Business Newsletter: What Do I Do with it?
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Putting the Pieces Together

A business newsletter can be a valuable tool in your marketing repertoire. Emailing a newsletter to your current and/or potential clientele can serve many purposes. The newsletter itself is a bit of a puzzle to many business owners and even marketers. Making an effective business newsletter is not as difficult as you might think. Be sure to make your business newsletter valuable for your clients.

Why do I need a business newsletter?

A business newsletter is a great way to keep your business name and brand in front of your clients. A newsletter focuses more on information that will be of use to your customer base than promotions that will benefit your business. A newsletter really helps show that the customer is your main concern.

What do I include in a business newsletter?

The content of your business newsletter is key. No one will see your newsletter as helpful if the content does not speak to your clientele. Your business newsletter does not have to be pages long to include great content. Knowing your target audience is key in deciding what information to include.

Some of the content of your newsletter should include something related to your business. This helps to establish your role as the topic expert with your clientele. For example, if you have a heating and air conditioning company, include tips to keep HVAC systems running well. Or if your business is providing real estate services, you may want to include information on the current market or tips for selling or buying a home or property.

Including testimonials or reviews in your newsletter is also helpful.

High quality graphics will grab the attention of your reader and hold their interest. Be sure the graphics you are using are free for use, as you don’t want to run into any copyright issues.

Does all of my business newsletter content have to be about my business?

Absolutely not! All of the content in your business newsletter does not have to be directly related to your industry. Did you find some helpful “life hacks?” Include one or two as bonus content. Do you have a favorite quote? Share it with your clientele to enrich your business newsletter. The key to content in a business newsletter is to have a variety of information that your target audience will find helpful and interesting. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients to think about what they may want to know.

Do I write my own business newsletter?

The answer to this question may vary from business to business. Creating a quality business newsletter takes time, and that may not be something you are able to prioritize. Hiring someone to take care of your email marketing is smart move when you just cannot take care of it yourself, for any reason. Having a trusted professional write your newsletter will often ensure that your content is high quality, as well.

Sending out a newsletter to your current and potential clients is a great way to keep them reminded that you are there. You are there to serve them, to answer questions (some they maybe didn’t even know they had), and to be the expert in your field. Business newsletters are valuable in your marketing strategy and are a great way to reach out to your clients.

Valerie Effinger
Valerie is a long-time social media and content writer at Visibly Connected with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, which has made her fascinated (and sometimes baffled) by how people think. When not writing, she is unsuccessfully psychoanalyzing her children and laughing most every minute of her crazy life with her hubby Jeremy and hilarious kids Corinne and Grey.
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