About Visibly Connected

Businesses are like people; everyone is different, and everyone contributes something significant to the fabric of the community it inhabits.

The idea of connecting with clients is usually thought of as invisible—as something that happens behind the scenes so that you can’t really be sure it’s happening. At Visibly Connected, we believe online connections between businesses and clients can be clearly created and seen.

Visibly Connected began in 2010 by offering online marketing assistance to businesses in and around Humble, TX. We started as a simple webpage offering advice on interacting with customers. Over the years, we have adjusted to the needs of our clients and expanded to specialize in web design, social media management, blogging, search engine optimization, and logo design.

As a small business ourselves, we see the unique value of each and every business. We are passionate about helping each business find its own voice, personality, and target audience so they stand out from the crowd of “big business” competition. We help businesses discover their unique identity, and convey their message to their target audience in the most effective way possible. If you’re feeling lost in the maze of big business online advertising, we can help you establish a noticeable and personable online presence that clients will connect with.

We understand that each business has different needs and goals, and we adjust our services to fit the specific needs of each of our clients. We make it a point to communicate often with our clients, to ensure we’re fulfilling their needs and our online marketing efforts are aligning with their vision for their company. We appreciate each of our clients and sincerely strive to help them reach their highest potential.

Our ultimate goal is to increase your online visibility, whether through logo or website design, blogging, or social media management. It IS possible for your company to have a visible, memorable online presence, and for that presence to create tangible connections with your customers. Our team would love to help you get visibly connected to your online clientele today!

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