Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Make or Break Business
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February 13, 2020
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April 16, 2020
Coronavirus (Covid-19): Make or Break Your Business

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Make or Break Your Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has quickly taken our entire nation by storm, and for some time, will continue to do so, affecting personal lives and business.

If you are a small business owner in the United States, then surely you’ve already asked yourself the daunting question- “What happens next?”. We all know that in light of what’s going on around the world, business, as usual, isn’t likely.

Although all of the nation’s businesses will likely be affected to some degree or another, you must remain ready and willing to adapt to ensure the future of your business. After all, this virus will not last forever- you and your customers will need something to come back too.

In this article, we will discuss ways that your marketing efforts can help keep your business afloat during these difficult times and secure the future of your company.

Procter & Gamble – A True American Business Success Story

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The Great Depression, one of the world’s most severe and well known periods of economic hardship. This major depression began in 1929 and lasted through the late 1930s, plummeting the American dream in almost every way.

Cities around the world were hit hard by the significant loss and misfortune. Personal income, tax revenue, profits, and prices all dropped as international trade fell. This incredibly trying period is a prime example of how rapidly and intensely the world’s economy can decline when faced with intense adversity.

Although the American people were struggling and times were incredibly hard, several companies like (Procter & Gamble) chose to battle through and make the best of the situation.

Procter & Gamble understood that the show must go on and that business was destined to return, as long as they stayed dedicated to the support of their company and it’s customers throughout the economic trials and tribulations. But how did they do it?

Rather than cutting back on their marketing efforts (as most did), Procter & Gamble chose to sail full speed ahead, actively pursuing new marketing opportunities and taking full advantage of their competitors having stepped back for fear of loss.

This decision not only kept their company alive but made it a true American success story. Proctor and Gamble came out on the other side of The Great Depression, stronger and more profitable than ever before!

They truly led the nation’s passion for business and success by example, because of their willingness to work hard and market their services (which were needed regardless of the conditions) they came out unscathed and far ahead of their competitors. It is without any doubt that their crucial decision to continue in a time of major crisis led to the widely recognized success story they are today.

We share this bit of history with you as a reminder that although we are going through difficult and uncertain times due to COVID-19, business must go on.

What to do in a Market Booming With Opportunity

  • Plant Your Flag & Become the CompetitionA businessman planting his flag.

Now is not the time to cut back on your marketing efforts. With your competitors potentially stepping back, you must stay in front of your target audience as the authority in your industry, ready and willing to provide your products or services.

  • Reassure Your Customers

This step is one of the most important. Take time to write up a sincere email or some form of effective communication letting your customers know that although business will not continue (as usual), it will continue. Reassure them that you understand the current situation, value their concerns, and plan to take protective measures that will allow you to continue business safely.

  • Understand & Mirror ConcernsGloves

With the virus affecting all of us, people have become proactive in their efforts to control and minimize germs as well as physical contact. To continue business, you must respect and mirror such precautions.

Take serious measures to protect your employees as well as your customers. This may include more rigorous sanitation protocols, virtual meetings, and even the use of gloves. Such caution will assure your customers that you take their concerns seriously and that their continuing working with you will not affect them personally.

  • Build Relationships and Make Connections

Staying available, standing by your company, and finding new ways to reach your ideal customer will carry you through to the finish line. You’ve worked too hard building your business to give up now. This is the time to be creative with your marketing and prepare for the return of normalcy.

A business owner expressing creativity.

  • Be Creative

With the Coronavirus resulting in “stay home, work safe” requirements for short periods, it’s time to shift your focus to how you can reach your customers in new and empowering ways.

The majority of people will be staying home over the next few weeks with nothing to do, because of this, you can expect the internet to thrive more than ever before. This means that your customer base will be precisely where you need them at just the right time, online!

Take this time to create enticing deals and value-packed ads that draw people in and make them a customer for life. Vamp up your web pages, improve the online experience you offer your customers, and remain available. Regardless of what’s going on, your services are still needed, you just have to find creative ways to meet those needs while respecting the circumstances.

Stand Strong & Move ForwardA man standing strong for his business.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to experience hardships or setbacks from time to time. The key to maintaining a thriving business in today’s market is resilience and proactiveness. This virus will not last forever, and we must keep our businesses strong and operating in some capacity or another if we plan on beating this.

With Visibly Connected, you can count on business continuing, as well as guided support throughout the process. To learn more about how your marketing efforts and business can continue during these trying times, give us a call!

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