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March 11, 2019
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April 24, 2019
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Tough Love for Better Results

Listen, we’re not trying to be rude here, but the fact remains that DIY marketing in the digital era is just not a great way to go about things. We see it all the time. Companies are so wrapped up in their own jobs and then one day some hot new digital tool comes out and they begin with much gusto to use it for their business.

YouTube. Facebook. Instagram. Linked In. Snapchat. Etc.

The content ideas come from everyone in the office, all excited to see their screen filled with likes and shares, only to have disappointing results, a less than professional image, and no clue on where to go next.

They get discouraged, they get busy performing the actual duties of their job at hand, they stop.

There are exceptions, of course, we see many companies with creative types engrained into the very culture of their business, but large and away many companies are unhappy with their digital marketing efforts.

In fact, when it comes to digital marketing and producing leads from those efforts, research shows us that 90% of companies feel their lead generation is ineffective altogether.

Digital marketing, whether it be from social media, emails, inbound and content marketing, etc. is a complex and specialized subject that can make it difficult for companies to fully execute while hurdling the obstacles of everyday business. So together, let’s explore why companies fail when relying on their own digital marketing endeavors.

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Why DIY Fails

With so many free and user-friendly tools available, it can be tempting to navigate the waters of marketing alone, but rest assured, when the waters are calm, the ship prevails, however; there will be storms along the way.

Lack of Time

Whether you own your own business or have a position somewhere, the load doesn’t get any lighter when you tack on marketing your company in the digital world. The Internet is a 24/7 kind of thing and customers and prospects want to be tended to quickly and effectively, but to even get to that point of your marketing strategy, companies should consider if they have time for:

  • Proper A/B testing- developing and executing different strategies to optimize performance and help define the proper audience through trial and error.
  • Analyzing data.
  • Editing content and making adjustments to data collected.
  • Consistently repeating these processes and implementing them into a consistent stream of content.

Digital marketing takes time and as we all know, time is money. Maximizing the time spent on your marketing efforts saves your company money and will ultimately amplify your efforts into converting qualified leads.

Lacking in Experience

Think about your industry. Think about when you first started out versus where you are today. We all know that experience matters and specific hands-on experience in a specialized field makes a world of difference. A marketing firm that has 5, 8, or even 10+ years is one who has studied and survived their field, learning along the way.

In the current marketing climate, now more than ever, the only constant is change. From consumer behavior to algorithms and more, digital marketing is a never-ending landscape with many twists and turns.

As we’ve mentioned beforehand with A/B testing, marketing requires trial and error to truly succeed. Having a marketing team with a proven track record of success and years of experience can cut the trial and error periods in half or more, thus maximizing your company’s time, budget, and results.

A Low Marketing Budget

Companies may soon realize that diving into the world of digital marketing can be quite costly. Even when using free tools, companies may notice to reach their full potential digitally, some costs will ultimately occur:

  • Facebook Boosted Posts/Ads.
  • Google Ads/Bing Ads Cost Per Click.
  • Instagram Sponsored Posts.

And that’s just to name a few.

While using a qualified, experienced marketing team may not deter many of the costs associated with marketing your services digitally, it can ensure that you get the most out of every penny spent.

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How Using a Marketing Company Can Fail

So the moral of the story so far has been to simply hire a marketing company and let them work their magic.

Not so fast.

Even when businesses hire marketing companies, firms can be seriously hindered by the client that is outsourcing this important task.

Before you decide to simply dump your marketing intentions on another company, be sure you realize how using a company for your digital marketing can also result in failure.

You’re Selling, Not Building

Buy, buy, buy will soon result in a “bye, bye, bye” from your audience...or N’Sync, whichever is appropriate.

Constantly selling to your audience instead of providing valuable content, engaging them online, building real relationships, and telling your company’s unique story will not produce your desired results. People want to know they are interacting with an industry expert and more importantly, someone they can trust.

No, this doesn’t mean you should rant about your personal hobbies that aren’t related to your industry, but it does mean your content shouldn’t read as one continuous advertisement. While throwing out sales opportunities and call-to-actions are imperative for any successful campaign, it cannot be the only thing you’re offering. Firms honor their clients' wishes, but remember, building and maintaining relationships with your customers and prospects is paramount.

Lack of Communication

You’re hiring a firm to portray your company as an industry leading expert; however, while they are experts in their own field, they are marketers, not HVAC technicians, or industrial supply manufacturers, etc. etc.

You are the top resource for further information on the content they will be creating for your firm and when marketing firms are left without feedback or have questions that go unanswered, it can not only be frustrating but hinder the overall purpose of your campaign.

Overall, a lack of communication will result in failure for everyone. When clients deny marketing firms information or access to content, the end result is what suffers.

Lacking in Budget, Loaded With Snake Oil

You know the saying, “If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Don’t fall for the firm that is insisting your company will have overnight success raking in millions of dollars from a budget that’s only 5 figures a year.

Marketing takes hard work and time.

When you combine doing things the right way, working to improve those methods consistently, and proper budgeting to get the most out of your money, clients are thrilled with the results digital marketing firms can provide. Qualified leads, and quantified results.

Increase Your Digital Presence

Serving the Houston area for over 8 years, the team at Visibly Connected has the knowledge, reputation, and tools needed to guide your company’s digital marketing success.

Our knowledgeable staff and focused approach can elevate where you rank digitally, the message your company is sending your audience, attract, retain, and retarget qualified leads, and produce industry-leading content to establish quality relationships and defined expertise.

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