Valerie Effinger
September 10, 2018

Questions Your Digital Marketing Firm Should Be Asking

There are many digital marketing firms out there from which to choose. So, how do you know which one is right for you? There are some key questions that you should receive from your digital marketing firm. These questions will let you know that they are selective to find the right clients for their firm to do their best work.
September 6, 2018

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

Smart business owners know that online reputation is vital in today’s business climate. Research shows that 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, and 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation! What does this mean to you?
July 5, 2018

The B2C Content Marketing & Media Company Mindset (Quick Read)

If your small business has a blog, Facebook page, Instagram account or any other form of social media, you are doing some form of content marketing. The question is this: are you doing it well? You will have much more success in your B2C content marketing strategy when you have a media company mentality.
February 19, 2018
fresh content

4 Reasons Websites Need Fresh Content

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions Your website often provides the first “interaction” you may have with a customer. Fresh content helps that interaction to be positive. Websites are not designed to be a static, stale documents. You need to update […]
January 30, 2018

Business Newsletter: What Do I Do with it?

Putting the Pieces Together A business newsletter can be a valuable tool in your marketing repertoire. Emailing a newsletter to your current and/or potential clientele can serve many purposes. The newsletter itself is a bit of a puzzle to many […]
January 17, 2018

Sharpening your Google My Business Listing In 2018 (Updated)

One of the first steps in a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is to verify your Google My Business listing. Claiming and verifying your listing will help your business to rank higher in general searches, and to show up […]
December 7, 2017
video marketing

Video Marketing and Why You Need It

Video marketing is popular, and it is no secret why. We could provide many, many reasons why video marketing will help your business. However, today we will concentrate on a few. Video marketing is essential to your business in today’s […]
November 29, 2017
social media success

How to Measure Social Media Success

Most business owners can recognize the need for their business to be active on social media. However, when it comes to how to measure social media success, they are left a bit perplexed. Social media success does not often come […]
November 13, 2017
manage social media

How To Manage Social Media From Your Kid’s Baseball Game

Managing your social media for your business is a time-consuming effort. You may be working to come up with ways to use down time to get that little bit of engagement in. Or perhaps you are struck with a brilliant […]