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How to Inform & Impress Your Visitors

The term ‘content is king’ has become a cliché in digital marketing but it doesn’t dilute the truth. Content creation is a cornerstone of every successful campaign by every content marketing firm in Houston, the United States, and all around the world. Content offers value to customers; why else would they want to visit?

Well-designed sites have different forms of content including videos, blogs, and infographics. This information is well written & presented and should provide details about you and your industry. Above all, you must tailor this content to your target audience and at Visibly Connected, we give your prospects a reason to return to your website again and again. We specialize in:

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Why Content Marketing Through Social Media is Important to Your Business

According to a report from the Digital Doughnut, over 90% of marketers claimed their efforts on social media significantly increased their brand visibility and improved user experience. As one of Houston’s foremost social media management companies, we know the benefits of a well-managed campaign and the damage caused by a poor one.

Almost half of Americans have interacted with a company or institution on a social media network! This doesn’t just mean ‘liking’ the brand’s page, it means that customers are eager to get in touch with businesses like yours. By the same token, over half of social media users admit that they will unfollow any brand that posts irritating messages and 27% said they would report the page as spam.

The stakes are high and as Facebook management experts, we ensure our clients don’t alienate their followers by posting a constant stream of inane marketing messages on their pages. A great social media marketing campaign will achieve the following:

  • Help you engage with your customers so you find out what they really want.
  • Boost brand visibility.
  • Increase the rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Increase traffic to your company’s website.
  • Enhance your SEO rankings.
  • Enable you to become seen as an authority in your industry.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, social media marketing is one of the best ways to help you achieve all your firm’s ambitions.

Content Marketing Builds a Relationship with Potential Clients

The Internet era customer is savvy and won’t hand over money without a fight. With so many options, customers have the power and they are ready, willing and able to use it. Content creation helps you overcome the ‘trust’ barrier as it not only informs your target audience about your company, it also enables you to gain credibility.

When you get content marketing right, prospects will come to your website because they know there is something useful waiting for them. Reputable companies love informed visitors because these individuals are that much closer to becoming paying customers. We also specialize in ‘timeless’ content creation which means your content remains useful for years.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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How Blogging Can Help with Your SEO Rankings

As much as the Internet has evolved, one thing remains constant; the power of blog marketing. Consistent, informative blog posts boost your Google ranking. The world’s biggest search engine gets well over one trillion search queries a year and if your business is in a large city like Houston, you can bet that your industry is a hot search topic.

First and foremost, we help you research keywords relevant to your industry and target audience. We help create content around these words and include a compelling Call-to-Action at the end of each page. The point of the CTA is to convert readers into customers and generate new sales leads.

One thing about content marketing in Houston is that you need patience! After submitting your pages to Google, you have to wait for them to show up in the search listings. We recommend using the waiting period to create even more content! It should go without saying that the more content you write and post, the more visitors your website will receive. Content also earns links from other sites and is sharable on social media.

Consistently Stay in Front of Your Customers with Email Marketing

Even today, email marketing is one of the best ‘bang for your buck’ forms of content creation. You can send thousands of emails at a time and tailor them so they deliver targeted messages. In our experience, email marketing works best when attempting to reach an audience that is already engaged. In other words, send messages to site visitors who have already agreed to give you their email. Since they have given you permission, they are more likely to open the emails and read the content.

Best of all, it is easy to get started once you use the expert content management team at Visibly Connected.

We can add videos, images and logos to increase the readability but above all else, we will add informative and compelling content that forces the recipient to read it. We can even measure the performance of the email marketing campaign for you and if the open, click-through and conversion rates are too low for your liking, we can analyze the campaign and make the necessary tweaks.

Create Fresh, SEO Optimized Content for Web Pages & Media with Content Creation

Content creation helps you share knowledge of your industry with the world and marks you down as an expert. The result is an increase in links, social media mentions and conversion rate. Once you gain this level of authority, customers will be flocking to you, not the other way around.

As one of the leading content marketing companies in Houston, we believe that great content should be the foundation of every organization’s digital marketing strategy. It is the basis of SEO because it includes pages that rank on Google. It is also the foundation of Pay Per Click (PPC) because it creates the landing pages that generate traffic from ads. No matter what you want to achieve with your business, content creation enables you to do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1Will social media be useful for my specific business?
In this day in age, social media is a useful and increasingly necessary tool for any company. The opportunities that social media offers in establishing connections with new clients cannot be replicated in any advertising channel. Apart from allowing you to reach customers you might not have been able to before, social media might also be a useful customer relations tool, allowing you to keep track of what your customers are (un)happy with.
2How much does a social media management service cost?
We offer a range of different social media services, so the cost will depend on the type of package you select. If you are interested in receiving more information about the types of services we offer, as well as their individual pricing, take a look at our packages below or feel free to contact us at 281-744-9438.
3Why is it better to hire an agency for social media management rather than someone in-house?
It is much better to hire a specialized agency for your social media marketing. While it might be tempting to hire an in-house professional for social media optimization, we believe one individual cannot keep track of all of the changes occurring in social media on a regular basis. An agency like Visibly Connected has years of experience specializing in social media marketing for a wide range of different clients so it has the necessary expertise to conduct your social media optimization successfully.
4Can you help me determine whether I will be able to achieve my online marketing goals using social media marketing?
Yes, of course. One of the main (and most important) aspects of our social media consultancy services is working closely with you to determine the types of social media campaigns and strategies that are best suited for your business.
5Do you do social media tracking?
Yes! we do. We are happy to provide you with a detailed report at the end of each month regarding your social media activity. We believe this is an important part of our social media marketing services because it allows you to track the changes in your social media over time, thereby seeing the effects of each campaign. Also, tweaking and adapting your social media marketing strategy is sometimes important due to the changing social media landscape.
6How frequently should I send a newsletter?
You should send a newsletter often enough so that you’re not forgotten. However, if you overdo it, your subscribers will probably get annoyed and either delete the emails or unsubscribe. Anywhere between once in every 2 weeks and 2 months is probably a good idea.
7Will multiple accounts with the same registered email address receive multiple newsletters?
No, different accounts with the same registered email address will only receive one newsletter. Only one newsletter per email is allowed.
8How can I change the preferences for the newsletters?
You can easily change the preferences for the newsletter by selecting ‘Update Your Profile’ section. If your subscribers have any doubts about ways to update their preferences, you should encourage them to contact you.
9What is a good subject line for an e-newsletter?
A good subject for an e-newsletter is something that will catch the attention of the person who receives it. Some people receive over 50 emails a day so most of the emails that are not important or catchy end up either in the trash folder or staying unread. As a result, you should try to find a catchy way to present the contents of the email in one line; something like ‘This Week’s Newsletter’ probably won’t work.

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