Antisocial Social Media? How Can That Be?
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I am currently reading a book called Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi (buy it here, I highly recommend it!). In this book, Joe interviews Marcus Sheridan, CEO of River Pools and Spas. He survived and thrived through the recession, even as an owner of a company who provides “luxury” products and services. Redefining his marketing strategy and capitalizing on the use of social media made his company a success. Sheridan made this statement in the interview that caught my attention: “As marketers we talk about social media but yet we want to be antisocial…” Antisocial social media? How can that be?

I consider myself to be pretty social. As my husband might tell you, I can pretty much carry on a conversation with a brick wall. I am the type of person who can walk into a restroom at a restaurant and come out five minutes later with another woman’s life story, including her kids’ names and ages. However, I often find myself spending more time with my friends on social media than I do in real human interactions! This is both the blessing and the curse of social media.

Social media makes interactions between individuals, businesses, organizations, or any combination thereof, more accessible and convenient. However, we may be making the mistake of allowing it to cause us to be antisocial.

The discussion of how that can affect an individual is one for another setting and another time. However, antisocial social media is a topic that business owners and marketers of all kinds must consider. We often stress with our social media clients the importance of a genuine voice. In fact, in a

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Do not be afraid to show your customers who you are, whether in work or play!

recent post, Kati Crump speaks specifically to the voice you want to portray for your business.

Beyond your company voice, however, your customers and clients want to know you and what you are all about. Businesses often must rely on social media for interactions with their customers, due to lack of opportunity to directly interact as often. You will always have better engagement and interest in your social media interactions when your customer base knows you. They will make the connection with a picture of you working or an employee celebrating a birthday or accomplishment over a logo or a stale picture of a product.

Do not let antisocial social media be part of your brand.

Working with your social media manager (internal or outsourced) is important, and always provide feedback to hone your voice. However, also be sure to pass along pictures and videos of everyday operations, celebrations, or even struggles. Either post them directly yourself and respond to the comments left by customers, or allow your social media manager to do so. But let your customers in a bit to know you, your employees, and your business. They will appreciate you for it, and it will take your antisocial social media to a platform for genuine engagement.

Valerie Effinger
Valerie is a long-time social media and content writer at Visibly Connected with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, which has made her fascinated (and sometimes baffled) by how people think. When not writing, she is unsuccessfully psychoanalyzing her children and laughing most every minute of her crazy life with her hubby Jeremy and hilarious kids Corinne and Grey.
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