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May 9, 2019
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Logo Design- More Than Just An Image


Think about the biggest brands you can for a moment.

Nike. McDonald’s. Facebook.

Notice anything about those names?

Chances are you’ve heard of every single one of them and more so, you’ve probably just envisioned their logo design as you read them.

People love logos.


They’re virtually everywhere with some reaching heights of popularity that can rival even the most famous of celebrities.

Logos are one of the quintessential pieces of marketing for many brands, from the simplistic to the outrageous to the subliminal and more, companies love using logos to connect with consumers.

Logos are everywhere but as with any other business endeavor, creating a logo design for your business can be tricky. While a great step in marketing your company, many businesses, both small and large, can fall into bad habits and practices when creating one.

Your brand’s logo can increase awareness and create almost unmatched branding for your business…when done correctly.

If your brand is looking to create a logo and take its branding to the next level, check out our guide below on things to avoid when creating your company’s logo and how to successfully navigate the process.

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Think About Your Brand, Not Just Your Logo Design

Growing your brand awareness and creating an identity, especially in the digital market place, can have considerable benefits for your brand.

That’s why when creating a logo design, it is important to think about your brand as a whole rather than just the image you are looking to create. Logo designs, even the simplest, can leave a lasting impression on your audience, for better or worse.

Brands can end up doing themselves in before they truly get a chance to showcase who they are and what they are about when making these mistakes in logo creation. Avoid these pitfalls and develop a stronger result through your logo creation process.

Logo Designs Cost Money, More Than You May Know


We should probably get this one out of the way early. If you want a quality logo, you’re going to pay for it.

Do you have to absolutely break the bank on a company logo? No.

Should you settle for the cheapest option available? Still, probably not.

It can be easy for brands to picture a logo, collaborate with an artist, see the end product and then acquire “sticker shock” once the bill comes in. The problem lies in this simple truth: you’re not just paying for a single logo.

The final picture that comes from the logo creation process is but a part of the overall process and thus only a part of what you are paying for.

When purchasing a logo for your brand, you’re paying for:

  • The various hours of creation and consultation that lead to the end product.
  • Different versions and vectors of your logo.
  • Psychological research and branding expertise.
  • A lifetime of creative usage and the license of the logo for any of your brand’s marketing materials.

Prices can range from a couple hundred to several thousands of dollars. Be mindful and open with your prospective marketing partner and realistic with your goals and budget.

Generic Fonts and Images Vs. Logo Designs       logo-design-text

One of the biggest problems that brands fall into when creating their logo design is the use of unoriginal fonts and images for their brand’s logo.

Especially in the modern marketplace where brands have more access than ever to reach potential clients, it is important for your business to stand out. Using generic designs with little thought or an overused font will have you lost in the sea of logos that already flood the market.

Additionally, originality goes a long way here as well. No, you don’t have to invent some new word to create a completely original moniker, seriously, who would have thought we would be using the word “Google” as a verb? But it is important to have something unique and relatable for your brand to have a successful logo.

Place yourself in your audience’s shoes:

  • Is this logo offensive?
  • Does it look clean and professional or is it simply tacky?
  • Do the colors, images, and fonts work together and look appealing?

Tell your brand’s story and maintain the messages you present in your content and company culture by developing a logo that fits those messages.

Logos are a powerful tool. Make sure you take the time to consider the best method of putting your best foot forward. You can only make a first impression once.

Brands Forget to Consider Multiple Logo Design Formats

With images and videos of all sorts of shapes and sizes evolving and growing as content continues to rise, it is even more important now more than ever to consider the different formats in which your logo may need to be displayed.

Remember the cost factor we mentioned earlier?

This is semi-related as with the need for presenting logos and brands in different ways, for example, a vertical logo versus a wider-formatted logo, this will naturally take more time. Furthermore, the end product will be increased, as brands will receive multiple takes on their logos to not only choose from but to use effectively within their marketing efforts.

The Biggest Logo Design Blunders Made By Brands


Now that we have looked at the errors made when creating a logo I believe it is important to take it a step further and explain the biggest mistakes made by brands when considering logos:

  • A logo will not save a bad idea.
  • A logo will not save a dying business.
  • A logo is not the most important marketing tool your business has.

All distinct and yet one of the same.

If you are running a business with no value to your prospective customers, have absolutely no systems in place to operate your business, or consider your marketing efforts to be done at the creation of a cute picture with your favorite colors, no logo will save you.

Specifically, in the world of marketing, it is all too common for people to spend a lot of time focused on having a logo for their brand but have no substance or plan on how to market their brand beyond the image that is created.

Developing a sound marketing plan will go much further for your brand by using marketing tools such as:

  • Producing consistent content directed toward your audience.
  • A/B testing to maximize marketing efforts.
  • Researching and curating buyer personas and ad set audiences to accurately define your market.
  • Retargeting potential customers through collaborative efforts between social media and other marketing channels to encourage your audience to make a positive decision.

Creating a proper logo for your brand is a great step but without the rest, it will be in vain.

inbound marketing checklist

Brand Creation and Logo Design

When it comes down to it, you should be interested in providing your brand with a quality logo, but if the logo has no substance behind it, your brand may not see the return on investment that is initially hoped.

Marketing has evolved with technological advances and is continuing to find new and innovative methods to present brands to consumers.

With everything from content creation, social media, ad creation, defining an audience, measuring and testing outcomes through analytics, and yes, creating a logo and brand identity, it can become a daunting task for businesses to keep up with.

Even if you have marketing efforts in house contributing, partnering with an outside marketing firm can bring tremendous value for your brand. Outside marketing firms can:

  • Provide technical expertise in an ever-changing field.
  • Develop strategies and help customer service while you focus on your business.
  • Implement tools and strategies to help grow your business.

Thinking of taking your brand to the next level?

Contact Humble’s leading digital marketing firm Visibly Connected and see how this team of experts with over 45 years of combined experience can provide your brand with much more than a logo and grow your business today!

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