Convert Visitors With a Proper Call-to-Action
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October 21, 2019
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October 29, 2019

Creating call to actions that really work!


Convert Visitors With a Proper Call-to-Action


You’ve seen them, you’ve heard them, you’ve been encouraged by them, you’ve hated them, and maybe you’ve used them, but still, the proper use of a very powerful marketing tool eludes many businesses.

We’re talking about Call-to-Actions (CTAs), of course!

A good CTA will present scenarios for your audience to take the desired action that results in a positive benefit for your business. In other words, their function is to encourage action from a potential

converting with a call to action.


CTAs are typically thought of as a sales pitch, and in a way, many of them can be a very shortened version of one; however, a good CTA can come in a variety of forms and even provide value.

A Call-to-Action can come in a variety of forms, mediums, and accomplish much more than a hopeful, immediate sale.

Stop Being Afraid to ask for Business

A hurdle that may plague some organizations is asking for business from a potential client.

Some organizations don’t want to come off too strong, and others may not even realize there is an opportunity to do so.

The point is, the old sales adage rings true, ABC, Always Be Closing.

With the right Call-to-Action and proper intent, you can turn your ABC into 1, 2, or 3 clients if done the right way.

Look, asking for business from potential customers is healthy and professional even in social arenas such as Social Media.

The truth is, in today’s world, it is expected.

This doesn’t mean you can constantly badger and plead to your audience to make a sale, but it does mean you should be presenting the audience you have built a relationship with a chance to purchase what you are offering.

If your business is providing a good or service that can help them fulfill a need and solve a problem, offering them an avenue in which to do so isn’t only profitable for your business but the customer as well.

Which brings us to the next point…

Provide Value Through Your Call-to-Actions

Repeatedly asking someone to buy your accounting service when they have zero interest in firing their aunt who has done their payroll and taxes for years far cheaper than you ever could isn’t the way to go.

Asking someone to become a client who has followed your content, established a relationship with your brand, and is actively looking for your services will provide value to both parties.

This isn’t to say that you should only present opportunities to those who are actively in the market for your product or service but rather to think wisely about how you present opportunities to potential customers.

Value, it’s all about value, the action is a byproduct of a great CTA.Landing page with more HVAC leads

Someone who is dead set on purchasing your product or service may need a more direct approach. Perhaps a contact form will help them by encouraging action from your beautifully optimized landing page.

But what if they aren’t a hot lead?

How do you convert cold leads to warm ones and warm leads into hot ones?

Since we have established that a great Call-to-Action is about supplying your audience with value, we know that asking for their business is important but not always the right play.

Your Content Marketing strategy will thank you by utilizing CTAs in a variety of ways that will help your audience along their buyer’s journey and supply them with opportunities to purchase what you’re offering, all while building the relationship needed to create a transaction.

Unsure what a CTA would look like that isn’t directly looking for your business?:

  • Asking your audience to sign up for a newsletter.
  • Providing Content Marketing materials such as a PDF that provides valuable information in exchange for their information and asking your audience to sign up.
  • Using Social Media to ask for referrals for your business.

The right Call-to-Action will give your customers the value they deserve and the action your business desires. All while helping grow your relationships and convert leads in the process.

Switch up Your Call-to-Action

Tts important to change up your call to actions.

One of the easiest examples of a CTA to describe is the classic Internet pop-up ad.

Remember in the ‘90s-early ‘00s when they had all of those pop-ups that were mini-games but basically cancer for your computer?

WATTBA, am I right?

Today, pop-up ads have evolved but haven’t gone away, and you can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Because they work!

Capturing leads through pop-up contact forms is a great way to earn more business and grow your brand.

But it must be said, when done incorrectly, pop-ups can hinder your website’s user experience and as a result, your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

The good news is that a CTA can be presented through various other methods. The important aspect is that the content that it consists of is concise, direct, and provides value to the visitor.

Contact forms that can be used in a pop-ad, are a great way to provide a Call-to-Action to the user without disrupting their experience on your page.

Text content that is sparsed around your website is another great way to fit CTAs within your website without completely ruining the user’s experience. Utilizing words in your content that inspire action, “contact us today” or “sign up for…today,” are ways to encourage the reader to act immediately rather than simply digesting the content and abandoning an action that will help your business.

Switching up your call-to-action mediums is a great way to keep things fresh and maintain positive user experience.

A Call-to-Action that Converts

Developing and monitoring your business’s Digital Marketing strategy is imperative; however, creating multiple Call-to-Actions and determining the most effective ones for your different courses of action through A/B Testing, analyzing data points…it can all be a bit time-consuming.

Get the conversions you want with Visibly Connected

Visibly Connected has been helping businesses grow their marketing efforts online for nearly a decade and take pride in creating valuable content that helps convert leads.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us today using this Call-to-Action and see how we can help your business grow with organic content and thoughtful marketing strategies.

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