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Tips on how to improve your content marketing in 2019
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Content Marketing Is Growing Rapidly, How Can You Reach Your Audience?


The ongoing battle between man and algorithm rages on as marketers, businesses, and developers all work among each other trying to make sense of it all. But when does content marketing come into play? Everyone wants their business to receive as many customers as possible and with the Internet growing expeditionary user-friendly, consumers have more content marketing opportunities available than ever before.

The efforts from such companies such as Google or Yahoo to provide consumers with relative information and solutions have matured greatly in recent years. These efforts are a direct response to the influx of information being uploaded every day. This brings us to the challenge businesses face in consideration of where they rank:

How can ensure that my company’s website is seen by my target market?

Where there are challenges, there are opportunities. The newest step in the digital marketing world is providing companies the opportunity to go the extra mile, provide useful information, and become a trusted member within their community, thus leading to sales and it all begins with two words.

Content. Clusters.

Content clusters are the future and the future is here, but what exactly do they do and how can your business implement them into its marketing strategy?

We’ll answer all this and more in this guide to one of the latest marketing trends that are here to stay.

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Content Clusters: A Rundown

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Let’s take a closer look at what we mean when we describe a content cluster and by doing so, it is important to remember that this is all closely related with a timeless dance between inbound marketing and content marketing.

What is a Content Cluster?

Content clusters are basically pieces of information that are complete unto themselves but are only part of a much larger picture. We’ll create an example of this through the wonder of sports.

Let’s say your business was an expert in football. You live, breathe, and know football inside and out. Now as fun as football is or as ingrained as it may be in your customer’s life, it is still very complicated and they surely wouldn’t know as much as an industry expert. So when said consumer is looking for a solution for their “football” problem, they would be seeking an expert with information on how to solve such an issue.

Providing the information on football for the customer is where your company comes in, but you can’t sit there and give them every single minute detail within one serving. No one wants to sift through that large of a compilation if they’re just having a question about one particular section of the sport. So instead of creating a massive pile of content that would be almost impossible to navigate, your company focuses on individual sections of the sport in smaller, easier to digest portions and provide them to potential customers.

Your company may write a webpage 100% dedicated to quarterbacks. Dedicate some blogs breaking it down even further to show the difference between quarterbacks that run versus those who stay inside and pass more. Maybe adding a section on specific rules for quarterbacks, the history of the position, etc. etc.

You can see how this individual topic has the potential to have ongoing growth while remaining a standalone section in and of itself.

This is the content cluster, specific information in regards to one topic that can be attached to your company’s bigger picture.

What Do Content Marketing Clusters Provide for My Business?

Remember those pesky algorithms and how they’re getting better at sorting data?

The ones that are responsible for where and if you rank on search engines?

When the powers that be via search engines come across your webpage and find useful, relevant information, the hosts know to point potential customers searching for your services in your direction, thus improving your company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and where you rank online.

So Content Marketing Is All for SEO?Search engine optimization is a huge part of digital growth.

Not exactly.

While better ranking is a wonderful benefit for your business, the ultimate goal here would not be complete without establishing your business as a competent resource and an authority within your field of expertise.

Creating meaningful content is the first of many steps of building real relationships with prospective customers and gaining trust.

Content clusters are also another way to share content on social media which can provide your company with opportunities to actively engage with customers who are interested in what your business can provide.

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How Do I Get Started Producing Content Marketing Clusters?

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If you’re ready to develop a professional online presence and prove to customers that your company is an industry expert, give Visibly Connected a call and see how we can help:

  • Improve your website’s SEO and ranking.
  • Develop content clusters to build trust, become a resource and identify qualified leads
  • Engage with your prospective audience to provide additional potential leads.

An expert in all things digital marketing, we specialize in creating tailored marketing strategies that incorporate traditional marketing values with modern execution. Graciously serving the Houston area for over 9 years, see what we can do to establish your business in the digital era.

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