6 Ways to Find Captivating Blog Topics (2018)
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How to Choose Blog Topics for Your Business (Updated)
December 18, 2017
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January 8, 2018

6 Ways to Find Captivating Blog TopicsBlog Marketing

A good blog isn’t meant to sell. It provides enough information to your target audience that makes them want to hear more. It’s a catalyst to take the next call to action and contact you. It is proof that your business is the best choice for them and the answer to the question “Why you?” Your blog is also a tool to tell your story and further your brand. It is a long-term marketing tool to increase your audience reach with SEO on every page, create backlinks, and grow the number of paths to your website. Now that you know the importance of blogging for your business, how do you come up with consistent, informative and interesting blog topics?

  1. Know your audience. This is the number one thing you need to know about your business before you start any marketing, including blogging.
  2. How do you get to know your target demographic? Research and study several social media platforms. Find out who the bulk of the users of each platform are, and you’ll know which one you need to prioritize. You should also be learning about your existing clients/customers with in-person or phone conversations, surveys and polls, and group participation.
  3. Be informative. What does your audience most want to learn from your business? Are they looking for home improvement tips? Ways to dress for success? How to hook that 5lb rainbow trout? You don’t need to give away all of your business secrets in your blog. Just enough to entice them into asking for more.
  4. Be relevant. This seems like it should go without saying, but your blog objective, while to be engaging enough to keep them coming back for more, should primarily highlight the products and services you sell. You should also be relevant seasonally, since your audience will be most interested in current holidays, weather, and seasons.
  5. Research popular blogs. Discovering which types of blogs are trendy and getting the most traffic, is a wonderful tactic for finding engaging topics. Obviously, you must provide your own, original content for all your marketing platforms, but knowing what is getting the greatest reach, is an important first step. You can utilize tools such as Buzzsumo and Alltop for a free search of the hottest stories.
  6. Know your niche. What makes your business special or unique? How do you stand out amid the competition? Know the answer to that question, and you have the starting point for countless blog topics featuring all the reasons your audience should choose you.
  7. Follow your passion. The easiest way to attract listeners and followers, is when the subject matter is something you are passionate about. Passion always shines through communication, and will make the writing of your blogs easier when it’s something you like to talk about. You can also gush about your favorite reviewers, mentors and idols, which is a fantastic opportunity to tag them, and encourage influencers to share and like your post.

When it comes to blogging, variety is your best friend. Make sure to alternate types of blog posts and subject matter, and possibly consider having multiple people write posts for your business. For more marketing tips and suggestions, please check out Visibly Connected.

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Michelle Barrett
Michelle Barrett is a social media writer, and a seeker of stories everywhere. Writing has always been her passion, and she looks forward to creating and contributing to extraordinary marketing campaigns for Visibly Connected clients.
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