google. If you’re a restaurant, then being active on Yelp while maintaining a heavy presence on Instagram will benefit you greatly due to the visual nature of humans while eating.

Target Your Demographictarget-demographic

If you own a coffee shop that caters to gamers, Japanese culture, and ramen lovers, the chances are you’re going to have a fairly different demographic than that of a high-end fashion retailer or a team-specific, sports-loving dive bar.

While each of these companies may have overlap, their purposes are to serve very different and distinct experiences for their customers. Finding your business’s target demographic and reaching them is at the focus of social media marketing.

Businesses that are looking to target other businesses may do well on Facebook, but they would do exceptionally well by adding and combining their focuses on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Need help reaching a younger crowd?

Get your camera ready because you’re going to want a strong presence on SnapChat. Yes, that weird app your pre-teen/teen is on instead of doing their homework, but that kind of proves my point doesn’t it?

Using other social media spaces will only help you further define your markets and reach said markets more effectively with your brand.

One Last Time, Remember MySpace


The example of MySpace is always forefront in my own mind because it was the primary social media platform I grew up on but there were others before it and they can collectively teach us a valuable lesson. The sale of MySpace was phenomenal during its time but paled when Instagram went up for sale after formulating no profit in its short lifespan, yet still, this only feels like the beginning as other social media platforms such as Twitter have gone public, raised capital, and taken a foothold within our society.

The truth is, you shouldn’t be fooled.

Even giants fall and the fact is, should platforms lose value to consumers, they too will fall. Not all platforms will work for your business or for anyone, but to ensure your business is positioned in the event of a social media exodus, choosing multiple platforms is a great way to give yourself some sort of insurance against losing your audience altogether. Always be prepared for the reality that a channel of content distribution could be here one day and gone the next.

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A Comprehensive Look at Your Social Media Needs

The lines between content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing are becoming blurred more and more with each passing day. The Internet has provided a multitude of solutions and tools for businesses to build their brand within their audience and share their company’s story to the world.

If you’re looking to tell your story, build your brand, and expand your company’s digital footprint beyond Facebook to truly see fruition in your digital endeavors, contact Humble’s leading social media specialists at Visibly Connected. We handle everything digital marketing and will provide your brand with specific techniques to better reach your audience socially through personalized campaigns.

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